The Empire's Destiny

By Asso

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The Empire's Destiny

By Asso

 A/N All people know, I think, that I don't like AU stories very much (Woe to those who dare to think my stories are AU! LOL) and even less MU stories, with some rare exceptions. Obviously I am not saying that they aren't good stories, merely I perceive the AU stories as stories which treat other personages, who have nothing to do with those I love (I'm talking about the stories which are TOTALLY AU, because a dollop of AU there must be - inevitably - in every story). 

And as for the Mirror Universe, it is for me a ragbag of stupidity and of nonsense. And just here is the point: Is there is a way to make this universe a little more "intelligent"? Less absurd?

Well! See what I attempted to do! My presumption has no limits!

For that reason, I wanted to write only a few pages, initially.

So, if people will crown me with the worst persiflage after they have read these pages, I will accept that it's better I return to my little (and normal) Almost Real Universe.

And this time (and once more), justTripn wanted to help me.


The Empire's Destiny

 How things began.


There was no way of escape.

She had to die.

And without any dignity, among the mocking guffaws of everyone.

The final outcome of her dream of freedom was this cage, where she had been locked in, nude, at the mercy of a pack of brutes mind-deprived, who would abuse her in every way, would harrow her, mangle her, tear her to pieces, before the eyes of her taskmasters, of her revengeful tormentors.

And she would die with shame and atrocious pain, yelling of fear and ache, under the derisive look and the malignant sneer of the despicable and picayune woman, whmo a malevolent Destiny had allowed to proclaim herself Empress.



She wouldn't give that contemptible whore this satisfaction.

She wouldn't cede to her abasement and her fright, wouldn't tremble in terror, wouldn't whimper in anguish, wouldn't writhe of pain, while the dark would gulp her, cruelly and savagely, under the greedy and ferocious lusts of those half-human beasts, by their fangs and their claws.

She would be capable of displaying to those barbaric Humans that a Vulcan woman knows how to die.

She straightened, removing her back from the bars of the cage she had leaned on in dismay after grinning jailors had hurled her inside, and, standing up, she saw the fate she could expect: a horde of slavering beasts in the shape of gigantic Humanoids, howling at the sight of her, whom her gaolers were ready to free from their chains at the Empress' order.

Regret and sadness crossed her soul. Nothing remained to her, not even her self-respect.

Not even... the only person, the only man, who had given her a little warmth in this evil universe. In the only, harsh way he could know. But he had done it. And now... by her deeds and her failure, she had lost even him.

And to reach her aims, which had slipped away between her fingers, she had betrayed him and used him. And had permitted that he was tortured and punished, unjustly, for faults that were hers.

She... she wasn't better than those Humans. Than him.

She deserved this horrible punishment.

Her deeds and her failure ...

Because of them the Empire's vengeful iron fist would beat down awfully and without any pity on the subdued races that Humans had reduced to slavery. The new technologies Humans had acquired would allow them to do that, and the result of what she had done would be an Empire even wickeder and harder, led by a woman evil and without a soul, whose revengeful wrath would rampage over a Vulcan people guilty only of having given birth to her.

The curses of her own race would follow her forever, and she would be lonely and despised even in her death.

All that would be the upshot of her deeds and of her failure.

She deserved this horrible punishment.

And the only thing she could do now was to try to die with a bit of dignity.

She lifted her chin, looking defiantly at her former colleague, at the Empress.

Her voice arose firmly from the cage, among the boarish grunts and the growls of the Human beasts.

"You won't see me cry out of fear and pain, won't derive enjoyment and pleasure from my shame. I will fight to death, and your beasts will have neither my body nor my soul."

A heavy silence descended on the salon. There were only the beastly and feral verses of the wild brutes.

The Vulcan stepped ahead, turning her back to the screaming beasts, toward the side of the cage, in front of which was gathered the crowd of her Human persecutors, with the icily silent Empress in the front row.

The Vulcan rose up in all her magnificent nudity.

She grasped with both hands two cage's bars and brought her face to them.

She stared proudly at the Empress from behind the bars and then... she spit out her gob and her scorn to the feet of the livid sovereign.

The Empress said nothing. She simply gazed silently at the naked woman in the cage.

For some instants, nothing moved.

Only the ferine howls of the beasts and the bated silence of the Human crowd.

Then, the Empress snapped her fingers.




So, be sincere. Did I manage to reawaken a whit of interest?

Should I go on?


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I am glad of your words, Cogito. I have really appreciated them. All I can say is that, someway, my "personal" universe there will be yet. But it will be filtered by Mirror Universe.;)


It's an interesting concept, and I'll read it with interest, but I can't help wishing that it was in the "Asso Real Universe" rather than Mirror Universe.


This is sure a interesting concept, Asso, I am intrigued.


Eh, lbekoj... I thank you and I hope I won't disappoint you in regard to your desire for something epic.
And, apropos of what you wrote [I am sure that it is only the question of time before the captive (even with the most powerful will) will subdue. And it is very sad.]...well, obviously I can't assure anything, but, remember:
Don't count your chickens before they're hatched.:p


You intrigued me by the name of this story and I hope that you'll make something epic. You depicted T'Pol's feelings vividly. But I personally like more Rigil Kent's way of describing those quite possible events in the style of the indifferent newsfeed. I am sure that it is only the question of time before the captive (even with the most powerful will) will subdue. And it is very sad.
But I believe that you will able to write very involving story here. I am eagerly waiting the continuation.


So, my friends, must I take your comments  as a "Yes, Asso. Go on"? I think so.:p
Thanks to everyone. A LOT!:D
But, please, allow me to shout a big "THANK YOU!" to Escriba.
How I am happy to hear you! I missed you, my friend!:D:D
And, Alelou, while thanking you for your comment, I have to say that probably you are right: a little warning could be necessary, above all considering the next chapter!;)



Asso wrote a MU fic, and it looks dark and it looks dangerous and it looks extremely pernicious for T'Pol *utter shock*

The world has definitively ended :p

More seriously, this is a great teaser, my friend. And I love this part: She wouldn't cede to her abasement and her fright, wouldn't tremble in terror, wouldn't whimper in anguish, wouldn't writhe of pain, while the dark would gulp her, cruelly and savagely, under the greedy and ferocious lusts of those half-human beasts, by their fangs and their claws. Your MU T'Pol rocks!


I'll go along for the ride.


Well, it's a very dramatic situation and you've certainly got quite a teaser scene here.  Are you sure it shouldn't be in decon or at least have a warning for implied sexual violence? 


There is one that will come to her aid and I think we know who this is. T'Pol is in a terrible situation but I cannot imagine that Trip will not come to her rescue! I will wait and see.


Poor T'Pol!!!  You sure know how to write a teaser, Asso.  I like T'Pol's spirit of defiance here, but I hate to see her placed in such a terrible position.  It's only my trust in you and your love of T'Pol that gives me any hope that she'll be able to get out of this situation.  Don't leave of waiting too longer for a resolution.  Well done.


Normally I avoid mirror universe stories as the whole premise does nothing for me, but this I found interesting.  I thought T'Pol's spirit and defiance was well portrayed.  I would like to see what comes next as long as T'Pol survives to fight another day which I rather suspect she might! 


No, ASSO. I don't want to know any more. I don't want T-Pol harmed or violated so no more.




Definitely continue.  This is very good.  And an MU. I am surprised.   I like the writing here and want to know where you are going with this. 

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