Late One Night

By Linda

Rating: G

Genres: humour


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Disclaimer: No filthy lucre changed hands. (Obviously)
Genre: poetry, humor Summary: This fits with Evcake’s camping poem, but not with the five word challenge. It must have been about the first poem I ever wrote (at age 15) at Girl Scout camp, no less. It could easily be Vulcan and/or Human kids. It’s a groaner. But wait! I do have a 53 page story in beta right now. Perhaps it will make up for inflicting this ditty on you gentle folks.

Late one night I got that urge,
Out onto the trail to surge
Before encountering the trail wet and muddy,
I got out of bed and awoke my buddy
Together we left our tent
Heads and hearts on our journey bent
We struggled onward through the night
Hoping that the trail was right
Till in the distance could be seen,
The lantern light of our latrine

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"everyone Happily Paired" is Malcolm, right?
"Beyond Reason" has to be Masaro.
"Me and the Sundered"... is it V'Las?
Your "Untitled POV Challenge Poem"... is it Forrest griping about Soval? : )
I love this Linda! A Vulcan might reminisce... just think about what it'd have been like IF T'Pol could've met Trip when she was in her 30's, hehe.
That's delightful!:D Your poetic touch is very considerable. I remember another poetry that delighted me: [b]This Thing Called Love[/b]. Beautiful! Very beautiful! :p

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