What Lorian Didn't Disclose to His Father

By Asso

Rating: PG

Genres: adventure drama

Keywords: character death E2

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Thanks: To my beta, justTrip’n, for editing my first E2 story!


"You have to do it, T'Pol!"

"I . . . know."

"So, do it."

"I can't."

"My death is your life and Lorian’s, and the crew. And the seven million people we had to save."

"Your death is my death."

"You will live for our child. And for our crew. For our mission."

"I won't manage to live without you."

"Fifteen seconds. Then the mother-bomb will explode!"

"T’hai’la  . . . "

“If the door opens, the bomb will explode immediately,  and the transporter doesn’t work! The Sphere worshipers have me trapped. There’s no way. Let me go.”

“Ashayam . . .”

"Let me go."

"The Captain . . ."

" . . . is locked out. The Captain is more important than me for the success of the mission. I knew what would happen when I saw the first explosive device attach to the ship. Only here would I have been able to defuse all the bombs interspersed across the ship.  I was aware this was a suicidal mission.”

“Trip . . . Ashal-veh . . .”

“And you knew that too. Let me go. The Captain would push that button, if he was there."

“I can’t!”

“Don’t make my death useless. For you and for our son. For everything. The needs of the many . . . Let me go . . . 

"What will I do, without you?"

"You will remember my love."

"I  . . ."

"Seven seconds."

"G . . . good-bye, Ashayam."

"I will wait for you, Hon. You know where. One day we will be together again."

"Ashayam . . ."

"Four seconds."

"Trip, I will follow you one day . . ."

The button flattens under T'Pol's thumb.

The section carrying her Ashayam and the bomb is detached from the ship.

Two seconds.

Two seconds and it will explode.

Taking away forever T'Pol's love.

Her life.

Silence is screaming on the ship.

One second.

People will forever take with them the image of a Vulcan who cries.



The end.

Lorian saw and heard everything.



The whole idea that T'Pol participated in Trip's death to this extent and then that his son watched his death and his mother's torment is more than I can deal with but you did a beautiful job in a short story of conveying the love between Trip and T'Pol.  Thanks


Thanks again to everyone.:D


That seriously almost made me cry.


Wow, you have learned to use a concise and powerful style here.  It is good for a writer to be versitile and you have shown us you can do it!  Keep experimenting!  :p


I will no longer do that! I swore!:s


Okay, who are you, and what have you done with the REAL Asso?

This is concise and well-written.  The dialogue is sparse but powerful, the scenario kicks you in the gut.  Very good, but different from the poetic, descriptive style you normally employ.  I hope all the praise your getting for this doesn't mean you're abandoning your traditional style--I rather like that, as well.


Thanks to everyone for the kind comments.  And, yes, I'm OK, l'm WarpGirl. This is not "Gratuitous Angst" and E2 Universe is the Universe where Trip and T'Pol got together, finally. Regardless of Trip's death.
And then... some ideas are whirling in my mind.;)


Such a powerful story with so few words! Very well done, thanks Asso!


Wow. That says it all.


Wow!  That WAS a departure for you - but I loved it. 


Hey, it's remarkably concise!  And gut-wrenching!  Good job, Asso!


Are you OK? Angst and E2 in one story! This isn't like you at all, it's interesting.


What a terrible decision for T'Pol to have to make.  And for Lorian to witness.  Asso, you said a wonderful job of saying a great deal in a very short space.  This is a very powerful story!  Well done! 


Very pwerful story Asso.Well done.Poor T'Pol and Lorian will ahve  ahard time dealing with Trip's loss


Well this certainly brought tears to my eyes. I pondered long and hard about what I could bring myself to do in this situation. The only way I could have pushed that button would be for the sake of my child.

You made my heart ache in a very few words.

Wonderful work.


There's some angst. This little scene has more impact than TATV, although that isn't saying much. A painful, but good read.


Short and heartwrenching. but, as usual, great writing.


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