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Chapter 1 - The Best of Times

Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns Star Trek Enterprise, I don't, not a bit. Sad but true.

Summary: Welcome to another universe, welcome to the Earth/Vulcan War.

Genres: AU, adventure, action, a little of romance.

Thanks to Alelou, who does a great work, as always (don't let her say otherwise.)



There was a touch of exhilaration in the atmosphere. Happiness was a rare commodity those days, but sometimes Humans needed to embrace their natural faith and optimism and act like... Humans.

"Captain Mayweather?"

Travis turned to look at Captain Archer. The older man was offering a glass to him. Travis took it with a slight feeling of remorse. "Champagne..." he murmured. "Isn't it a waste to drink something so scarce?"

"But we are celebrating an exceptional event. It's not everyday we can say we have swept away a Vulcan Battle Fleet. Isn't that true, boys?"

Those present raised their glasses and shouted: "Damn right, sir!"

Travis frowned. Although he was younger, as a Boomer he had taken part in more battles than Archer, a career soldier. He was less enthusiastic than most people, perhaps because he knew how futile a victory could be. He looked at Shran, hoping to see a kindred spirit.

The Andorian Commander, far from being gloomy, was laughing with Major Reed,

Travis sighed. Maybe it was just him...

"What's up, Captain Mayweather?" Archer asked.

"Nothing... I was thinking about... About war, I guess."

"It's been long, hasn't it?"

'Long' was an understatement. Travis had been born and had grown up in war time. Vulcans and Humans had been killing each other for around 75 years now, ever since "The Longest Day," when a secret group that had ties to the Army and the Government had killed the Vulcan Ambassador and his entourage, and Earth's government had denied their extradition to Vulcan. But you could say that it began before that. Humans and Vulcans had never gotten along well, not since that group of space refugees had first warned them about the "pointy ears" before the official First Contact.

"After so many battles, I feel a little old, that's all," Travis explained.

"Old?" Shran exclaimed as he approached the two captains. "My boy, you're young compared to me. I should feel like an elderly man. We Andorians were at war with Vulcans long before you."

Yes, that was true. That was, also, the main reason why the Andorians had offered to help the Humans when they were about to be crushed by the Vulcan Fleet. "I don't know... We've celebrated so many small victories, just to see them shattered after the subsequent Vulcan victory," Travis said.

"Ah, but not this time, my boy," Shran replied.

Mayweather was about to remind him to call him "Captain" or "Sir" - because he had earned it - but reconsidered.

"Vulcans will need time to recover from this loss," the Andorian went on. "We have won the control over the Passage of Karadh'ss and we have destroyed half of their elite fleet."

"Thanks to our Tactical Officer," Archer said and slipped an arm around Shran's shoulders.

"You collaborated a little too," Shran joked. "And, of course, Major Reed here and his MACOs, who assaulted those Vulcan ships with astounding skill."

Malcolm smirked and the scar on his right cheek turned into a question mark. "We were just carrying out our mission." He smiled openly. "But it's always a pleasure to kick some green asses."

The men laughed. Travis faked his.

"How's Captain Hayes?" Archer asked.

"Oh, you know him, when he sleeps more than two hours he becomes cranky."

"But he is all right."

"Yes." Malcolm stretched his neck to take a look at the other side of the room. "Doctor Phlox! Yes, over here! Come over for a moment, please."

The Denobulan made his way over, moving with difficulty through the crowd. "Yes, Major Reed?"

"Please, update the Captain on Hayes' condition."

"He is stable. Worse than he claims to be, but out of danger," he complied in a monotone voice.

"That's good news, why aren't you more cheery?" Archer asked.

"Death doesn't make me happy, even if we're talking about Vulcan corpses." And he went away.

"Spoilsport," mumbled Shran.

"It's understandable," Travis said. "Vulcans will harden their embargo against Denobula after our victory."

"The bastards," Archer swore.

"They will be avenged," Shran promised.

Words. They were empty words. All of them.

"Oh, no no no... No gloomy faces today," Commander Tucker's voice sounded at their backs.

He drew among them, a bright smile on his face, and his cheeks red partly with excitement, partly with alcohol. It made it difficult to see him as the only man who could incorporate Andorian technology into Human engines. But then, hiding his own ability was part of Trip's personality. "I forbid anybody to be sombre."

"I am the Captain," Archer protested.

"Yeah, I got that in battle, when you were ordering 'more speed, you moron!'"

"If you weren't the best Engineer in Earthfleet and my best friend, I would have strangled you long ago."

"Ohhhh... I'm scared, Captain Bravado."

"Captain Bravado?" Travis asked.

"A long story that you don't need to know about," Archer answered before Trip could.

Commander Tucker burst out laughing. "Oh, all right, all right! Don't get angry. Let's make a toast. For the intrepid Jonathan Archer, Captain of the Enterprise!"

The glasses collided and part of the champagne spilled. Travis frowned. Such a waste of alcohol. Trip seemed to notice he was there for the first time. "And, of course," he added, "for Travis Mayweather, Captain of the Horizon!"

People raised their glasses once more, even the ones at a distance, like Lieutenant Sato, who managed a fleeting smile.

And for a moment, Travis felt almost happy.





Okay, I was waiting for you to conclude the whole story before starting to read it but I will start reading it anyway.  Interesting plot with the Humans and Vulcans fighting each other, even though Vulcans are my favorite aliens and I do hate to see them fighting Humans.   Now do the Vulcans have any allies in this fight or are all the aliens we know from the Enterprise series on the side of the Humans?  Do the Romulans come into this at any point?     


Thanks for the reviews (few, but meaningful :p)

My idea was to do a very different universe to the MU. Yes, Earth and Vulcan are in a war, but I've tried to do all sides sympathetic. I've tried to create nice character (opposite to the "dark" MU characters.) But even then, I expect people to be a little doutful about a war between Earth and Vulcan. That would go against Vulcan heritage, after all, wouldn't it?

Yes, there is a explanation ;)


Well I have read this at FF.net but since I won't comment there, her will have to do. Frankly the idea shocked me, then it intrigued me. I thought Earth/Vulcan was and it's not the MU???? Okay... So I tried it, guess what it's pretty darn cool. I can't say that the idea of Vulcans and humans warring is appealing to me as a ST fan. But as a general concept, WOAH! Everyone works really really well. It's just really good. It's easy to take a concept like this and make it so completely alien to what it's based on. You avoid that beautifully.


Ack, no comments?  I guess we've all read it over at fanfiction.net.  But I'm always struck by the originality of your AU here.

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