Resolving Rivalries of the Romantic Kind

By Linda

Rating: G

Genres: humour romance


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Rating: G
Genre: poetry, humor


The thing about desperate rivalry in love
As seen from the illogical Vulcan way
Is when inevitably push comes to shove,
Its best resolved on one’s wedding day.

To Humans this seems most highly illogical
To fight the groom, a human would confide -
Why harm even one solitary Vulcan hair follicle?
Just sneak into her home and run off with the bride.

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"everyone Happily Paired" is Malcolm, right?
"Beyond Reason" has to be Masaro.
"Me and the Sundered"... is it V'Las?
Your "Untitled POV Challenge Poem"... is it Forrest griping about Soval? : )
I love this Linda! A Vulcan might reminisce... just think about what it'd have been like IF T'Pol could've met Trip when she was in her 30's, hehe.
That's delightful!:D Your poetic touch is very considerable. I remember another poetry that delighted me: [b]This Thing Called Love[/b]. Beautiful! Very beautiful! :p

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