A Letter to Lizzie

By Bluetiger

Rating: R

Genres: au


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Summary: Trip writes Lizzie a revealing letter.

Elizabeth Tucker plunked down in her chair. It had been a heck of a morning. As soon as she got to her office, her newest client arrived in a panic. The president of Barton Aeronautics was without a doubt the most wishy-washy individual Lizzie had ever met. He loved all of her designs, however he changed his mind on the style of his new office building every other day. Today it was post-World War III modern; yesterday it was ante-Bellum.

The young architect heaved a frustrated sigh, then brighten up as she remembered that a letter had come in first thing this morning from her beloved older brother, Trip. As busy as he was serving as chief engineer on Enterprise, he always found the time to write to her. This pleased her no end. At least once every month Lizzie and her other siblings, Michelle and Alan, got together for a meal and to catch up. They always ended their meal with a toast to the continued health and safety of Charles Tucker the Third.

Elizabeth touched her computer screen and opened the letter. Her brother's handsome face appeared on the screen.

'Lizzie-Pooh, how are you doing? Have they hired you to redesign the World President's mansion yet? I sure do miss all you guys. My work keeps me pretty busy here on Enterprise. Seems the engine has a way of demanding my attention and tender touch on a regular basis. At least I have plenty of help now. Have I mentioned how much time T'Pol spends in engineering lately? We work really well together. Who would have thought it, huh? Me and a Vulcan becoming friends. She is so smart and has a real knack with engine equations. She's really pretty and don't believe it if people tell you that Vulcan's don't have a sense of humor. T'Pol has a deadly dry wit; she makes a great straight man. She had me and the Cap'n in stitches at dinner last night. I think I've finally convinced her that human movies are an art form worthy of her time. T'Pol has gone with me to the last four movie nights and then we went back to her quarters to discuss the plots. I love arguing with that woman. I sure can get her riled up in her own Vulcan way. Yeah, we're pretty good friends now. Write me back soon as you can, Darlin'. I want to hear more about that Edward guy you mentioned in your last letter. Now don't you go gettin' too serious about him until I have a chance to check him out for you. I've always looked out for you and I don't intend to stop now. Look after Mom, Dad, and Grandma for me and take good care of yourself. Love you a bunch, Lizzie-Pooh.'

As her brother's smiling face disappeared, Elizabeth sat back with a big smile on her face. She had just had a revelation, "Trip is in love with his Vulcan friend and doesn't even know it yet."

Lizzie started a letter to her brother but decided not to tease him about T'Pol. Knowing Trip the way she did, he would figure it out before too long. She leaned back in her chair and started speaking.

"Trip, I was glad to hear from you today. I have a client that's driving me crazy but seeing your face perked me right up. The folks and Grandma are fine. They're up at the cabin having a little mini-vacation. I have a date with Edward tonight. And yes it is getting serious. He is a police detective and a great guy. You'll love him; trust me. I hope if you ever have any daughters you'll cut them a little more slack than you did me. Every boyfriend I ever had was scared to death of you. Although I must admit in retrospect, there were two that I'm really glad you ran off. Edward says that if he can face down armed criminals surely he can face an over-protective brother. You better be nice coz' I think he may be a keeper. Next week I'm flying out to California. Michelle and I are going to meet there and visit with Alan for a few days. I'll tell them 'Hi' for you. Well, I better get back to work if I want to have time to get beautiful for my date tonight. Love you, Sweetie. Talk to you again soon."

Elizabeth leaned forward and hit send. She thought for a moment and wondered to herself what it would be like to have a Vulcan in the family. Lizzie decided to start doing a little research on Vulcans, just in case.

The young woman turned back to the building plans on her desk. She wondered if this new client was worth all the trouble he was causing her. Suddenly her office was filled with a bright yellow glow. Lizzie stood and walked over to look out the window of her sixteenth floor office. A column of flame was headed straight toward her. Seconds later the office building, the earth beneath it, and Elizabeth Tucker were no more.

Aboard the starship Enterprise, Trip Tucker was entering his cabin after a long shift. He plopped down in his chair and noticed he had mail. Smiling, Trip realized it was a letter from his sister. He started to open it when he heard the announcement, 'Senior staff and Dr. Phlox to the conference room, immediately.' Trip shrugged at his screen, "Sorry Lizzie I gotta go, this sounds important". Trip glanced up at his sister's picture on the shelf above his computer, "I'll get back to you as soon as I can. We'll have plenty of time later, Darlin' ".


The End





Sad,yet beautiful. Thank you.


I had no idea that the Pooh thing was so aggravating to people. My late grandfather called me Susie-Pooh so it has a fond connotation for me. Sorry to all those that were teased with it :D .


A very poignant story, although as a childhood victim of the "adding Pooh to someone's given name is a cute thing" contingent I confess to wincing at the nickname.  All I know is that I didn't like it much at age 12 when my classmates all decided to do it to me.  I still have ex-schoolmates who do it now.  Some of them were my patients when I was in private practice.  It's great for fostering trust in the doctor when a patient hears someone call the doctor a name like that in the office. ;)


What a poignant story.  You did an excellent job of painting a very full picture of Lizzie in only a few words, just enough for us to know her and feel her losss.  The last line is so tragic:  "We'll have plenty of time later."  We can imagine Trip's feelings, his sense of loss without reading about it.  Very well done! 


Sorry! I have been so busy that I'm behind on all my favorite authors. Please forgive me. Anyway I must say I love your "angsty" stories more than anything else. Not because they deal with sad things, so much as they feel alive! Life is love and joy, pain and heartache, and everything in between, all at once. And you can really feel that in your more "angsty" works. They live and breath on their own and its wonderful. That said I think you have a wonderful opening here, my mind is reeling with possibilities of "The Life of Lizzy Tucker." It might be fun. I love how you gave her a three dimensional character. You showed her professionally, in her family and friends, and even gave her a love life. Just lovely. And I'd love to know if her gentleman died or is he still around. Could he still meet Trip? The fact that she started research on Vulcans was just perfect. Just what I would do if he were my brother. And the ending was perfect! The impact was like a punch in the ribs, but in a good way. I really loved this.

One minor criticism... I can't see Trip calling her Lizzy-Pooh. But then most people can't see Trip braiding hair so you know what, forget it. It's just one of those nick-names that makes me cringe. I belted an uncle for trying it with me.


Lovely story.  I too wish she had lived and we got to find out about  Edward. he sounds like just the right  man for her.




Yeah!  Another story featuring Lizzie!  She has not  been forgotten!  Yes, heartbreaking, but I love it.  And you must be telepathic because I have been thinking of Lizzie the past few days and am working on a story involving her.  I rewatched "The Expanse" last night.  Connor's acting is so deeply emotion provoking and is some of his best acting work in the episodes which concern Trip's sister.  Great job with this short fic.  




This so heartbreaking, but in a good way. Really a bittersweet joy to read! 


The way you are capable of connecting the various elements able to mix together enjoyment and sadness is absolutely stunning.
I bow in front of your mastery which grows larger more and more.:D


Sorry, Bluetiger. :( I was so engrossing by the residual effect of your story that I forgot anew the inconvenience of my posting here with the necessary twofold coping process for my review from Word through NotePad to posting. :@


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Excellent story! I wish that Trip might receive this last letter. You created such somewhat domestic and credible mood of the one day from the real life in the affectionate family that the twist in the end had very powerful impact on me. I suspected that the story with such title could be a sad one but your smooth and involving narration lulled me into a false sense of reading the beautiful tale about the happy times. I was eager to meet this Edward and to see as Lizzie changes her client on more judicious one.

I applaud you for the mastery in conducting your reader's emotions.

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