The Storm

By Bether

Rating: G

Genres: drama


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Genre: Poetry, 5 word challenge
Summary: From Distracted's word challenge: pebble, tempest, sand, pristine, lilac

I'll leave the challenge going with D's previous 5 words, which were: Death, war, pain, flower, flash. My understanding of the rhythmic beats in poetry is mediocre at best, so my apologies if it's off.

***************************************************************** The tempest rages
Across the barren land
Down from the heavens
Across the white-hot sand.
The mighty gales swell
With an unseen force
God's fury unleashed
No chance for remorse.
And when the winds wane
One pebble untouched
Hush over the plain
To my palm, I clutch
Lilac stone in my hand
A dream in my heart
Calm air, pristine land
This world, a new start.


[b][/b]Lovely, really, really nice. Well done, Bether!
Gorgeous, Beth. I hope you have another one in the works ;)
Sad, yet peaceful and very rhythmic. Nice one, Bether.
Oh, this is so sad. And yet - if they can move from sleeping to waking, there's hope. Nicely done. I'm particularly impressed with the repeated rhymes.

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