Valentine's Jokes

By Asso

Rating: G

Genres: humour romance


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A little divertissement.

Rating: For everyone

Summary: Eh! Is it possible to resist?

Disclaimer: Star Trek: Enterprise is owned by Paramount, not me. (DAMN!) No infringement intended, no profit made.

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“Yes, Sir.” “Yes, Sir.” “Yes, Sir.” “Yes, Sir.”

“Absolutely inconceivable!”

“Yes, Sir.” “Yes, Sir.” “Yes, Sir.” “Yes, Sir.”

“I have to leave the ship for important, intransgressible, top secret affairs and no one – NO ONE! – not ONE of my officers is available to great the Admiral on his unforeseen visit!”

“Yes, Sir.” “Yes, Sir.” “Yes, Sir.” “Yes, Sir.”

“Commander T’Pol.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What does my First Officer have to say for herself?” “Sir . . .”

“Captain, she’s not at fault. I . . .”

“I wasn’t talking to you, Commander Tucker. So, T’Pol?”

“I was . . . engaged in demanding business with Commander Tucker, Sir.”

“Engaged, T’Pol? Demanding?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“To the extent that you didn’t notice the Admiral arrival?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I don’t believe I’m hearing this from you, Commander. I think Commander Tucker’s proximity has a detrimental effect on you.”

“As for that, you are absolutely correct, Sir."

“Hey, T’Pol!”

“Shut up, Commander Tucker! So, I have to guess you were the bad advisor?”

“Yes, Sir. It was my fault. I . . ."

“Commander Tucker is trying to protect me, Captain. The demanding business he and I were engaged in requires two persons … together, Sir.”

“Damn, T’Pol!

“I said silence Commander Tucker! I prefer not to delve any further into this matter. Lieutenant Reed!”

“S . . . Sir?”

“"Since when do you stammer, Mister Reed?”

“Captain . . . I . . .”

“What do you say, Mister Reed?”

“Sir . . .”

“Where were you, Mister Reed, while Commander T’Pol and Commander Tucker were unavailable?”

“Captain . . . I”

“And you’re our Security Officer, Mister Reed. You are aware of Starfleet regulations?”

“Of course, Captain . . .”

"So, what can you say in your defence?"

"Captain, I . . ."

“Captain, it’s not his fault. I . . . ”

“You too, Ensign Sato? I wasn’t talking to you. Your turn will arrive shortly. So, Mister Reed?”

“Sir . . .”

“Please, Captain. The fact is that Lieutenant Reed and I . . . were engaged in . . .

“physical . . . “

“translation . . .”

“training . . .”

“And I take it that this physical translation training is a two-person activity.”

“Sir. . .” “Captain . . .”


“Computer, high security channel. Priorty, top secret communication.”

Buzz . . . buzz . . . buzz . . .

“Erika? It’s me. Darling, are you sure nobody noticed anything when I boarded your ship?”

The End - Oopssss!


Very cute! :D
Thanks to everyone. I'm happy you enjoyed my little Valentine's divertissement. In any case, all of you have to think whoever can write something pleasant, when the Beta is JT.;)
Tis the season for love to be in the air on Entrprise. Archer should have known better than to leave those four alone on the ship. Plus, he wasn't setting a very good example. Very sweet and funny.
Physical translation training? I think we could all use some of that.
It sounds like Enterprise is becoming the Love Boat! I don't think anybody's too concerned about Starfleet regulations. This was a lovely Valentine's Day present, [b]Asso[/b]. :D
LOL! Archer the hypocrite.
sweet and funny!everybody having his guilty little secret!
Fun story Asso :D

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