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Summary: Several vignettes about Soval and his relationship with the Tucker children.


Author's Note:  This is for the April "Anticipation" challenge.  It is based in my Love Languages universe. I want to thank Dinah. Her comments about Soval and Morgan, and there being more to Soval than meets the eye gave me this idea.


Disclaimer:  Enterprise belongs to Paramount. I just play with the people I like.



Soval was on his way to a meeting with Charles Tucker the Third and his wife T'Pol. It was an appointment that he was looking forward to with great anticipation. Only now, with so many years behind him, would Soval admit to such an emotion. The elderly Vulcan thought of the Tuckers as his extended family. Soval had taken the young and headstrong T'Pol under his wing at the beginning of her career. The Ambassador had, from early in their association, considered his protégé as a surrogate daughter. Soval had never had children and these days, when he thought of his beloved mate, he felt the weight of his advancing years.




At the age of seventy, Soval had entered into an arranged marriage as was to be expected. He bonded to and grew a deep affection for his wife T'San. The highly intelligent young woman was an archeologist. Soval had always thought it strange that he just happened to marry the most aesthetically pleasing woman on Vulcan. What were the odds?

T'San was leaving for a dig in The Forge, it was rumored that the place where Surak had lived and written the Kir'Shara had been discovered.

"Husband, if we find the hoped for evidence of Surak's sanctuary and possibly his writings, it will change all of Vulcan."

"I understand the importance of your work my wife, however the fact that you carry our child makes me wonder if it is wise to travel to such an inhospitable place."

T'San walked into her husbands arms, "It grieves me to be away from you, but this find could be of the utmost importance. I will endeavor to take great care."

"See that you do T'San, I fear that I would be lost without your presence in my life."

Soval kissed his beloved wife and sent her off. That was the last time he saw her alive. Surak's sanctuary was not found and three members of the expedition were killed in a fierce sand-fire storm. Soval's beloved T'San was one of them.

Soval was indeed lost for quite some time. He retreated to Mt. Seleya for nearly a year. There were days when Soval thought he would not survive this loss. When he finally emerged, Soval took the post as ambassador to Earth. He could never muster the will to marry again.

His needs were taken care of by the Priestesses at the temple. Mt. Seleya had a sect of women called Masu Kosu, literal translation, Water Woman. They had long trained in all the mental disciplines. They quenched the desires of unmarried and widowed men at the time of the blood fever. This was never spoken of to outsiders. These women had superior metal prowess which allowed them to give themselves fully to their partner's pon farr without reservation and then return to a state of Kolinahr.

It was considered an honor to have the necessary mental skills to become a Priestess of the Masu Kosu. They were a highly esteemed sect. Soval was content with this arrangement as he felt that T'San could never be replaced in his heart.


Soval settled into his role at the Vulcan Embassy on Earth. He was aware that many of the humans he worked with considered him as gruff and bitter in the beginning. That may have in fact been the case but, as years passed; the ambassador mellowed and began to forge friendships. Maxwell Forrest was perhaps Soval's closest friend. 

Then through T'Pol he met Charles Tucker the Third. As the ambassador became aware of T'Pol's connection to Tucker, his first thoughts were of course, that he was not good enough for his 'daughter'. Soval did not phrase it so in his mind, but years later realized that was how he truly felt at the time. Tucker's charisma, upstanding character, and force of will could not be denied. The young human worked his way into Soval's good graces and over the years earned his respect. By the time the ambassador realized how strong the bond was between Trip and T'Pol, he had already become an advocate for their marriage.

When the time grew close for T'Pol to give birth to the first Tucker child, Soval arranged to be on a Vulcan cruiser that was conveniently in the area that Enterprise was exploring. Baby T'Resa became the grandchild that Soval would never have. He made sure to be a presence in her life. When T'Resa was about seven, the Tucker family moved back to Earth, this made it much easier for Soval to be 'part of the family.' 


Soval remembered taking T'Resa on a trip to the zoo shortly before Morgan was born. She was wearing a horrendous orange shirt with yellow and green flowers that her father had bought her.

"Isn't my new shirt pretty?" T'Resa asked. She was so proud of it.

"It is ...exactly like something your father would wear." This response apparently pleased her.

The more Soval looked at her the more he decided that she was pretty enough to make any article of clothing attractive.


The night Morgan was born the ambassador received a call from Robin Tucker, Trip's mother. At a party celebrating Trip's promotion to Captain, Soval had spoken at length to the elder Tuckers. He had said at that time, if ever he could be of service to contact him. After Mrs. Tucker's call, he arranged for all the family to be flown in to San Francisco in Vulcan shuttles.

Later that night, Soval came to Starfleet Medical to check on them. Walking down the corridor he glanced in a waiting room door and saw the entire Tucker family clustered around Trip. He could tell from the body language that they were all supporting each other. The ambassador was almost envious of the human capacity to comfort each other in times such as these.

Soval moved on quietly to T'Pol's room. Stepping to her bedside, he could tell she was sedated. T'Pol looked so vulnerable and small. Soval reached out a hand and brushed a strand of hair back from her forehead.

"All will be well daughter, I will not contemplate otherwise."

At the nursery window the ambassador located the incubator labeled 'Tucker'.  The small boy was struggling to breathe.

"You must survive child, I fear it would break your parent's spirit if you do not," Soval said softly, "and mine as well."

Within a few days, Phlox informed them that Morgan was on the road to recovery.


As the children grew, Soval's dinners at the Tucker home became a weekly affair. It pleased him greatly to sit in the kitchen and watch the food preparation. Trip and T'Pol did most of the cooking but each child had their tasks to perform. T'Pol remained stoic as her husband and children teased and laughed while going about their various chores. Soval suspected that she enjoyed the revelry as much as he did, even though neither would acknowledge it.

Morgan at seven and T'Resa at fourteen had very distinct looks and personalities. Morgan was growing into a very handsome boy, having inherited the best features of both his parents. He had his mother's ears and brown hair, and his father's rounded eyebrows and unique nose. Morgan did not have a traditional Vulcan haircut. He instead preferred the style popular with his peers, rather long and shaggy. Not as boisterous as his sister, Morgan never the less had a sharp wit and ready smile. T'Resa was truly a beauty, long blonde hair, delicate features, pointed ears and human eyebrows. Her demeanor was more outgoing than her shyer brother.


The day Soval found out that T'Pol and her mate had lost their third child due to a miscarriage, he retreated into meditation to grieve. For the first time in his life the ambassador did something totally illogical. He began to talk to his deceased mate.

For the next several hours Soval told his beloved T'San the most important things that had been happening in the last hundred years. Much of this information revolved around his career, the discovery of the Kir'Shara, the Tuckers, and their children. He informed her that he considered T'Resa and Morgan to be his adopted grandchildren. Soval had even arranged to leave his considerable holdings to be divided equally between the Tucker children upon his death.

Before he ended his meditation, Soval asked T'San to search for the katra of a boy child with Vulcan ears and a beautiful smile and look after him.


Soval was having his weekly dinner at the Tucker home. He would not be seeing T'Resa tonight as she was now living in the dormitory of her college. Fourteen-year-old Morgan would be there however, and it was always entertaining to spend time with him. As usual they were all gathered in the kitchen. Food preparation was well under way when Morgan asked his father a question.

"Dad, our biology class has been asked to participate in a state program. They want volunteers to go into the desert to stun reptiles and inject them with a low dose radiation tag. That way they can be tracked and studied. The thing is they want an adult to go with each student. I really want to do this, Dad. You know how I like studying snakes and lizards. Please, Dad can we?"

The boy had an eager smile on his face. Trip's wife noticed her mate turning slightly pale. T'Pol spoke first to their son.

"Morgan, it is not so much the reptiles, but your father does not do well in the desert."

"Yeah Sport, I even had a pet snake named Ralph, briefly, but deserts just suck the life outta me."

The young man's smile faded, he was clearly disappointed but didn't want to do anything that would harm his father.

"I understand Dad."

Morgan sat down and began fiddling with the fruit he was supposed to peel. Soval watched him for a moment and then spoke.

"I, on the other hand, enjoy the warmth of a desert. It has been quite a while since I have found the time for a good hike."

The boy's smile was slowly returning.

"Really Soval, you would go with me? That would be great, if it's okay with Mom and Dad."

Morgan looked expectantly at his parents. It was obvious that they were communicating silently.

Trip gave his boy a big Tucker grin, "If Soval is willing, go for it Son."

And that was how Soval came to spend a Saturday in the desert stunning snakes and having the time of his life.


Soval had reached his destination. The much anticipated meeting was about to take place. He entered the building and made his way to the correct room. The ambassador found T'Pol sitting in a chair by the window. Her husband was slowly walking around the room with a bundle in his arms.

A smile lit Trip's face; he motioned for Soval to enter, "Come in and meet your new granddaughter, her name is T'San."


The End





This story is so sweet, pure maple syrup. This whole collection is wonderful and should be compiled. I love how you you made Soval part of the family, basically having him adopted by the Tuckers. Showing his loss and loneliness filled by the force that is Tucker and having a "granddaughter named for his wife, well pass out tissues for all. We'll keep reading if you keep writing, though I think we get the better end of the deal Thanks


Bluetiger I really this story of Soval. It's nice to see him being accepted as being part of the Tucker family as an adopted grandfather.:)


I really liked this. I think Soval is either written really badly, or exceptionally well. You're Soval is extremely exceptionally well done. Too bad B&B didn't see fit to write their Vulcan characters so well. I hope you do more Soval stories maybe even when he was very young.


Beautiful story. Soval was one of the most interesting characters on Ent and you made him a person here, a person who has lived, suffered loss and was lucky enough to find a new family. He fits so well with Trip and T'Pol and their children, a real "grandfather".



That's so sweet!  I need a tissue now!  Love this universe!


This series absolutely needs to be collected into a single document. I am serious.



Thank you Dinah, I have a back story for all my characters worked out in my head. After your other comment, I figured that I had better explain why Soval was so close to the family. As to the Masu Kosu women, I just can't believe that the numbers always work out. There are bound to be men that for one reason or another don't have a mate. I see these women as being able to participate in the pon farr and then purge all of the mental connection. More therapist than prositute. I wanted T'Pol to have a Vulcan father figure and the children to have a strong Vulcan male to look up to. I imagine you are right, Soval will probably spoil T'San rotten.


What an absolutely lovely story.  You're doing a lot to make Soval a well-rounded character, exploring his life from the death of his wife to his time on Mt. Seleya to his weekly dinners at the Tucker's. 

It's interesting to explore differences from one culture to another.  The Masu Kosu women are revered on Vulcan for providing the same basic service as Human prostitutes.  I guess live saving trumps recreational anytime.

Once again, you've done a wonderful job of showing us life in the Tucker family.  Trip and T'Pol have obviously done a great job; they've raised happy, well-adjusted children.  That can't have been easy, considering the opposition their union undoubedly faced on both their worlds.  Since T'Pol's father is dead, Soval fits perfectly in the role of Vulcan grandfather.  This is definitely one situation where everyone benefits.

The ending was perfect.  Things have come full circle for Soval and he once again has a T'San in his life.  I'm going to bet that she's the Tucker child who will be spoiled the most.  Very well done!


Asso, You are so funny. I fear I need to mail you a supply of handkerchiefs.


Before he ended his meditation, Soval asked T'San to search for the katra of a boy child with Vulcan ears and a beautiful smile and look after him.

Where the hell did I put my handkerchief?


Lovely and sweet, bluetiger.  I love the low-key humor, like, "Soval had always thought it strange that he just happened to marry the most aesthetically pleasing woman on Vulcan. What were the odds?"  Trip certainly is staying in the game with the babies, there, isn't he?  I can see he's learned to pace himself and stay out of deserts!  LOL. 


This looks like a Blue Tiger story, and it is just as awesome as all the previous ones. I love this universe...


Okay, now I regained my composure.:.
Now I can write my comment.:D
This story is so sweet, so touching, so well done, so...
Oh excuse me! I have to look for a handkerchief, again;););)


A Soval story!  Soval was the first ENT character I bonded with even though that first year he seemed a grumpy old human denigrating Vulcan.   This story is sweet, especially the ending.  And I really like the names Morgan and Robin - different than the names we usually see and quite memorable.  Please write more about this version of the Tucker family which has adpoted Soval! 


Uh, this is not my story.  I don't know who wrote it.  Please give the author their credit.  Maybe there is another Linda here? 


I will post my comment later.
Before, I have to wipe away my tears.

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