Silent Night

By Evcake

Rating: G

Genres: fluff


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Summary: none
Rating: mushy


Silent Night

Warp field forever stable
The stars streak by
Through the empty corridors
Love dances with love on silent feet

The armory officer rests on a pale shoulder
Under a fall of night-black hair
Force in the arms of discourse
Phase cannon and the tongues new civilizations alike

The dog sleeps on the captain's feet
Dreaming of winged cheese

In the science officer's quarters
Love lies with love
Two heads on one pillow
The stars streak by
But the candle burns unflickering
Time's not travelling anywhere


Thanks, guys. :-)
Very nice symetry with your poetry I really liked this one alot.:D
Very nice imagery. Peaceful lul in a dangerous lifestyle. Please write more poems like this.
Beautiful and evocative
Splendid, Evalyn! Perfect in its shortness. Your \"Silent Night\" is capable of great suggestions, using just a touch of beautiful images.:D BTW, if you read my last story (Chrstmas Eve), I believe you could be glad!:p
Very sweet. Porthos dreaming of his beloved cheese is a nice touch.:D

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