Shockwave Part 2

By Kotik

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Date:          August 18th, 2009
Legalese:   All characters belong to the powers that be and I can't do a damn thing.
Genre:        TnT, Missing Scene
Setting:      Through Season 2
Authors Note:

After having read Alelou's fantastic series of missing scenes for series 1, I decided to do the same for the other 3 series. I did not attempt to write some for series 1, since Alelou's work can hardly be topped. Alelou kindly gave me her ok to try my hand on series 2, since she doesn't plan anything in that direction for the near future, but I wanted to make sure that I don't 'steal' an idea from her :-)

You should read Alelou's missing scenes beforehand, because I will reference them here and in following chapters.

A big thank you goes to Dinah for beta-reading the story and to WarpGirl for her input and constructive criticism. :-)

             Shockwave Part 2


This is really getting old! Trip thought as he watched Ambassador Soval rant away on the view screen. This cranky old Vulcan could really be damn annoying. His knee jerk reaction was to see this only as typical know-it-all Vulcan arrogance, but he had seen otherwise.

In a few days it would be a whole Earth year since Subcommander T'Pol had agreed to rough it among over 80 humans, and the prospect of not seeing her again added to the frustration of being recalled.  When she came aboard for the first time, it would never had occurred to him that he would be sad about seeing the Vulcan chaperone go, but she had proven them all wrong. She was still distant and aloof, but he had pierced her defensive walls on more than one occasion during the past year, and he knew that she considered herself a part of the crew. He felt a strange interest in getting to know her better.

"...A danger to the Quadrant. Regardless of the evidence presented here, I plan to advise the Vulcan High Command not to change its recommendation to Starfleet. Enterprise should be recalled." When Soval ended his lecture, Trip tried to hold back his frustration, but failed miserably.

"You guys have wanted to scrub this mission from day one. We proved to you that we didn't kill those thirty-six hundred people, but you don't want to hear it. You're pathetic! "

His own rant was cut short by Admiral Forrest's angry interjection.

What the hell is he prattling on about? Trip thought as Captain Archer started his gazelle-in-Africa metaphor. Well here goes nothing, Cap'n. Soval will slap that one right back in your face. Why don't ya just say, 'We're blithering idiots, but heck, we're learning? Really helpful, Cap'n. Trip forced himself not to facepalm or sigh at the Captain's mediocre rhetoric skills.

* * *

While Commander Tucker's outburst was predictable and not helpful, this crude metaphor is potentially harmful to the goal of continuing this mission. T'Pol had difficulties understanding the Captain's motivation in telling Ambassador Soval that they would be making more errors in the future. Before Ambassador Soval could use Archer's unfortunate speech against them, however, she decided to show the Ambassador the flaws in his own logic.

"The concept of learning from one's mistakes shouldn't be difficult for a Vulcan of your wisdom to understand, Ambassador. Our ancestors discovered how to suppress their volatile emotions only after centuries of savage conflict. You spoke of the destruction of the monastery. What about the Vulcan listening post that Captain Archer found there? I would hope that our people have learned from those events that using a sacred sanctuary to spy on others was a dishonorable practice, to say the least. I don't wish to contradict Captain Archer, but learning from one's mistakes is hardly exclusive to humans. Their mission should be allowed to continue."

* * *

Atta Girl! Now that's how you mop up the floor with that cranky ol' git. Trip had to summon all his control to not grin from ear to ear. Just for good measure he shot a glance at the two Vulcan guards who were standing at the door. Their stoic faces belied their probable shock or disbelief at witnessing the Subcommander's stand-off with Soval, he smiled inwardly and let his eyes drift back to the petite frame of the Vulcan science officer.

 * * *

"Where are ya going?" Trip asked as he fell in step beside T'Pol.

"I am on the way to the mess hall."

"Mind if I tag along?"


Both walked side by side for a while, before entering the mess hall. While T'Pol went for chamomile tea, Trip settled for coffee.

"Thanks for that little speech by the way. That was mighty impressive," Trip said with an honest smile.

"There is no need to express gratitude. I merely offered my opinion on the matter."

"Well a lot of people around here will think otherwise. I think you have won quite a bit of respect with many people here. And it's not just the respect they have for you as first officer; it's good ol' well-deserved respect."

"You may be correct. Ensign Rao was visibly more at ease today in his interaction with me."

"Told you so.  Any progress with the other people in your department?"

"Your advice on improving my interaction with the members of my department was most helpful.  Unfortunately, most are still having some difficulty interacting with me.  I am often confused why completely logical courses of action do not yield the expected results."

"What do you mean?"

"Crewman Naiman delivered a scan analysis today and his calculations contained an error. I took the time to review the whole process step by step with him to refresh his memory. It was logical to expect that he would welcome the time I spent on educating him; instead he was visibly upset."

"Was it stupid mistake?"

"No, it was a minor rounding error in a central calculation. The analysis was complex and well done overall. This one error, however, placed the result's inaccuracy beyond acceptable tolerance."

"Well. That's what you should have told him. Tell him that his analysis is basically well done, if not for that error.  Then point out the mistake and let him correct it himself. Challenge your people to learn from their mistakes, just as you told the Ambassador today."

"I see. Do I correctly deduce that the crewman perceived my course of action as overly patronizing?"

"'Fraid so. Tell you what, why don't we make our tea break a regular practice? We can meet here after our shifts or during lunch break and talk about things that confuse you. In no time, things will go better in your department."

"That would be agreeable. I shall return to my quarters now." T'Pol rose from her seat.

"Good night, Subcommander.  And thanks again for your support."

"Good night, Commander."

Trip allowed himself to smile as he watched the science officer leave the mess hall.






That was very well done. I liked that you used the characters that Alelou created, with her permission I assume. I read all of her additions at also. It was a great body of added scenes, and this fits in very well, good work.




YEY! I'm so happy to finally see it up. I have to say knowing how you actually like Soval you captured the inherent dislike of him in seasons 1-3 very well. And what you said about the famous "speech" brightens my day every time I read it. Awesome!

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