MU Angst

By Linda

Rating: R

Genres: angst dark drama

Keywords: Mirror Universe

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Rating: R

Genre: Angst, anti-romance

Summary: A vignette showing a glimpse into MU Tucker’s thoughts. I feel that female Vulcan Pon Farr is reactive only, so decided to give a possible explanation for MU T’Pol’s experience with it. This story occurs sometime before the events of the two mirror universe episodes in the fourth year of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Note: Thanks to CX for being a beta and cleaning up a couple of awkward spots!

MU Angst
By Linda

Tucker’s eyes raked up and down the Vulcan’s slim form. He unconsciously touched the scar on his cheek, and Soval knew that was a bad sign. Soval waited for Tucker to speak, though nominally, he outranked Tucker.

“Commander, I told you two hours ago that I needed more parts from storage!” barked Tucker.

Soval stood there, his body absolutely still, his face an enigmatic mask. “Your request was noted, Lieutenant Commander. The ship is not run from engineering; the bridge has priorities. You will get your parts in forty-five minutes.”

“Not good enough!” Tucker’s voice become louder, showing strain. “If I don’t get my damn parts, we’re dead in space. How’s that for priorities, Vulcan!”

Soval raised his chin, but kept silent for a moment, trying to project calm telepathically. “If that is all you wish to report, I have business elsewhere.”

Tucker smirked and pushed one foot into the scan area of the door which opened displaying the noise and blinking lights inside engineering. But he paused, giving Soval an insolent once over before turning to walk into his kingdom. Soval sighed as the door swept shut before continuing on to the mess hall.

At the foot of the ladder to the warp engine, Tucker grabbed a padd from a crewman and stood frowning into it. Nothing was wrong with the figures, a fact he noticed at first glance, but he wanted the crewman to stew a little. Besides, Tucker was mulling over the confrontation with Soval. Slaves should not outrank Humans, no matter what their job was. And as a recent transfer to this ship, Tucker felt like Soval was not really part of the crew. His retirement should be coming in soon. Sending him home to Vulcan would not do. Vulcan officers knew too much, and with time on their hands could easily be courted into the Resistance. Tucker thought that Vulcans like Soval, even though useful, should be retired through termination.

Little did Tucker know that this was exactly what happened to redundant Vulcan Starfleet officers. In order to keep up ship’s morale, the Vulcans got a retirement party like any Human crew member, and were left off at a star base with many well wishes from shipmates. But even before the ship left space dock, their Vulcan comrade would be unceremoniously shoved into a bio recycling unit. A brief note would then be sent to his family on Vulcan saying that he had succumbed to a heart attack . . . or choked on a cookie at his retirement party . . . or something.

Tucker shoved the padd back at the crewman and strode to his office. It irritated him every time he looked at the old Vulcan’s trim and fit physique. The man had already lived twice as long as Tucker would. Vulcans scared him — stronger than Humans, quicker at mathematical calculation, better hearing, and some had non-touch telepathic abilities. You never knew which ones did. They were so sneaky and secretive about that.

Tucker stabbed the com button. “Ensign Mason, check panels A2, C7, and F1. I noticed some intermittent warning light activity on my last rounds. Nothing critical yet, but I want a report in fifteen minutes on the status of those panels. And if the parts I ordered finally arrive, you are to stay on after your shift ends to make sure your replacement knows exactly where they are to be installed. Got that? . . . Okay, out.”

The hum of machinery usually soothed Tucker, but today his head was pulsing with the beginnings of a headache. He used the fingers of both hands to massage his forehead, his fingers slipping on the moist sweat and grease that eventually caked into the age lines that were starting to develop on his face.

He dropped his hands into his lap. That damnable Vulcan was on his mind again. Never did the Vulcan quite cross the line into insolence or mocking — but he came so close. So VERY close. Nothing the Vulcan could be written up for though. Those vague impressions of insolence did not count, for Tucker only dealt with cold hard facts. Concentrating on the concrete was the way he had survived in Starfleet so long.

Tucker made a fist and released it — several times, because his thoughts shifted to that other annoying Vulcan. The young one. She scared him even more. It had felt so good to punch into her, invade her body during that Pon Farr. But instead of being humiliated the bitch appeared to have enjoyed it, he thought. Yeah, he got his rocks off too. But she ruined it when she told him that the Pon Farr came on because her mate back on Vulcan had gone into it. And she was responding to HIM, thinking of HIM — her stupid mate, all during the time Tucker was huffing away to satisfy her. He had slapped her, making her mouth bleed when she told him about her mate. She had made him feel . . .used — manipulated like one of Phlox’s sadistic experiments . . . a lab animal. Not that he wouldn’t service the bitch again. Yeah, he would. And the next time he would make sure he left more bruises on her than she had on him.

He stood up. Enough of these thoughts. They made him hot and bothered. His shift was about over and he needed some relief of the physical kind. He stabbed at the com unit again to reach the MACO office. “This is Tucker. Is Corporal Cole off duty now?”


Hoo boy. Very, very MU. Very daring little fic too. Good job! I have different ideas... but this was very unique. MU Tucker is such an ass! LOL
One is enough! Anyway, you said you will write this peculiar sequel, and now you must honour what you said!:p;):p;)
Well I guess I will have to redeem my self by writing a sequel where our MU couple stop hurting each other and find they have a loving basis for a bond, right? :D Uh, guess that means I have to get rid of T\'Pol\'s Vulcan mate (Koss most likely) Hey anybody save that list we made awhile back on one-hundred ways to kill Koss?:s ;)
This was defo a great little MU fic. Fit perfectly, but still no answer as to why she chose Tucker instead of another Vulcan, the Vulcans must have prepared for that too. so... Ha! She loves him in MU too, na-na-na :p no matter what you say! Sorry, just being silly, I know you know T/T is all about the sweet lovin' :)
Well put, Asso! Yeah, sometimes I scare myself on the rare occassions I really get angry about something, but my 'good' self wins out. It is dangerous but fascinating to extrapolate what would happen if we let our 'bad' side take control and run amok. Guess that is what I was exploring here, and fortunately almost everybody keeps their worst side in control. I think we are really more good than bad more God than Devil, because we have a conscience and compassion. I think that is the true soul of the Human species, but that we have always to struggle to keep it. :D Alelou - thanks for your comment! I think by your words that I did achieve my goal in writing true to the MU! ;)
I think MU Universe is very "unreal". This is its undeniable limit. Characters as those displayed in this universe would destroy everything in a flash. Because wickedness and goodness are indissolubly blended in the deep of the human nature ( and also, I believe, in the vulcan nature). So, we... yes... we are our dark mirror. But, in order to lessen our anguish in seeing our bad reflections in MU Universe, a light must exist, also in that absurd unreality. And this light is the relationship between Trip and T'Pol, which is there, too. Strange, harsh; but it exists. And this is the shock of this story. You, Linda, dared make a dent in the ultimate possibility of redemption of the MU Universe. And you did it very well. So I admire you. But you scare me!
This strikes me as truer to the MU episodes than any MU fic I've read. Of course, I HATED the MU episodes and yet I do enjoy a number of the MU fics, probably because they subvert the spirit of the episodes by turning MU Tucker and T'Pol back into likeable characters. So this is really well-done ... and just as painful to read as those episodes were to watch. I can't say I liked it, but I do admire it.
Dinah, this is not the REAL Trip, it is his evil twin. :@ Yeah, kinda like Lor is to Data? Our Trip would strangle this one. :s Yup, this is a universe of pathetic loosers and sadistic torturers. Even Soval is a poor shadow of his alternate universe self.
I'm not bothered by the nastiness of the people as much as the picture of MU Trip and a rather pathetic loser, who allows MU T'Pol to manipulate him. There are a number of really creative elements in this stories: the aforementioned Koss/Pon Fahr connection and the unhappy fate of retired Vulcans. You just keep "stretching," Linda. I think you're doing just fine. ;)
Linda your story fits well into the Mu universe the characters are darker and you did a good job of showing how menancing it is in the Mu.It its well into what we saw in the season 4 of how the characters behaved.:s
Thanks, guys! I guess the story at least makes sense. The way these characters behave is NOT me, not my morality. I am just expanding my imagination - speculating on how these characters could think and behave. Unfortunately we don't have to look to far in real life to find incidents of this nature. I wish we could completely eradicate thoughts and behavior of this sort from our beautiful Earth!
Two things, Blackn'blue. [b]First:[/b] absolutely Linda have nothing to apologize for. Her story can be enjoyed or not, but it makes sense. Yes. [b]Two:[/b] [u][i][b]I totally disagree with you![/b][/i][/u]:p
Hey! Don't apologize. It's perfect. It fits exactly into the MU scenario. I like it very much. I salute your creativity. Very nicely done. And I am impressed that you are the first one I have read to see the obvious and have the guts to put it out there. It is so clear and plain, now that you have actually written it. Why wouldn't she marry Koss in the MU? Obviously, she doesn't love MU Tucker. Equally obviously, she doesn't feel any fascination for Humans in the MU, so there is no reason for her to ignore the summons home. And even if MU Starfleet wouldn't give her leave to go back to Vulcan for the wedding, I think MU Vulcans would realize and allow for that. Therefore, they probably would have held the wedding before she left. Ergo, logically, she would have been married to Koss before she set foot on Enterprise. Therefore, when he hit Pon Farr, so would she. It makes perfect sense.
Sorry Asso! Sorry Bnb! I was just trying to expand my skills as a writer and write THE OPPOSITE of how I see Trip and T'Pol. Thats why I made my focus here to be anti-romance. :@ I know this is a depressing little piece - perhaps better just left in my brain and not shared? :s That is why it is so short. These MU people are not nice people - not my friends or yours! :(
I think that only women can be so... sadistic.:s I know MU Universe is a little bit bad, but... so bad!:s Even attraction between Trip and T'Pol is only a bad, nearly sordid, thing in the story you wrote. Well.. I want to clear.:) Your fic is strange and well done.:p It have an interesting perspective.:p But, please, a small sequel, where this "anti-romance" may become somewhat more "Romance"!:) I can't bear a such tearing line of vision!:( I am a weak male!;)
Leave it to you to come up with a new approach. :) That one slid right past me, I never even thought about it. But it would fit perfectly. If she had married Koss in the MU, and he went into Pon Farr, then it would explain why she felt no particular remorse about using Tucker the way she did. Hm... And again hm...

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