A Day in the Life of Crewman Tucker

By Elessar

Rating: G

Genres: drama general humour


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Notes: This is a very special and important day in the life of a young man who enlisted at 18 but always had a desire - and a talent, for something more.

September 3, 2140

Two hours before the rest of his team would arrive; young Charles Tucker III was already hard at work.

"Crewman Tucker?"

The voice of Commander Schopenhauer echoed through the engineering bay as he took a few tentative steps forward, craning his neck to peer about the large, cluttered hangar. In the center of the hangar lay a cannibalized shuttlepod, its hull plating stacked against the lift holding it suspended a meter above the deck-plating, its innards splayed out like a gutted fish.

"Crewman Tucker??" he snapped once more.

Answered by the clutter and clang of tools, Commander Schopenhauer strode forward intensely, glaring at the shape beginning to emerge from the far side of the shuttlepod's dilapidated undercarriage, riding upside down on service cart from the underside of the shuttlepod. Once he cleared the shuttlepod, a dirty and disheveled 19-year old Crewman Third Class Charles Tucker III stood at attention, straightening and wiping off his uniform as best he could.

"Aye. Sorry, sir."

Commander Schopenhauer huffed a long sigh as he narrowly fixed his gaze on young Tucker.

"At ease," Schopenhauer allowed. Trip's feet spread by exactly twelve inches, hands clasped at his back.

"What were you working on, Crewman?" Schopenhauer asked.

"The new plasma tolerances sent out by Command, sir. I was refitting this old shuttlepod to find out what effect the new specs might have on the power systems."

"I was not aware of this order, Crewman..." the commander challenged.

Tucker fidgeted. "It came out this morning, sir. I got the message just a few minutes ago at my station."

Schopenhauer nodded, pursing his lips. "Very good, Crewman," he acknowledged dryly. "As you know," he began, shifting his weight. "I am to be relieved when Commander Jefferies takes command of our department this afternoon."

Tucker nodded succinctly. "Congratulations on your promotion, sir." Tucker responded officially.

Commander Schopenhauer paced forward, his hands folded at his back, eyes turned downward in thought.

"I know that we have not always seen eye-to-eye, Crewman Tucker. I disapprove of your tinkering methods... But your service record has been exemplary."

Tucker nodded soberly, blinking through the pain of his own bit lip as he withheld any one of the choice responses trickling through his brain.

"That is why I have informed Commander Jefferies that he is to release the hold on your application to the Starfleet Engineering Officer Battery Exam. Your test results were... impressive enough and I think it's time I allowed your application to be processed."

Trip was elated. The grin growing ear-to-ear betrayed the fact as he shifted on his feet, resisting the urge to jump for joy.

Commander Schopenhauer's face drew into a hard, wind-swept edge. "The exam is extremely tough, Crewman. It is the hardest entrance exam of the four Starfleet divisions, and few enlistedmen successfully pass and become Starfleet officers," he warned Tucker in a parental tone. "You would be the youngest crewman to pass the exam..." Schopenhauer said, doubtful of Tucker's chances of success. "So you face no small challenge."

"Aye, sir. I understand, sir."

"Don't you let me down," Schopenhauer ordered with grim seriousness.

"Aye, sir," Tucker acknowledged through the knot wound up by the Commander's steely glare.

There was a long pause in which Commander Schopenhauer watched Trip Tucker's expressive face play from excitement to anxiety to resolve. Finally, Commander Schopenhauer meant to take his leave.

"Atten-SHUN!" he called in his loud, military-honed bugle-of-a-voice.

Tucker snapped to attention smartly.

"Dismissed!" Schopenhauer ordered.

The End!




Too bad this is'nt part one of a series. Thanks!Very Happy


Elessar I like this story about Trip's early days before serving on Enterprise.


Trip the mustang! I always saw him as something of a theorist, or he wouldn't have been working on the warp 2 project. Surely he got some intensive training, perhaps of a type that no college could possibly provide. 


Wow, people disturbed by the name "Palin"....whats next? It is fanfic and the authors can choose whatever names they wish! I am sorry to hear it was changed due to some reviewers (over) reaction to (gasp!) a name! Really, explain the logic please because I just do not understand how that could upset anyone into NOT reading something! That aside, thank you very much, Ellesar, for a wonderful fic! Loved it and would love to see more of Tuckers younger days! Great idea! Thanks!


Hey I thought this ROCKS! And it gets around that pesky college remark in TATV. Kudos!

I am glad to see that like in the Coast Guard, there is a path for enlisted people to get into college via the service's academy. :) Nice little fic.
Neat little peek at the past! Very plausible. Who cares what the commander's name was. Trip left him behind a long time ago. I'd like to hear a little more about Trip's early years.
A story judged by a name. Strange the powerful way with which the hearts of the women and of the men take them to make their choices.
I didn't mean to work everybody up... I really appreciate the comments and I'm glad something this small was still enjoyed :)
I can see Trip being a extremly talented engineer at a young age and this story is a very nice background story of Trip. And Schopenhauer..well, the name fits!:)
I was never offended by the name. Saying a story element is distracting -- whether it's a name or a plot point -- is part of constructive criticism. That said, it's a good story. I really liked "blinking through the pain of his own bit lip...".
This is a great little ficlet. It kinda pisses me off though that you felt the need to stoop to the whiny babies ([i]YES I AM CALLING YOU HATERS THAT!![/i]) and changed the name. I'm sorry that people can't get past their own stupid selves and enjoy the fic for what it is. I would have read it even if the Commander's name would have been Hitler. A name is a freakin' name for crying out loud. If you need to delete or edit my comment, please feel free -- it won't offend me. After participating in online fandom for more than 5 years now, I've had my fill of stupid shit like this. Great story, Elessar. Thank you!
It's a stupid name. THERE. Is everyone happy?
Yes, but it's "just a name" that's been in the news a whole lot lately. There are so many other real life names out there. I couldn't get past "Palin" not because of the politics, but because picking the name that's on the front page of half the newspapers in the United States is just [i]lazy[/i].
What? Why? ... It's just a name. It was just in my head. Names always sound best when they're real names. Just about every single name I've ever picked was from someone I'd heard of or known. There's nothing political about this story.
"Commander Palin"?! I read no further.
Commander Palin. Heh.

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