Me and the Sundered

By Linda

Rating: G

Genres: general


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Genre: bad poetry, POV challenge
Summary: Guess who? Another easy one.

My spies have told me and it is sure plain to see
That I am not paranoid, they were really after me
My world I served, I took the strongest stand
But my critics slapped down my good iron hand

Who would have thought a weakling race could unseat
Me and the Sundered, outwitted by that upstart Starfleet
And Soval, countering me always, right from the start
I wish someone would do him in too, the blasted old fart!

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If you do that, panyasan, then my poor attempts at imitation have served their purpose.  Thank you.


I really love this piece. Maybe I should look up some James Joyce in the library. :)

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