Best Man

By Bether

Rating: PG

Genres: angst


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Genre: Poetry, Angst
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them.
A/N: From Distracted’s POV game on the poetry thread. Of course she had to help me with the beats a bit, too. I promise next time to write something more uplifting.



He stands alone in Vulcan dress.
A broken man, he sheds no tears
Though his face bears many fears.
I am aware, I must confess
That this man is in great distress.
Doubt falls upon me as time nears.
The bells sound and I know he hears
His love to wed, to her he’ll bless.

This human who has gained my trust
Will sacrifice his one desire,
And think not of a selfish lust
But let his heart remain afire.
His peace with her will be a must
An act I will always admire.

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[b][/b]Lovely, really, really nice. Well done, Bether!
Gorgeous, Beth. I hope you have another one in the works ;)
Sad, yet peaceful and very rhythmic. Nice one, Bether.
Oh, this is so sad. And yet - if they can move from sleeping to waking, there's hope. Nicely done. I'm particularly impressed with the repeated rhymes.

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