By Linda

Rating: G

Genres: romance


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Genre: poetry, romance
Rating: G

I was young then, half of the age I am now
Chasing the criminal Jossen all of that day
While you, a strange coincidence somehow,
Were being born sixteen light years away…
On our world we have always been told
It is not logical to let the mind reminisce
It triggers the madness of illogic to unfold,
And we slide into a dreaded emotional abyss
He died that day that you were fortunately born
As I lowered my weapon, having taken his life,
My logic, my sanity, from me were jaggedly torn
Returning in full only after becoming your wife


"everyone Happily Paired" is Malcolm, right?
"Beyond Reason" has to be Masaro.
"Me and the Sundered"... is it V'Las?
Your "Untitled POV Challenge Poem"... is it Forrest griping about Soval? : )
I love this Linda! A Vulcan might reminisce... just think about what it'd have been like IF T'Pol could've met Trip when she was in her 30's, hehe.
That's delightful!:D Your poetic touch is very considerable. I remember another poetry that delighted me: [b]This Thing Called Love[/b]. Beautiful! Very beautiful! :p

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