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Genres: romance


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Genre:  TnT romance

Summary:  This is an idea I had based on a poem by the Greek poet Yannis Ritsos.

I must once more thank Alelou for being very kind and helping me.

Disclaimer:  I haven't been able to buy any part of Star Trek etc yet, it still belongs to Paramount.



Memory works in strange ways. Sometimes a smell, a sound, a ray of the sun can resurface pieces of life long forgotten, or better, not really forgotten, only left to rest in peace.

So, it happened that a sun ray caught the eye of one of the infinite number of T'Pols from one of the infinite number of universes that run parallel to each other and brought back an image, a series of images from the past

She closed her eyes, moved her attention inwards and remembered.

It was an old house, built on a hill overlooking the small harbor of an island, that was lost somewhere on the sea of an insignificant Minshara-class planet. The walls of the house were thick and their room small and fresh in the heat of the summer. The only window was narrow, but gave a beautiful view, a piece of the dry hill downwards, several white houses adorning the small harbor, the blue sea and a couple of little boats, lazy in the sun. There was a plant by the window whose fine white flowers smelled sweetly at night.

It was late in the afternoon and she was sleeping; they had lost track of time during this vacation and it seemed that the best time to sleep was in the afternoon when it was too hot.

Anyway, as the sun moved, it came to their window and a stray ray reached her eye and awoke her. She changed her position slightly to avoid it and looked around for Trip. She saw him taking a glass of water and moving to the window. He was naked from the waist up, wearing only a pair of shorts. He stood in front of it and his back blocked everything else from her sight. No sea, no little white houses, no lazy boats. Only him, still, beautiful, perfect, like a marble statue.

They both kept quiet for a while, him watching out of the window, her watching him. As the sun was setting, his shadow reached her and filled the room. He leaned slightly and cut a flower from the plant outside. He put the flower on his ear as he had seen the locals do sometimes, when they wanted to look flirty with the girls. He turned and walked to her. It was only a couple of steps to the bed, but the sky outside had turned red and the white flower on his ear was shining like the stars, now slowly appearing behind him. She watched his silhouette on the red background moving towards her and extended her hands to accept him. And there, as he was leaning, and for just an instant, she had one of these rare insightful experiences when a little room is big enough to fit the galaxy in it and when space and time have no end and no meaning.

At that very moment an infinite number of T'Pols, everyone that was alive in their reality, even those that had never met Trip Tucker, were connected and felt something moving in their heart. Most of them didn't pay any attention, some were curious but unable to understand, some were left wondering and a few lucky ones knew that it was a glimpse of happiness.

Surprised by the now slowly fading memory, the T'Pol that remembered carried with her the echo of the feeling, the scent of the sea and the plant by the window, his touch on her skin, his taste on her mouth. She was alone now, but she was never lonely.




Beautiful but somehow, it also made me sad D: great job!


interesting comments :)


Cool Kos story, as much as Koss got on my nerves I really think that this is the only reason why he would have bothered with T'Pol, he really must have cared for her. I like the idea that Koss might see T'Pol as a kind of kindred spirit, they both have difficulty suppressing their emotions and spend more time hiding them.

This is absolutely wonderful. You really get a sense of the deep, timeless love T'Pol shared with Trip.
This was just amazing. And I hope you don't tire of hearing the word "exquisite." And the way you described heart went into palpitations! ;) A little sad, but sublimely romantic. Love this!
So, so beautiful.Wonderful.The language is poetic and vivid, is like being there. My favorite part:[i]"And there, as he was leaning, and for just an instant, she had one of these rare insightful experiences when a little room is big enough to fit the galaxy in it and when space and time have no end and no meaning."[/i]Very good work!
Thank you all for your very kind words! And to the poet for creating the beautiful image "at the window".
Ouch. Pretty little thing, but it stings. Like a yellow jacket.
Exquisite. :D
Very beautiful.
How very lovely. This sets such a romantic mood. I like to think of them like that. anonymous
that gave me a little pang in my heart, sweet Thanks
I love this beautifully evocative little piece. It's a gem
Wow. This was exquisite. In fact, if you remove the word Anyway from the start of the sixth paragraph, I think it would be just about perfect.

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