By Bluetiger

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Genres: au dark


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Chapter 1

Summary: A few harrowing minutes in the life of Trip and T'Pol.

Author's Note: This is not a death fic.

Charles Tucker the Third pressed his hand against the wound. As he applied considerable pressure to his wife's chest just under her right breast, hot green blood ran between his fingers. Trip tried to remain calm while his beloved T'Pol's life force gushed from her body with every slow beat of her heart. Panic started to set in as his hands became covered in the sticky, bright green liquid and the smell of copper overpowered him.

T'Pol was unconscious and Trip could sense that she was slipping away. He hoped the fact that her heartbeat was slowing was due to a healing trance. Trip watched in horrified fascination as her bright green blood pulsed in a gush between his fingers with each beat.

The engineer knew that others were scurrying about calling for help and it would only be minutes before they were beamed aboard Enterprise into the care of Doctor Phlox. The question was: Did his mate have minutes left?

There was no longer life on this god-forsaken planet. If the sons-of-bitches wanted to wage war and kill themselves off, that was fine by Trip; however, the bastards had managed to leave booby traps still active in the forest. He had watched in horror as T'Pol tripped a hidden wire and a spear swung up ramming into her chest.

Trip feared that his mate's heart might have been perforated. He knew that his wife's heart was near the point of penetration and it terrified him. T'Pol couldn't die; how could he live without this woman in his life? A bleakness like he had never felt before engulfed the young man. He didn't think he would live out the day if his wife died.

Trip briefly wondered if three-month-old T'Resa could sense her mother's distress on board the ship. How would he be able to raise the baby by himself? He knew he shouldn't even think like that. Trip realized that he couldn't catch his breath. His own heart was pounding so fast. Taking a deep cleansing breath, Trip tried to calm himself using techniques T'Pol taught him. She would be fine, T'Pol would live to love him for many years to come and have lots more children. She said she wanted at least three or four. Sweat was running in his eyes but he didn't dare move his hands to wipe it.

Mere moments had passed, although it seemed like a lifetime to the desperate man. He and T'Pol were both soaked in her green, copper scented blood.   

Suddenly Trip felt the pulse of his wife's heart stop under his blood-covered hands. As he raised his head to scream for help, the terrified man felt the familiar tingle signaling that he and T'Pol had begun transport.

Phlox moved in to take control almost before the pair had fully rematerialized on the floor of sickbay.  The wounded Vulcan was moved immediately to an empty bio-bed for emergency surgery.  Still kneeling on the deck, Trip looked at his bloody hands and began to tremble uncontrollably. It was going to be alright, it had to be.





Thank you so much Mary, I hoped that you would comment. I value your readership. I have about been convinced to do a follow up on this although that was not my original intent.


Sorry for the first comment, but far too often I have had a long review not post and these new word codes,I find hard to decipher sometimes. Only occassionally will I repost after the second time fails.  That said this is so powerful, just enough info to set the scene, letting Trip's anguish take centre stage. His helplessness  comes through so clearly and his dilema. How can he survive without T'Pol but... how can he leave his daughter. We know that Phlox saves her, but we're all nosey- we want to see the how and the the aftermath and Trip fawning over her and......... It's almost Christmas and all of your readers have been good soooooooo we deserve more.


Oh my!!


I love these vignettes, and this one, though short, is powerful.  I too would like to see how this story turns out!  I think according to canon that the Vulcan heart is lower down, about just above where the huaman appendix is - but I don't remember where I heard that - TOS or ENT.   Nice imagery with the blood - made me wince. 


Perfect ending for this intense vignette impregnated with the real powerful emotions


Thank you all for the kind words. This was a desire on my part to try a story with minimal details and high emotion. I never really thought about continuing it. However, as soon as I saw the requests, images started popping up so we shall see. It has always amazed me how in a crisis so many things can rush through your mind in such a short space of time. That was what I was trying to convey. I really appreciate the comments, you guys are so nice to me.


I agree with everybody. Intense. And addictive! :D I want to know what happens next. If this isn't an AU of your usual universe (I call it The Not So Blue Universe :p) I assume it would end well. But I want to know! Please, pretty please...

Still kneeling on the deck, Trip looked at his bloody hands and began to tremble uncontrollably. It was going to be alright, it had to be.

Love the ending.


(No, not Bluetiger, Alelou.  Sorry.  Early Alzheimers...)


I'm hooked ... hell, I'm speared!  Hope you put the next bit of this up SOON!!!!  Very vivid.


Bluetiger.  Welll written story.  Not, however, my cup of tea.  I don''t want T-Pol or Trp to be at deaths door. Rather them doing happy things.  but that is just me.  I am sure you will have better things in store for them in the next part.  I will read it with hope in my heart.




that's a very intense story Blurtiger I hope you'll post an update to find out T'Pol made it through the surgery.


How many skilfulnesses, how many abilities are you able to have yet?
How it is possible you are capable of being so original?
Frankly and honestly, I don't think there's another writer able to show such an amount of sides.
Thankfully, you do not love gratuitous angst, because -otherwise -  you would be capable of dragging me to love also that one.


Oh intense. That's how you write a short. I do hope you continue with this - but wow, talk about less is more kind of thing. Great job.


What a way to start the morning!  A spear in the chest -- poor T'Pol!!  You did a terrific job of showing Trip's anguish.  There is so little he can do to help her, and there is a very real chance that she might die.  You captured a very Human reaction to this sort of tragedy:  he can't bring himself to think about losing her, but yet the possibility keeps popping into his mind (like a tongue constantly straying to a canker sore even though it's painful). 

Very well done.  It's a good thing you said at the beginning that this wasn't a deathfic, though.  If you hadn't, I might be a little upset that you stopped where you did.


Great ending! This was very intense and very well written. If you are familiar with your work you know T'Pol is going to live, but you left us with the same suspence and tension Trip must be feeling, so I liked the ending.


WHAT! YOU LEFT IT THERE! HOW COULD YOU????????????? Yeah we know she lives but darnit MORE!!!!!!!!!!! That's just mean.

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