Halloween Night

By Asso

Rating: G

Genres: romance


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Rating: For everyone.

Genre: I don’t know. Romance, yes. But only that? Anyway, it’s sweet, I think.

Summary: None. It’s impossible to do.

Spoilers: No. Surely not.

Disclaimer: Star Trek: Enterprise is owned by Paramount, not me. (DAMN!)

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Thanks, justTripn. You are my muse.



Halloween Night.
By Asso (TRICK OR TREAT Challenge)

-Sorcerer! What are you boiling in the caldron?

-Two hearts.

-Male? Female?

-A male heart and a female heart.


-Commander Tucker and Commander T'Pol.


-You know my name.

-You are Sorcerer Destiny.



-Destiny has to do his work.

-What is your work, Sorcerer Destiny?

-Playing a trick.

-Which trick?

-I have to fuse together these two hearts.

-They will suffer.

-I know.

-So, why?

-I'm Destiny. My ways are mysterious.

-I don't understand.

-If these hearts will become one ...

-If these hearts will become one ...?

-They will find an incomparable treat.

-Which treat?


The end (Love is magical. Don’t you know?)



Destiny, is Loves final journet.

Trip and T-Pol's road  might not be easy but  Destiny will bring them home.

Thanks to everyone for the appreciation words. I'm very glad you found evocative this little piece, [b]Aquarius[/b]. And actually... yes... there's something pagan here, as pagan - you know - it is Halloween's roots.
What I liked about this is that while it's about our favorite futuristic couple, there's a mysteriously pagan flavor to the way this is being told. I can just see a sorcerer with a cauldron in an outdoor clearing under the moon as I read this. Kind of haunting!
Great poem Asso. Destiny has spoken.;)
Very appropriate for Halloween. Joining two hearts together = love. What a wonderful sentiment. I'm not too sure about the boiling caldron, though. Once again, destiny appears to be kind of tough on our favorite couple. ;) :D
That's the Halloween Spirit! Boiling hearts: Sweet, yet horrible. >:-)

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