By Honeybee

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Genres: challenge fluff humour

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Disclaimer: Don't own Trek. For fun,  not profit.

A/N: Been playing The Drabble Game on a general Enterprise board. The prompt for this one: Grease.

T'Pol strode onto the bridge. She sat down and nodded toward a relieved Hoshi, who had been alone. Archer was visiting Shran's ship, and a Vulcan vessel had arrived, asking questions.

T'Pol spoke to the Vulcan Captain, assuaging his concerns. As T'Pol headed for the door, Hoshi noticed a stain on the back of the Vulcan's normally impeccable uniform.

"Commander," whispered Hoshi, "It looks like you sat in grease. . . no wait, it's a handprint."

Hoshi blushed as she realized the hand was bigger than T'Pol's and facing the wrong direction.

"I must return to engineering," replied the Vulcan, eyebrow raised.



This was actually really cute.  It made me smile.


I don't know who does the laundry on a starship (do you suppose they have cleaning staff swabbing the corridors with a mop and bucket, and lines of tumble driers somewhere down in the depths?) but the moment anyone see those handprints they're going to know *exactly* what she's been up to. Oh no, not again, that's the *third* time this week. And has she got *any* idea how hard it is to get candle wax out of Triaxian silk? :@ :p


But will it wash out?  Haha.


Lol very funny  Red handed indeed.;)

The Middleman

Talk about being caught "red handed"!


Oops, indeed!


Do you think T'Pol managed to pull off her, 'now how did that get there' face. Or did Hoshi see right through it.;)




Love this, Honeybee!  So hard to sneak a grope when you fix and build stuff for a living!! ;)





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