By Bether

Rating: G

Genres: general

Keywords: bond

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Genre: Poetry
Summary: T'Pol's struggle in a different white space.
A/N: Inspired by the Nor'easter outside right now.


Cool breeze whistles through damp night air
And boundless white clouds sweep the skies
Light, wet flakes descend now everywhere
These calls of nature I dare not despise.
Silence shouts out a lonely wail
Its melody aches in my ears
Dreams of smiles that never fail
And tomorrows that shed no tears.
Snow cushions the space around me
And deafens all my cries of pain
Each fear, each sorrow sent to flee
Emotionless, I must sustain.

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[b][/b]Lovely, really, really nice. Well done, Bether!
Gorgeous, Beth. I hope you have another one in the works ;)
Sad, yet peaceful and very rhythmic. Nice one, Bether.
Oh, this is so sad. And yet - if they can move from sleeping to waking, there's hope. Nicely done. I'm particularly impressed with the repeated rhymes.

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