The Legacy

By Linda

Rating: PG

Genres: drama


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Genre: poetry
Summary: Written for the call for more poems on the Triaxian Silk board. Just dashed off in . . . would you believe it – five minutes, unrhymed. But it bubbled up from within and is offered without editing. Brazen of me, huh?

The Legacy
By Linda

She walks lightly through my dreams now
An angel all goodness, blue dress unscathed
No more the approaching horror
Burning silk and flesh and bones away

She suffered horribly, but only once
I made her suffer night after night in dreams
Long after her pain was over, mine continued
Then she reached through the veil to touch with love

Once more I can feel her beauty, her goodness
And forgive her banshee moments –
Recalling them with fondness and understanding
She was, and always will be, my baby sister

She only dies when all who knew her
Pass through this ephemeral worldly veil
Her work in stone and steel is her most enduring legacy
Yet when that stone crumbles, something of her will remain

I believe it
I know it
I live it
Such beauty cannot die


I envy them too, especially architects. I just love Frank Lloyd Wright's work. Guess that is why I am so stuck on the Liz Tucker character! :s Thanks for the comments Dis, Evcake, Asso!
What Asso said!:) Her work in stone and steel is her most enduring legacy. I envy those able to leave such concrete legacies - painters, architects, scultors...
[i]Such beauty cannot die[/i] [b]What a vibrant verse![/b]
Wow. "The Legacy" is beautiful, Linda.

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