By Bluetiger

Rating: PG-13

Genres: angst drama

Keywords: character death

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Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Star Trek, I just play with the people I like.

Summary: My entry for the January "Scream" challenge.

Author's Note: This is what came to mind when I heard the January prompt.


Charles Tucker the Third knew that metal could scream. He had seen plenty of explosions with twisted steel in his lifetime and heard the sickening sound it made.

Today, engineering resembled a beehive of efficient activity. About fifteen engineers were scurrying around, some pulling double shifts. There was a major upgrade happening today and a few extra hands were needed. Anna Hess, Michael Rostov, and Christy North had made a mess hall run and brought back sandwiches, chips, cookies, and bottles of water.

Trip was busy at his desk going over the schematics of the upgrade. The group, gathered around the impromptu food table, just shook their heads at the ‘Boss’.

“He hasn’t eaten in more than seven hours, I’m sure,” said Anna with a shake of her head.

Michael began to snicker, “Are you kidding me? When his engines are involved, we’re lucky he remembers to breathe.”

Christy, Michael, and Anna had been with Trip since the launch of Enterprise and knew the habits of the chief engineer well. Grabbing a plate, Christy put a chicken sandwich, chips, and three chocolate chip cookies on it.

“Throw me a bottle of water, Mike.”

Catching the bottle deftly, Christy walked over to Trip’s desk and put the food down in front of him.

“Time for a break, Boss.”

“Thanks, Christy. I’ll eat in a little bit . . . just need to finish these calculations.” Trip replied absently.

After a few minutes, he realized that she had not moved. Looking up, Trip saw a stern expression and crossed arms. Glancing over at Hess and Rostov, he noticed similar postures.

“You guys have to stop bullying me. It sets a bad example for the rest of the crew.”

“Think of it as tough love, Boss. Now eat!” With that, Christy walked back over to her cohorts and grabbed a cookie.

Trip laughed, saluted them with his sandwich, and began to eat; accepting his defeat with a smile.

Several hours later, with the upgrades completed, all that remained was for Trip to do a quick hands-on check of the sections that had been modified. Suddenly the ship lurched, alarms began to screech, and multiple fires broke out. Captain Archer’s urgent voice came over the comm, “Archer to engineering. Trip, an unidentified ship dropped out of warp. They’re firing at us and won’t answer hails. What’s our status?”

Trip picked himself up off the deck and raced to a monitor.

“Looks like a hull breach is imminent in the aft section of engineering. We’ll evacuate and seal the section.”

Racing to the damaged area, Trip saw at least six injured crewmen. Those that could, were trying to get the injured to safety. Trip could see that Hess was unconscious. Grabbing her he yelled, “Everybody out, now! Evacuate this area.”

Trip passed through the door with Anna in his arms. It was then that he heard the metal bulkhead scream. The emergency doors automatically sealed. Handing Anna to Michael, Trip stepped quickly to a monitor. One person was left inside.

As Trip watched in horror, Christy North was sucked into space. She didn’t even have time to scream, so Trip screamed for her.



Effective vignette! Powerful. So much said in just a few paragraphs. I love these short ones and not just because I can read them when I steal only a minute or two for myself. Please write more of these.
That story seems like it could have been from season 3 when the xindi attacked the Enterprise in damage. Very powerful and hard hitting blue Tiger.
Wow! I don't blame Trip for screaming. I'd scream, too. This was very well done. A nice gentle build up and then wham! Great stuff! ;)
I guess no one expected the evil bluetiger to rear her ugly head, but the prompt seemed to demand it. Don't worry Asso, I have a larger family friendly Trip and T'Pol love fest in the works.
Main Engineering is not my cup of tea, but this one is a scream of wondrousnesses.
Ouch! That hurt! Which means your story is great, since I didn't see it coming. Good work!
Yikes! Poor Christy. This word is definitely sparking a lot of very different stories!
Oh my! I didn't see that coming.

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