The Recondite Transformation of Trip

By Mctrip

Rating: PG-13

Genres: angst drama romance

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Chapter 5

Rating: PG-13, a little cussin’

Genre: Suspense, Angst

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Summary: Andy Mangels wrote “The Good That Men Do” explaining the outcome of Trip’s disappearance from Enterprise. This is another possibility.

Author’s note: A special thank you to Wollem for her suggestions.


Dr. Brecker was waiting for them when they reached the hospital. Trip was immediately taken to the Intensive Care section. He remained in his unit but it was connected to several more outlets.

“When he is sufficiently revived, we may need to take him to surgery.” The doctor informed Dr. Brecker.

“Take good care of him, Velar. He’s the young man from Earth. His physiology is very similar to ours; so we should be able to treat him just as we do our own people.”

Dr. Velar Collen nodded and turned toward the Intensive Care unit.

“I’ll keep you informed. We should know something by morning.”

Dr. Brecker said “I have to return to my office, Isis. Can you arrange to stay here?”

“I will remain with him as long as he needs me.”

“Good. Let me know how things are going every hour.”

Isis returned to her cat form and found a secluded spot behind a chair to keep her vigil. Many doctors and attendants were moving about on the floor. One particular attendant caught her eye. He seemed very awkward and somewhat sneaky in his movements. She watched as he slipped into the Supply room, opening the door a crack as if checking to see if he was being followed. After some time, he emerged carrying a large box that appeared to be very heavy. He moved on down the hall.

Taking her human form, Isis walked over to the Intensive Care Unit and checked on Trip. There was no change. The respirator was breathing for him. His color was still very pale. She noticed that they had added a ‘drip’ for him. Dr. Collen walked up behind her.

“He seems to be able to tolerate our antibiotic. That’s a good sign. We’ll know more by morning.”

“Thank you. Dr. Collen, who is the handicapped attendant that works with you?”

“Handicapped? In what way?

Isis told him what she had witnessed.

“We don’t have any handicapped attendants assigned to this floor. When did you see this person?”

“About fifteen minutes ago. He left the Supply room carrying a big box that appeared to be very heavy.”

“I’ll check with Security. Let me know if you see him again.”

“I will.” Isis remained at the window watching over Trip. After an hour she decided to return to her secluded spot. She had a good view of the hall as well as the entrance to the I.C.U. She texted a message to Dr. Brecker before she settled down.

Things were usually very quiet in the early morning hours. Suddenly she became aware of movement in the hall. A male nurse was approaching the I.C.U. Noticing his peculiar walk, she was sure it was the same attendant that she had seen earlier. This time he didn’t hesitate when entering the Unit. She just managed to get her tail through the door before it closed. She slipped behind a med-cart and the attendant didn’t give any sign of having seen her.

He walked over to the desk and laid his clipboard down.

“I need to count the chairs in here. Seems you people always end up with more than you should have.”

The on-call Nurse nodded and continued to write up her report. Isis made her way behind the desk. When the male attendant began going from room to room, she followed him. What she didn’t see was the Nurse at the desk push the call button for security.

Isis slipped into Trip’s room and jumped up on the bed. She arranged herself so that she faced the door with her back against Trip. She was ready to spring if it became necessary. In her cat mode, her claws were deadly, if she chose; so she was ready for the intruder.

The Nurse at the desk finished her Report and laid it aside.

“It’s kind of late for you to be doing this, isn’t it?”

The male exited one room, keeping his head down; and headed for the next one. “No, they want me to do this when there are fewer people here. That way I don’t disturb them.” One of the patients called out; so the Nurse went to see about her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that the Security people were getting in place.

Two doctors entered the I.C.U. talking about some procedure they were working on. They separated to apparently check on their respective patients. The male intruder slipped behind the curtain in the room next to the doctor’s patient.

The intruder quietly left his hiding place and made a beeline for Trip’s room. With his hand poised to jab Trip with the contents of his syringe, he dashed through the door only to be attacked by a ferocious black cat. He screamed and dropped the syringe, but not before the needle penetrated the silky black fur. Long curved claws found their mark in the soft flesh of the intruder’s neck. They went down together as the doctors and the Security men, reached the scene.

They lifted Isis’ limp body off the intruder and lay her on the bed in the next alcove. Dr. Brecker had been alerted in the beginning so he was in the hall. He came bounding through the door when he heard the commotion. When he saw Isis, he immediately grabbed the oxygen and placed it over her mouth.

“Isis, can you hear me? I need for you to change into a person; so I can speak to you. I’m getting an analysis of the substance in the vial, but I need to know your symptoms immediately. Before his eyes the transformation began; however, she could not complete it. She was too weak.

“Thirsty” she said. “Can’t breathe . . . hot, on fire! Trip?”

Dr. Brecker had secured a trachea and began inserting it in her windpipe.

“We won’t know the extent of the damage for a few more hours. If his mind is affected, it may be too late.”

She moaned softly, but began to get some air to her lungs. They were barely functioning, though, as the paralysis set in. She continued to take human form as the doctor forced air into her lungs. He had to know the exact chemicals used before he could provide an antidote.

“Call the Lab and see what the hold up is. I’ve got to have the report as soon as possible.”

Time seemed to stand still. Isis was barely breathing. Trip’s Unit was showing almost no activity on the monitors. The Security Team had taken the Offender off to detention while Dr. Brecker paced the floor. He called the Lab again for the fifth time.

“We almost have it, Dr. Brecker. Stay on the line. Here it comes. Strychnine!”

Dr. Brecker grabbed the blue vial and fitted it into the syringe and administered the antidote to Isis.

“I just hope it’s in time,” the doctor said to himself.

At first there was no response. Then Isis seemed to breathe a little easier. It was almost morning before she opened her eyes.

“I feel numb all over, Dr. Brecker.”

“It may take a while, but I feel we got to it in time.” Dr. Brecker assured her.

“And, Trip?”

“It’s still too early to tell. His body seems to be functioning properly, but whether he can do that on his own is another matter. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

After several hours, Dr. Brecker began pacing the floor again. Trip’s body monitors were consistant but he showed no signs of coming around. Dr. Brecker did a complete analysis again. The only thing that seemed to be fluctuating was his white cell count. The Doctor ordered that he be removed from the chamber.

“I don’t understand what’s causing the fluctuation,” the doctor stated in frustration. There’s infection somewhere; but I can’t locate it. Our antibiotics are fighting it, but it keeps masking itself. I have one more; but that’s the last antibiotic available. If this doesn’t work, I’m not sure anything will work.”

By evening, Isis was feeling much better. She was beginning to have feeling in most of her limbs; but she still could not stand. When Dr. Brecker returned, he looked exhausted; he looked as though he hadn’t slept for days.

“You really need to rest, Doctor. You won’t be able to help Trip if you become ill. I will monitor him for you, if you will take time to sleep a few hours.”

“Thank you, Isis; but I don’t think I could relax just now. A poison of some kind has gotten into Trip’s bloodstream and it’s resisting everything we’ve tried to neutralize it with. It must be something from the other realm. I’ve asked the Tolmen about it, but they either don’t know or won’t tell me what they think it could be. I’m inclined to think they know but choose to keep quiet. They must have gotten wind of my discussions with Trip. We may have a spy in our midst. All this talk isn’t helping Trip and that’s the emergency. We can’t lose him.”

A tear slipped down Isis’ cheek.

“I’ve tried to reach his mind, but I get no response. I know he needs me, but I’m not sure how I can help him. I feel that he is locked away somewhere, trying to get out; but he can’t do it by himself.”

Isis’ eyes brightened as she said “Dr. Brecker, I have an idea. I think it’s worth a try. The venom in my claws is toxic to your species; but I wonder, if it is to a human.”

“I don’t have any idea, Isis. It might be too dangerous to try.”

“That is one reason the Tolmen do not like to come into our world. If we scratch them, they will die.”

“I had no idea that was the case. Why haven’t you told me this before?”

“I did not want to influence your choice to build the little ship in subspace.”

“If I can take a sample of Trip’s blood and combine it with a drop of the venom from your claws, we should have an immediate answer.”

”Be very careful, doctor. Use the heavy gloves and I will try to force some venom to the surface.”

Isis immediately reverted to her feline nature and extended her paw. She continued to bear down on her paw, but it took some time before she was able to produce any venom, and then, only a drop.

Dr. Brecker placed it in a vial and headed for Trip’s alcove. Trip didn’t even flinch as the doctor secured a vial of his blood.

“I’ll take this to the Lab immediately. I’ll let you know as soon as I have the results,” the doctor continued as he hurried toward the door.

Dr. Vellar looked up as Brecker came in.

“Is something wrong Brecker? What’ve you got?”

Dr. Brecker explained Isis’ theory. Dr. Vellar was anxious to see the results of the test, too. He assisted Dr. Brecker. They placed half the sample of Trip’s blood in the Petri dish, then added the drop of venom. At first there was no outward sign of change, then gradually Trip’s blood appeared to simmer. Tiny specs separated themselves and gradually disappeared. Dr. Brecker placed a smear of it under the microscope.

“Look, Steve! It’s clearing. The parasites are dissolving. We’ll have to give it some time to be sure, but I think it’s going to work. Don’t touch the experiment. Isis’ venom is still toxic to us. I need to let Isis know.”

Dr. Brecker hurried to Trip’s room. “Isis, you were right. The venom is an antidote to the poison they used to infect Trip.”

Isis, having returned to regular form, began to cry softly. I am so glad it worked. What ratio of venom to blood did you use?”

“Only half a vial to the drop of venom. I’ll go now and add the whole vial and see if the results are the same.”

A few minutes later he returned, smiling.

“It appears to have worked on the whole vial. I will check it carefully in 24 hours just to be sure. Now you need to get some rest. You may have a lot of work to do in the very near future. Good night, Isis,” Dr. Brecker said as he left her.

Isis closed her eyes as she tried again to reach Trip; but there was no awareness. “We must not wait too long or the damage will be irrevocable.” She voiced quietly. “I will do whatever is necessary to restore Trip to his former self. For a human he is irreplaceable. I must see that he is able to return home.”

Dawn came, but there were no answers. Time seemed to stand still. Dr. Brecker made countless trips to the Lab. He would always say “No news is good news!” Finally the 24 hour period was over.

“There is no sign of the parasites return! I have been doing some figuring, just in case; and it looks like it will take a little over a cup (8oz.) of venom to rid Trip of all the parasites. How long would it take for you to produce that amount, Isis? We could store it in the cooler until we reach the full amount.”

“I do not know that I could provide that much by myself. I am sure my sisters would be willing to help out. I will begin asking them, as it is going to be important that we do this very soon. Trip is slipping a little further away each day.”

Dr. Brecker had decided to bring the little scout ship into normal space for its completion. At first the Tolmen seemed surprised; but later they said they understood. The doctor had noted a certain coolness in their manner, almost resentment; but they said nothing. Burt’s recovery was still in doubt; but his cronies were rounded up and deported to another planet where they were to do manual labor. He would join them if he survived. The whole event had shaken up this peaceful society. Crime, of this nature was completely unknown to them.

All members of the Cat Society came to help provide venom for Trip. After three days, they were still an ounce or so short.

Dr. Brecker said they should begin by making serum with what they had and hopefully add more as they went along. Trip could not be given the serum all at once because of its potency; so Dr. Brecker decided to give him a small dose every four hours. It was after the third dose that Trip began to moan softly and move his hands and feet slightly. The medical staff watched him very closely and reported any change to Dr. Brecker.

It was the next evening before Trip opened his eyes. At first they weren’t sure he was seeing anything; but gradually he seemed to be able to focus them.

“Dr. Brecker? What happened? I feel kind of numb. I can’t lift my arm. . . I can’t feel my legs . . . I can’t . . . .”

“It’s alright, Trip. It’s going to take some time for those senses to come back, but they will. Just try to relax and let your body heal. Would you like some ice shavings?”

“Yea. My mouth feels like its full of cotton balls.”

“Only a spoonful at a time, for now. You can have more later.”

“Thanks, Doc.” .

Isis came to stand by Dr. Brecker. “It’s good to see you’re awake.”

Trip smiled but did not reply; but Isis heard “I’m glad you’re here.”

“I have to get back to the Lab and check on the serum. Try to relax, Trip. It’s going to take some time for your senses to come back on line. Try not to be too impatient,” the doctor said as he left.

“Isis, what happened? The last thing I remember is feeling dizzy when I backed out of the little ship. I had just checked the Tolman’s work. I didn’t find the problem Burt said was there. Then, nothing; until just now. Are you Okay? You look tired.”

“I am fine. You were poisoned. I don’t know if you were beaten up before you were poisoned or after. You received a severe beating, though.”

“The more feeling I’m aware of, the more pain I feel. Do they know who did this? Did Burt have something to do with it? I wondered why my checking on the work couldn’t wait until morning, but Burt was insistent that I look at the connections right then.”

“You’re getting upset and I’m sure that will not be good at this time.”

“Oh! I guess you’re right. I feel like daggers are being driven into my head. Please don’t leave. I feel much safer when you are nearby. Maybe you’re my ‘security blanket’.”

“What is that?”

“It’s an ‘earth’ thing. I just feel better knowing you’re here.”

“I will not leave.”

Trip closed his eyes. His mind reached out. “Are you still here, Isis?”

“I am right here,” she sent her thought back to him. “Now go to sleep.”

Though she couldn’t touch him, she watched the muscles in his neck and face relax.

Dr. Brecker continued giving Trip the antidote every four hours. Isis had provided as much venom as she could, but they realized that they were going to come up short. In addition, the last two doses did not show any change in the number of parasites in Trip’s blood. It was evident that the venom either lost its potency with the length of storage or the parasites were becoming immune to it.

“May I speak with you, Dr. Brecker?” Isis quietly asked the doctor who had been her companion all these many years.

Dr. Brecker sensed the seriousness of the request as he looked into her eyes.

“Of course, Isis. What is it you need to know? We’ll pull him through. Don’t worry.”

“You know I’ve become very close to this human. He depends on me and I won’t let him down. We need to do something immediately or we will lose him. The parasites will begin growing unless we have extra doses of venom. I can provide this by allowing you to declaw my paws. You must do this now.”

Dr. Brecker was taken aback. “I would not want to leave you defenseless. There must be another way.”

“No. I have decided. I will no longer be able to take human form; but Trip needs to become healthy again and return to his home.”

“Isis I can’t let you go through with this. I can’t imagine our lives here without you. Can’t we ask your sisters again to contribute some venom. I’m sure they would.”

“Their venom is not as strong as mine. I have always known this, even though I don’t know why. I have made my decision. I will be able to tell my sisters when I need to communicate with you; so things won’t change in that regard. Now let’s begin.”

Dr. Brecker continued trying to discourage her, but her mind was made up. “I will not change my mind, Doctor; so we should begin the procedure. Reluctantly, Dr. Brecker performed the surgery on the beautiful black cat with the shinny silken fur. The venom pockets were immediately stored in the freezer except for the vial that was administered to Trip.

There was little response from the Commander. Dr. Brecker did not wait for the four hours to pass before he gave Trip another injection. After several minutes, Trip began to move his head from side to side, moaning quietly.

“My head is killing me, Doc. Can I have some aspirin or something stronger?” the blond headed Engineer mumbled. He still had not opened his eyes.

“Your headache will subside shortly, Commander. Try to breathe slowly and evenly as I’m removing you from the breathing apparatus. Concentrate on my voice as you are breathing. I don’t believe you need any artificial help to control your breathing any more.

“Do you feel any stress at this point?”

“No. . . My headache is subsiding. Did you give me a shot of some kind? I didn’t feel it, if you did.”

“You may have a little numbness for a while, but that, too, will subside. Just continue to relax and let the medicine do its job. You should feel much better in a few hours.”

“I hope so. Where is Isis? She said she would stay here.”

“I sent her off to rest. She’s hardly slept at all in the last 24 hours. I’m sure she will be back soon.” Dr. Brecker felt it wasn’t his place to reveal Isis’ decision. He would leave that to her.

“I need to get back to the Lab”, the Doctor commented. We’re adding the final telemetry to the little ship. In a week or so it will be ready for a test run. You continue to improve, and , who knows, you might be able to take it out for a spin by then.”

Trip’s face twisted into a big grin, even though he knew the doctor was probably just trying to cheer him up.

“I’ll be ready.” he managed to say.

“See you in about four hours,” Dr. Brecker said as he left.

Trip lay there looking at the ceiling. His mind was racing. His thoughts were twisting and turning. What if he wouldn’t be ready? What if his mind was clear but his hands wouldn’t work? What if . . . ?, What if . . . .?, What if . . . . .? He had to quit this! He had to think positive.

A knock on the door distracted him.

“Come in.”

“Dran? What brings you here?”

“All the guys have been pulling for you. We just wanted you to know.”

“Thanks for coming by.”

“You look a lot better that I expected you to. I thought you’d still be in the chamber.”

“Tell the men I appreciate their concern.”

“I will. I have to go now. They made an exception by letting me come in, but I can only stay two minutes. You take care of yourself and get back as soon as you can,” Dran said as he left.

Trip was thinking about Dran’s words as his eyes began to close. Sleep overtook him in a matter of minutes. When he awoke it was morning. His headache was gone and so was the numbness. He moved his fingers and toes and raised himself up in bed.

“I feel normal in every way; so that stuff must have worked. I wonder if I can stand up.” Trip continued to comment to himself as he put his feet on the floor.

“Whoa! Let’s not do anything rash.” Dr. Brecker said as he rushed to Trip’s side.

“I feel fine. No headache, no numbness. I feel like I could go back to work.”

“In time,” the doctor said. “We have a few more tests to run and you’ve got to see how well you tolerate food at this point.”

“Can I order steak and potatoes with gravy?”

“Not yet. Maybe a little clear soup and some crackers, for now.”

“You’re sure.” Trip’s enthusiasm was beginning to wane. “I guess it’s your call.”

“Be patient, Trip. You’ve been a pretty sick fellow. Let’s not push it too fast,” Dr. Brecker said as he helped Trip back into bed. “I’ll arrange for the tests tomorrow morning. Right now I’m going to order something for you to eat. Remember, slowly at first.”

“If you say so,” was all Trip could manage.

“Not again,” Trip mumbled as the nurse put his breakfast tray before him. It came in a bowl and he was sure those were crackers behind it!

“Aren’t you just a little bit hungry? You have a hot cereal with toast and jam. There’s also some juice and what I think you call ‘coffee’.”

“Hey, that’s better. It looked like more broth and crackers!” Have you seen Isis this morning? Dr. Brecker said she’s been looking after me around the clock; so he sent her off to rest last night. I guess she’s sleeping in.”

The young girl lowered her eyes and hurried out of the room.

“What’d I say? She really seemed upset. Maybe I shouldn’t have said Isis was staying with me,” Trip said as he dived into the hot cereal. “Looks kind of like oatmeal and it really tastes good.” He finished everything in record time when he remembered Dr. Brecker’s words. “I’ll probably catch it now, but I was starving.”

He didn’t see her enter the room while he was eating; but he felt her jump up on the bed behind him.

“I wondered where you were. Doc said you were really tired and he sent you off to rest. You shouldn’t have stayed with me so long; but I’m glad you did. I knew you were there even when I couldn’t say anything.”

He could hear her purring as she leaned against him. She looked up to his face as he was looking at her. Trip felt a chill come over him. He put his coffee down and picked her up in his arms.

“Something’s wrong, isn’t it, Isis? I can feel your sadness. What happened while I was unconscious? You needed me, and I wasn’t there for you? Talk to me.”

She rose up and licked his cheek, giving him a happy ‘meow’.

“Hey, how about switchin’ to ‘person mode’? I’d really like to thank you.”

“She can’t, Trip.” It was Dr. Brecker, as he entered the room. She really didn’t want to tell you just yet; but I think you should know.”

“Know what?” Trip felt the chill again. He held Isis closer to him and looked deeply into her eyes. “What do I need to know, Doc?”

“We were losing you, Trip. The venom from our cats’ claws counteracted the poison at first, but it wasn’t strong enough to completely neutralize it. The only solution was to remove her claws, draining the sacs and injecting you with the pure venom. The downside of this was the loss of her ability to change into human form.”

Isis reached up to Trip’s face with her paw as she meowed softly. Tears filled his eyes as he lifted her face to his and kissed her.

“You shouldn’t have made such a sacrifice. I would have eventually gotten better.”

“She wanted you to have the opportunity to return home when the ship was ready. I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted it was what she wanted to do. One of her sisters will be here shortly. She will help you communicate with Isis.”

Days came and went for Trip. He returned to his apartment. Isis stayed with him all the time. Arin, her sister, came occasionally and gave voice to Isis’ thoughts. When she left, Trip would hold the beautiful black cat on his lap and convey his feelings to her. She languished in his love. After a week, Dr. Brecker allowed him to return to his station for several hours a day. He was working full time by the end of the next week.

One morning, Dr. Brecker was waiting for Trip when he reported for work. “Today’s the day, Trip. I want you to take the ship out and put it through the tests. I think it will pass with flying colors, but we won’t know for sure until you give it your Okay.”

Trip was excited. This was what he’d worked very hard for. Some of Enterprise’s systems had been integrated with the local technology. Now, to see if they worked together as well as they did in the Lab.

“A length of the String is moving closer. If the test is successful, I think you’re ready to consider making the jump,” Dr. Brecker said as he slapped Trip on the back. It’s been over a year since you arrived, and we’ve both learned a lot about each other. It’s surprising how much alike we are. Can you be ready at 0800 in the morning?”

“I will be in your office at 0700.,” a grinning Commander replied.

Trip had asked Arin to come by when she finished work. He and Isis had a few special moments before she arrived.

“Arin, ask Isis what she will do, when I leave?” A lot of meowing followed. “What did she say, Arin?”

“She will return to Dr. Brecker. She can continue to keep things in order for him. She’s good at keeping all the young ones in line. She says she will miss you. She asks you to think of her some times and remember all the good times you shared. She will always remember them. She says don’t forget to watch your back, since she won’t be there.”

“I’ve got to go, Commander,” Arin said as she disappeared out the door, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Trip picked Isis up and carried her to their chair on the patio. He sat her on his lap and reminded her of those first few nights long ago. He held her close as she fitted into the curve of his body.

“I’ll miss you, too. The next few days are going to be hectic. We may not get another evening out here like this. You can see my world right up there, that tiny pinpoint of light just above the horizon.”

Isis purred softly as she looked in the direction Trip pointed.

“I wonder if I’ll ever see it again,” he said as he stroked her head. “This is beginning to feel like home; but I know I need to tell my captain about all the things you and your people have taught me. I hope someday they can find their way here. I think you would like meeting them. They’re not so different from Dr. Brecker and his crew. Who knows what the future holds. . . . It’s getting late. We better turn in.”

There was much excitement as everyone from the Lab appeared to be gathered on the flight apron as the shinny new ship was rolled out for the test. Trip was caught up in the excitement as he held Isis in his arms. If everything went well, he really might be heading home very soon. This brought a moment of sadness, too. Isis’ paw touched his face accompanied by a near- growl. He sensed her “We’ll have none of that!” message. He held her a little closer.

The test was a resounding success. All the functions performed without a hitch. The little ship was ‘good to go’! Launch day was set for the first day after the next seven-day period.

Trip’s days were full. He spent some time with the crew he had worked with and met their families. He still felt their marital arrangements wouldn’t work back on earth. Later he learned that Bert had recovered and joined his buddies in detention.

Finally the waiting was over. Dr. Brecker was waiting for him at the gate with a little personal momento for Trip to take with him. The Commander opened the book-like gift which produced a personal image of all those he had known while he was there, including the beautiful black cat. Trip was overwhelmed.

“Thanks, Doc. This means a lot.”

The Doctor roughed him on the shoulder as he said, “We’re going to miss you, Trip.”

Trip was surprised at the turnout for the launch. This was the big day; however, he hadn’t expected to see so many government dignitaries on hand. He knew that the little ship was loaded with special gifts for Earth, but he didn’t anticipate receiving a medal for the technology he had shared with his new friends. Standing tall and giving a crisp military salute, Trip turned and headed for his ship.

As he approached the hatch, something black and furry came to say goodbye, too. Trip smiled. He reached down, scooped her up and entered the ship. He waved a last goodbye, slammed the hatch, ignited the engines and roared off the platform.



Thanks, [b]Mary[/b], for your help. Now I'm going to read everything from the beginning. I'm silly, but stubborn!:p
cool little trip adventure, thank you :)
Asso, I\\\'m sorry something isn\\\'t clear. Trip\\\'s secret mission for Section 31 was to meet Agent Harris and proceed to the Romulan Empire. By staging his death, they were providing him with cover. The mission failed when his transportation was snatched by cosmic string and sent out of the galaxy. He may have traded places with a Pilot from Eridonia who was attempting to return home. The Eridonians were building a second ship to search for their Pilot,Bert. Trip helped them complete it, and he hoped to be able to return to Earth while searching for Bert. I hope this helped a little bit. Mary
THE END? Really? But - please don't get angry - I don't understand.

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