On Impulse

By panyasan

Rating: PG

Genres: romance


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On impulse

By panyasan


Disclaimer : Enterprise and it's characters are property of CBS/Paramount.


Rating: PG


Author's note: A short poem, inspired by one of my favorite scenes.


On impulse

On impulse he found her quarters,
without thinking,
or seeing his surroundings,
the only place that was his home
in this crazy universe.

When he entered, the tears came falling,
tears he had never showed
to any one, but her,
She - the only one that held his heart
and which comfort he craved.

Against the candlelight he saw
her beautiful face
and her eyes, full of pain.
She wore a robe, between her hands
an medallion, symbol of united worlds.

She gave him her hand in comfort,
He grip her hand, it disappeared in his,
Cold metal of the medallion between them,
And when he holds her as she holds him,
There was future.




What a nice surprise to see another comment. Thank you everyone!


OMG I thought I commented on this before, but it's looking like I was wrong!

So to rectify that situation, I just wanted to say how much I liked this.  The words themselves are eloquent, and while you get a clear picture of their difficulties, there is hope, and that's all anyone ever really needs.

Great work!  :D


This is nice.  I especially like the ray of hope - a future is possible, therefore the pain will ease.


I'm so happy you posted this lovely poem, Panyasan. It's so sweet, so perceptively and poetically hanging between past and future, between grief and hope.
So suffused with love.

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