Submission Guidelines for Fanfic

Send an email to with the story as a WORD attachment. If you don't have Word, try sending it as a RICH TEXT FILE in whatever program you do have. If all else fails, you may send the story in the body of your email.

Here are our guidelines:

1. The story will revolve around the characters of the television show "STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE", particularly the pairing of Subcommander/Commander T‘Pol and Commander Charles Tucker III. Stories with other ship-elements are allowed but keep TnT in the main focus to be posted in the main part of the site. Trip-non-ship related fics will go into Main Engineering; Archer-T‘Pol friendship fics are allowed and will go with Soval-fics, Vulcan-fics, and T‘Pol-non-ship fics into Library at P‘Jem.

2. Alternate Universe stories are allowed. Mirror Universe stories are allowed. Fluffy fics are allowed. Angsty fics are allowed. Non-romantic, or general friendship, or general plot stories are also allowed.

3. Stories must be appropriately rated. We reserve the right to adjust the rating to an appropriate level. The rating system is composed of G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. Use common sense and please do not be offended if your rating is adjusted, everybody has different standards.

4. Go easy on Tucker‘s accent. Tucker‘s family may exhibit a thick, Southern accent, but in the show he does not speak ungrammatically, only with a slight twang. Attempts or perceived attempts to write him as uneducated will be rejected or edited at our discretion. This rule will basically be exercised the same as it was at the House of Tucker.

5. We are primarily looking for stories centered on Trip and T‘Pol romantically involved, that is not requisite for getting a story published on the site.

6. Always include a disclaimer in your story, citing ownership by Paramount of Star Trek names, and related intellectual property. Include a summary, title, and rating. Email address is not required, but may be listed. Indicate if story may be archived.

7. New writers, or writers not previously archived on the House of Tucker Fanfiction Boards will be required to first submit one complete story before being allowed to post segmented, or Chapter-wise stories, to make sure you have the resolve to finish a story.

8. Last but not least, stories that are just plain bad (and we will VERY rarely make this determination) will be returned to the writer for modification with advice for improvement. This will ONLY be done on grounds that it violates one of the tenants indicated here, and not on purely subjective grounds, such as, "Trip shouldn‘t have died", etc. Things that will catch the eye of this rule are:

a. Unmotivated declarations of love
b. Significantly out-of-character behavior (unless story is indicated as a spoof)
c. Overt use of deus ex machina literary devices