By JadziaKathryn

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Summary: Missing scene from “Kir’Shara.”

A/N: The March nature challenge prompted me to dig up and finish this. It was originally inspired by Escriba who noted that Trip was hardly ever there for important moments in T’Pol’s life on screen.



T’Pol sat in front of a lone candle, legs crossed, attempting to visualize the turmoil within her as a sandstorm. She was above the chaos and emotion. She was in control, as the wind controlled the sand.

She was not deceiving herself.

Before she could begin anew her door chimed. Standing and blowing out the candle, she opened the door. Trip was standing outside, sympathy evident all over his face. “Come in,” she said, unwilling to accept condolences in the corridor.

“Tushah nash-veh k\'odular,” he said softly. His pronunciation was slow, uneven and hesitant, and he had addressed her as multiple persons of honored status, but the gesture was comforting nevertheless. For a moment T’Pol found herself unable to speak.

“Was that wrong? I meant to say I’m sorry about your mom. ”

She nodded. “Thank you. I understood, but I was… surprised.”

“Well, I thought it might be nice in your own language. Or somethin’ like your own language, anyway.” Indeed it was, although the effect of his effort on her already fragile emotional state was not something T’Pol was inclined to confess. “You know,” continued Trip, “I think you get a lot of your spunk from your mom.”

Before her return to Vulcan, she would have dismissed the statement as absurd. Now she considered his words for a moment. “Perhaps,” she concluded aloud, “my mother and I were more similar than I previously realized.” She wished that her mother was still alive to further explore the possibility.

Trip gave her a sad smile. “I know you probably wanna be alone to meditate an’ all, but I just want you to know, I’m here if you need anything.”

He really was a remarkable man. T’Pol could admit, if only to herself, that her treatment of Trip had been unfair. That had never been her intent, but it did not alter the resultant outcome. Yet he still came to her, having learned to offer his condolences in her native language, offering his unconditional friendship.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and left, wisely refraining from unnecessary words.

T’Pol resumed her position in front of the candle and relit it. The image of her mother’s death came to mind, unbidden and undesired. She was above the chaos and emotion. It held no power over her. Every sandstorm, no matter how powerful and destructive, was finite. One needed simply to rise above it. So it was with emotions. Her mother had been right; T’Pol had never been particularly adept at navigating the strong currents of her emotions. Sandstorms were imprecise, but scientific. Grief was far more precise and considerably less scientific. It refused logic.

She was not above the chaos and emotion. But in time, she would be.




Wonderful story JacziaKathryn the kind of story I'd wished we'd seen during season 4 this was well done. To see T'pol struggling with the loss of her mother in such atragic way.It's nice to see Trip terying to be there and support like she did for him in the Forgotten.
I get the impression that TPTB were still resentful in season 4 that their original grand plan of AinT never worked out. That's the only reason I can think of for always shoving Archer and T'Pol together during critical times and never giving TnT much quality time until Bound. I think if the series had continued another season we would have seen more scenes like this.
This was warm and lovely. I also wish they had let Trip and TPol interact during important events like this. That is the sort of gesture that Trip would have made. Very nice scene.
This is far superior to what we saw on the show. Here we're allowed to see T'Pol's inner feelings. I never understood the T'Pol attitude in Daedalus. We know she was distressed by her mother's death. Why not say so? Why was it so important to shut Trip out completely? This story gives us the same caring Trip we saw in Daedalus, complete with a few lessons in conversational Vulcan, but this T'Pol is more like the season 3 T'Pol. She recognizes Trip's conern, appreciates his efforts on her behalf, and then lets him know it. This is so much more satisfying that the cold, impersonal woman who slapped Trip down for daring to care about her. This was a lovely story. Thank you.
I am in tears. Very well done.
I like these vignettes which uncover yet another aspect of Trip or T'Pol. That T'Pol realised she was more like her mother than she knew before is a very insightful thought.
I love this sort of little scenes: they show perfectly the tenuous and still strong thread which ties our couple, and your scene, [b]JadziaKathryn[/b], is very well done. Eh yes! To say it in [b]Transwarp fashion[/b]: you showed very sweetly the "maverick Vulcan" who is T'Pol!:p
This is a nice little moment. I love Trip's Vulcan grammar and T'Pol's unhappy insights.

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