Hidden Volcano

By Linda

Rating: PG

Genres: romance

Keywords: brainwashing

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Buried beneath

Centuries of discipline

Under layer upon layer

Of discontent,

The passionate Vulcan resides

Waiting to erupt


Like her planet

Beneath the sandy crust

Under the hot mantle 

Deep passions bubble,

Endlessly simmering

At the core


Human catalyst!


Your engaging eyes

Your come hither smile

Your inflection-filled voice,

Your eldritch allure


before it is...



too late








Very nice!


This poem moves like a Vulcano, waiting to erupt. Great poem.


Well done Linda this a very goos lok at T'Pol's hidden feelings for Trip.This is an excellent look into her character.


This is really terrific, Linda!  It says so much about T'Pol and her relationship with Trip in only a few short words.  Marvelous!


DAMN! That's passion, Linda! Very hard, hot, high passion, Linda!

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