By Aquarius

Rating: PG-13

Genres: fluff romance

Keywords: bond

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I don't own Enterprise or its characters.  Please don't sue me for having a little bit of fun. Thank you.

A/N:  This was inspired by a picture our own BlueTiger drew.


It was louder than the crashing surf, stronger than the satellite's gravity pushing and pulling on the tides.


No longer did she notice the fragrant flowers or the salty breeze. She heard only this.


Its alien rhythm strangely intoxicating, pulling at her own, at once a soothing lullaby and a primitive tribal drumbeat, not unlike that of the native people as they sang and danced among torches at their twilight she and he had feasted upon each other into the night.


She supposed he would tell her it was whatever she needed it to be. Illogical...and irrefutably correct.


It was the sound that made the bond surge and joyfully sing, always in the back of their minds; for now, at the forefront.


She nuzzled her cheek tighter against the hair of his chest, as though straining to hear it even more clearly.


Inspired, she moved even deeper into the bond, kept going, until there was only him and that infectious sound around her...


...penetrating her body to the very core of her being...


...making her sublimely dizzy...


...flames of his desire consuming her, licking at her body as a powerful heat engulfed her...that sound serving as the very flashpoint of her own need...


She felt him stir beneath her, his sleepy and imprecise movements against the thin fabric that tenuously suspended them above the ground threatening the physical resolution of what had begun in the periphery of their consciousness--the katra they now freely shared.


...her own barely-controlled panic as the world spun, then suddenly became wooden deck against her.


Somehow she'd never broken contact with his chest. A new sound resonated against her cheek.

"Sorry, baby."








Cogito--I think you're thinking there is more sexing going on here than there actually is.  They didn't really get into trouble until the sexing actually started. ;)




It was funny and at the same time cute, but after the chuckles had faded it made me think. If they've been doing what I think they've been doing and still managed to stay in the hammock, then they must both have extraordinarily good balance. Or is it simply a case of overcoming logistical problems through practice and perseverance? ;)


Niice little fic. Had me smiling and grinning.

wonder, if TnT are ever in the shuttle  alone will Trip get T'Pol in the back seat to watch the Submarine Races?


This was fun!:):)


You already know I love it.

All the emotions Trip's heartbeat inspired in T'Pol.

All these feelings hotter, deeper, stronger, and then...Thump.

On the deck covered by an apologetic engineer :p



I will say that each and every one of those thumps were hearbeats, except for the last one. ;)


:p I'm glad I saw the picture beforehand, too, though I'm still not sure whether I'm underestimating just exactly how much thumpin' is going on here...  But hey, it's clearly happy thump-thumping ... one way or the other.


Loved it!  Although I must admit I didn't know WHAT was going on until I looked at the picture, LOL!!!


The first part of your story is so sweet.  The end - picturing a Vulcan being tipped upside down in a hammock - cracked me up.  I never saw the picture that inspired you, but I was able to tell exactly what was going on in this story.  You did an amazing job of conveying the scene without coming right out and saying they were in a hammock.  I don't think I could have done that. 




Horray! The hammock picture is a true inspiration (BT will post in the forum, if she hasn't already), and this is a delight. It definitely fits into your "Sex, Lies. . ." world, even though it's not exactly the same. The tone is just right. :):)

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