Missing Scenes from Season Two - Singularity

By Alelou

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SPOILERS: Singularity

DISCLAIMER: Star Trek belongs to CBS/Paramount, not me.  The original episode was written by Chris Black.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to jT for beta and to my reviewers for making me happy. 



Trip wondered what the hell he was doing lying on the deck.  He groggily raised himself up.  "Did we get some nice pictures of the black hole?" he asked.  That had been what they were doing, right?

Archer stared back at him from the helm.  The helm?  What was he doing at the helm? Not to mention, the man looked awful.  "Cap'n?" Trip said uncertainly, not so much because he hadn't gotten an answer as because it was clear he was badly out of the loop on something. 

"I wouldn't know," Archer said, and turned to the science station.  "T'Pol?"

"We collected quite a bit of data including a number of images," she said.  "Are you all right, Commander?"

"Uh huh," he said, and sat down rather heavily in his chair. He felt utterly discombobulated.  What the hell was he doing here?  Where was the rest of the crew?  But then he heard another groan, and Malcolm beginning to fumble to sit up at his station.  Another crewman back in the situation room slowly got to her knees.

Wait a minute.  He squinted at the empty place where the captain's chair should be.

The chair...

Oh, damn.  The chair.

"I get it.  You're sitting there because I haven't fixed your chair," he said heavily.  He'd failed -- that much was clear.  This felt a little bit like one of those nightmares in which he'd discover that he'd royally screwed up something extremely basic like, say, anti-matter containment.

"Actually I'm sitting here because we had to get the hell away from that black hole before everybody died.  It was doing something bad to our brains.  Except T'Pol's.  Apparently her brain is immune to whatever weird OCD radiation that black hole was spewing."

"OCD radiation?" 

"The captain is referring to the way everyone on board began to exhibit obsessive-compulsive behavior," T'Pol said.  "The captain became obsessed with his preface.  Lt. Reed became obsessed with security protocols.  You became obsessed with fixing the captain's chair."

"If I was so obsessed, why the hell didn't I get the damned thing done?" Trip said, confusedly checking the chronometer.  He had no memory of that much time passing.  "It's a chair."

"I believe you were attempting to create the most fully-functional captain's chair in the history of the universe," she replied.

The hyperbole made Trip stare at her.  Archer had turned in surprise as well.

She looked blandly back at them.  "Captain, I believe it would make sense to request damage and casualty reports from every department."

"Agreed," Archer said, and sighed heavily. "But something tells me it may take us awhile to get them."

"Indeed," she said, and set to work at her console.

Still feeling profoundly out of sorts, Trip did as much as he could to assess status from his.  Thankfully there didn't seem to be any crisis brewing in the ship's systems, although it did appear that someone had industriously dismantled every radiation detector in one section of C deck. 

If his team was feeling the way he was, they were probably in need of some reassurance about now.  "I'm gonna head down to engineering, Cap'n," he said.

"Okay," Archer said, busy at the helm.

"Why are all our weapons online?" Malcolm muttered, staring down at his station.

Trip patted him on the shoulder as he passed, heading for the lift, but paused a moment before he hit the button.  T'Pol hadn't looked up when he walked past, which was not unusual -- not lately, anyway -- but he had a niggling feeling he'd said or done something he probably shouldn't have.  "Sub-Commander," he said.  "Did I ...?"  He had a vague memory of raising his voice, maybe even ... had he chewed her out for something?   "Did I say something inappropriate while I was ...?"  He hoped he hadn't said anything about that mission she'd gone off on with Jon and Travis.  He wouldn't want her to know how much that still infuriated him.

She looked up then, and the bleakness of her expression struck him.  "You were not yourself, Commander.  I know that you would never intentionally behave anything other than professionally with me."

"That's right," he said.  "But I still feel like I should apologize if I said anything out of turn."

"There's no need," she said, and turned back to her console. 

In the lift, just before the door closed, he saw her glance at him once again.  If anything, she looked even more depressed.

Damn it, what had he said? 

But it didn't matter, he told himself.  She'd said it herself.  Professionalism was his mantra now.  Professionalism was the only way to go.  Professionalism would keep him from taking anything the captain or first officer said or did too much to heart.

And professionalism would also get that damned chair fixed and back in place this afternoon if it killed him.



T'Pol doesn't want 'nothing but professional'. She wants Trip back - she might even need him back.  And he really did make her life rather unpleasant, however unintentionally. Maybe, when he gets his act together again, he'll realize that she didn't have a whole lot of choice in her situation, either...  

He did notic that she was depressed, and getting more so - so maybe there's hope, yet!             


Great take on one of my favourite episodes of S2. You captured everyone's bewilderment really well!


You've done a very nice job of capturing just how confused the crew must have been when they woke up. 

As for Trip and T'Pol, it's as though there's a wall between them now, which they either can't or won't attempt to surmount.  Neither is happy -- that's pretty obvious.  And I don't think strict professionalism is the answer.

Excellent scene.  It really would fit seamlessly into the episode. 


What I like most about this series is how true to the characterizations you stay.  You're not trying to "fix" anything or make them be aything other than who they are.  It's sad to read for the moment, but everything worthwhile takes work, as TnT will find out soon enough.

Lady Rainbow

Awwww...Poor T'Pol and poor Trip. :(

"But it's a /chair/!" LOL! 


T'Pol sure is a trooper, lol . . . Trip said all that, and she let it slide? I have renewed appreciation for T'Pol!


Unlike Elessar - and Alelou is perfectly aware of this - I find hard to appreciate this series for its real worth, and that, because of the same concepts that Elessar expressed. But, without expanding further on my ideas and my feelings about these "Missing Scenes" (which would push me in the difficult territory of the aesthetics of the writing, without productive criticisms), this doesn't mean that I am incapable of appreciating a good job. Like this one.


Tucker needn't have worried.  He was just freaking out about THE CHAIR. But he you gotta love the line about not catering to her whims:

TUCKER: You dragged me up here so you could identify radiation?
T'POL: Correct.
TUCKER: You said it was urgent.
T'POL: I said it was important.
TUCKER: I get it. You're paying me back. Making me jump through hoops because I was making too much noise. Well, you'll be happy to know I moved the Captain's chair down to Engineering. So it's nice and quiet on the Bridge now.
T'POL: I prefer to work here. I'll need your assistance with this.
TUCKER: Weren't you listening to me? I don't have time to cater to your whims. You want to get your name immortalized in the Vulcan database, get someone else to help you do it.
T'POL: Are you feeling all right, Commander?
TUCKER: I know you don't think this chair is important, but you're wrong. What's the most critical component on this ship? The main computer? The warp reactor? Uh-uh, it's the crew. And the most important member of the crew is the Captain. He makes life and death decisions every day and the last thing he needs to be thinking in a critical situation is, 'Gee, I wish this chair wasn't such a pain in the ass.'


I forget what he said in Singularity?  Something mean or something... "not mean"? ;)

I love this series, btw, because what it feels like is a very slow, deliberate, quietly developing romance, just like the real thing in the show!


'' The most fully-funtional Captain's chair in the history of the universe ''. Great line!


  "It's a chair."  That's so Trip.

Love it!!


Thanks, guys.  Poor Trip.  He may not intend to let anyone hurt him, but it's only Season Two!  Think of what the poor boy has coming in the next two and a half years.  (Hopefully, he'll have some good times too, though.)


A great addition to the last missing scenes. T'Pol repeating Trips saying about the chair was very funny. Loved the ending too, guess Trips new mantra isn't making him (or T'Pol) very happy.


As Trip said before, 'he'd been a fool, but he could learn.'

Trip does not intend to let Archer or T'Pol hurt him again. Your scenes are really showing the growth of Trip's character and perhaps the loss of his innocence.


I really like this one - you nailed the confusion really well - and the fear that Trip may have said something - wrong. Not to mention him still be rightully pissed off over their secret mission. Nobody likes feeling left out. Very good!


You certainly showed how totally confused or as Trip said discombobulated the whole crew was on waking up, which is to be expected, the episode really gave no indication of it and actually had Trip behaving too anxious to please about the damn chair. This was real cute, except T'Pol who is obviously upset by Trip not helping her and yelling at her. Those darn non-exixtant emotions.


Awwwhh! So funny. So sad. And I think I know what Trip said wrong: He quickly agreed that he would never behave other than professionally towards T'Pol.

Awwhh!  :( Poor everybody! I loved it!

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