Journey: Paradise


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Genre: angst-free pleasantness, vignette
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Summary: Trip and T’Pol take a much needed vacation.

A/N: Dear Readers: Please let me know if you’d like to see Trip & T’Pol visit more locales.
As always – my gratitude goes to justTripn’ for her kindness and beta.
Words in italics are bond-speak.

The small beach house sat perched on stilts at the edge of the Caribbean Sea. Its French-style doors stood open to the endless blue. Sheer curtains fluttered in the gentle breeze, while the lulling sounds of the sea drifted over the dwelling’s occupants. A man and a woman slept soundly on the bed positioned in the center of the room, crisp white linen sheets pulled to their waist. He slept on his back, legs and arm sprawled out, his other arm secured around the smooth, warm body of the woman whose head rested on his chest. Like this, they slept. The azure blue of the sky was slowly separated from the aqua sea by the dawning sun.



The sound of the rolling tide nudged him awake. Trip opened his eyes to look up at the open beams of the ceiling. The beach house they were renting was a simple two-room dwelling with a large bedroom, sitting area, and bathroom. The twin set of French doors faced the Caribbean Sea as seen from the coast of Costa Rica. It had been built to appear 'rustic', but held all the modern amenities. There were ten such units, each with their own stretch of private beach. It was as close to Paradise as he had ever been.

Trip eased himself up onto his elbows to take in the view. An easy smile spread across his face. Sure, the sea was beautiful and the sky clear, but at the moment he couldn't be bothered. T'Pol sat lotus position on the deck, her back to him, long hair hanging straight between her shoulder blades. She was clad in the white linen shirt he had worn last night to dinner. It had ended up on the floor, and now it was, apparently, the only thing covering his mate. The rising sun lit her such that he could see the outline of her body through the fabric. Yup, paradise.

"Have you chosen our destination for today?"

After more than six years bonded to her, Trip had grown quite accustomed to her voice whispering in his head. How humans managed to get by without mating bonds was beyond him.

“Well, you could come back to bed."

He didn't even need to see her face to know that eyebrow had shot up to her hairline. His smile quickly became a smirk as a memory of the previous evening played back and forth between them. Once he had convinced her they really were all alone out here . . . well, the word 'creative' came to mind.

Trip watched his mate rise smoothly from her seated position. Her typical calm facial expression firmly in place, she walked to the foot of their bed, and proceeded to crawl cat-like over the mattress until she was poised directly over him. Unable to remove the smirk from his face, Trip enjoyed the view down the shirt. She had only fastened one button. "You had mentioned visiting the Guayabo National Monument?"

His eyes still hadn't made their way up to hers, "It's been there 3000 years. It'll wait a couple more hours." Trip unbuttoned the shirt and reached his hands inside around her waist. They slipped, feather light, over her smooth skin to the curve of her breasts. She sat back, eyes caught with his, and slowly parted the shirt and let it fall behind her. The sight of her never failed to take his breath away.

He sat up to wrap his arms around her, hers around him, and mesh their lips. The bond amplified their arousal. With a twist, Trip turned her to lay back on the bed so his mouth could burn down her heated skin.

Suckling her breast

her back arches,
wet kisses down her belly,
her fingers in his hair,


legs over his shoulders,
a sweet cry echoes within his mind,


he doesn't stop,

she pulls at his arms to bring his wet lips to hers,


he fills her,
her legs wrapped around him,


bodies moving,
lifting higher,
bond singing,
they tense,

Yup, paradise.



"This is gonna be a long trip if I can't get at least one picture of you."

If Vulcans sighed, she would have. Instead, T'Pol returned her attention to the vast rain forest that waited to reclaim the ancient site. Archeological efforts had long ago uncovered the city of Guayabo, but the great rain forest of Costa Rica stood ready to hide it from history once again.

The camera clicked, and Trip swore he did hear a sigh. He wasn't going to be choosey, but he didn't want a picture of her back either. A profile would be just fine.

They walked along the ancient streets and aquifers. "What does the guidebook say?"

T'Pol tapped the screen and read the entry, "This society lived here between 1000 B.C. and A.D. 1400. Follow the Trail to marker 2C. From the lookout point, you can surmise the layout of the pre-Columbian village, built between two rivers. To the south, a wide cobbled pavement leads past ancient stone entrance gates and up a slight gradient to the village center, which at its peak housed an estimated 1,000 people. The cobbled pavement (calzada) is in perfect alignment with the cone of Volcán Turrialba."

They stood at the edge of a stone plaza and a marker labeled 2B. Petroglyphs decorated some of the stone pillars. "Amazing to see what these people were able to accomplish considering the tools they had." Trip, hands on his hips, looked around in appreciation of the civil engineering before him.

"Indeed. Humans have a tendency to perform seemingly impossible feats, and then boggle historians by not leaving detailed records of how they accomplished them."

Trip's tongue rolled in his cheek, "I'll take that as a compliment."

They continued their exploration of the city. Circular stone foundations traced patterns along the cobble pathway. A spider monkey jumped from tree to tree, but Trip was only able to capture a reddish blur. "Ah well, I can pick up some post-cards in the gift shop."

From the overlook they could clearly see the system of aquifers that fed the city. The foundations, pathways and walls formed geometric shapes on the hillside. “There is an ancient city not unlike this one in the Nhimu province.” Trip turned to listen to T’Pol’s story. “From all appearances it was a prosperous city, well designed and engineered like this one. But there is no record of any people ever having lived there. No pottery fragments, no traces of cooking, none.”

“A city no one lived in?”

It was a rhetorical question; she didn’t answer it. “The guidebook says that this city was abandoned before the Spanish explorers arrived. They have yet to uncover a reason for its abandonment.”

“There’s a fair number of mysteries like this in Human history. Easter Island is one of the more well known ones. After all this time we still haven’t figured out how all those sculptures got out there.”

They moved on and found a quiet piece of lawn to spread out the picnic blanket. Trip unpacked their lunch of salad and crackers. T'Pol adjusted her sun hat, which provided shade but also kept her ears covered. Opinions had improved on Earth, but all it took was one person to ruin their vacation. While they ate, a family came by. A little girl, about 6 or 7, ran about in the field chasing butterflies as her parents watched from a bench. Her giggling floated over the grass.

As Trip watched he couldn't help but remember his little sister doing the same so long ago. Wistful thoughts led him to wonder if his other Elizabeth would have chased butterflies in the field or if she would have sat and logically observed their flight.

"Perhaps some of both."

The pain they shared no longer cut quite as deep; hope for the future gave them respite. Trip offered her a soft smile, "Perhaps."

They packed up their picnic and continued their tour.



The couple snuggled together in the hammock swing chair that hung over the deck of the beach house. The sun set behind them to the west, coloring the sky in front of them deep crimson and indigo.

They sipped at cool drinks Trip would have called Pina Coladas if they actually had rum in them. As it was, the coconut/pineapple-flavored slushy drinks were fitting to the tropical setting.

As the sky darkened, the moon glow left a soft light hanging on the fringe of the forest. The tree frog chorus was beginning; other than their song and the gentle surf, there was no other sound. The bondmates did not speak, physically or mentally.

They simply communed with the beautiful setting before them; a gentle hum warming their bond. It was as close to meditating as Trip ever got.

They had another day and night here in Costa Rica before their journey took them further South. But this was a good way to start; a chance to be together, spend some quality time bonding physically and mentally with a little sightseeing thrown in. The Earth–Romulan War had drained them both. Trip was tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of sending kids to die. He always figured he'd be a lot older before retiring from Starfleet; dragged out kicking and screaming was more like it. But in the last five years he'd had his fill; it was time for something else.

Trip kissed the top of T'Pol's head and breathed in her scent. It didn't get much better than this.

Yup, paradise.


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Lady Rainbow
Beautiful story, KTR and those pics are great! :):D
This was a wonderful fic. The details were excellent and the title fits perfectly.:)
Beatifuly told story Krn nice to see Trip & T\'Pol together and happy and their Trip to costa Rica well done. Sequeal please :)
What an absolutely lovely story! You paint a perfect picture of two people at peace with themselves and with each other. I always thought that Trip would stay in Starfleet after the Romulan War, but I could see how he might be ready to move on to something else. Once the decision was made, I don't think they'd have any second thoughts --just exactly the way they appear in your story. Very well done.
And the first scene! Unique!
Lovely little story! Great to see you writing new Tnt stories. The pictures are really great. :)
I'm glad you enjoyed the story Pitseleh! As for 'why Guayabo?' - I just started looking at Costa Rica travel webpages and thought that place looked really beautiful. Silly me - totally should have gone with a Volcano for the comparisons. ah, well, sigh... I have a few friends who have travled to Costa Rica and talk about how beautiful it is - so I thought it would be a good first stop for our traveling couple. Thanks!
Hey, I enjoyed this a lot, and not just 'cause they're in my homeland. Why did you choose Guayabo? I'm curious... I can totally picture them in the beach house somewhere near Puerto Viejo in Limon. The beaches there are totally secluded and absolutely breath-taking. I wonder if T'Pol would have made a comparison between Arenal Volcano and the Fire Plain... Thanks for bringing them here. I'll tell my grandkids to go looking for them...:p
THEY ARE HERE? WHERE?! WHERE?!!!!!... OK, I should probably read the whole story before doing this sort of question...
Wow, this was so touching- calm sweet understanding and interaction, finally. I enjoyed this little interlude of peace and affection
How delightful. And \"hope for the future\"...I like that.
Yeah, I wanted to make the 'T'Pol profile' picture - and maybe still will. I was just anxious to get my story out.:D Glad you all enjoy!
A lovely, comforting little interlude. Nice photos, too. But where's the one with T'Pol's profile?:p
First: BEAUTIFUL! Second: VERY BEAUTIFUL! Third: ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Fourth: MARVELLOUSLY BEAUTIFUL! ................. ................ ................ Obviously this one is totally for my taste, but is NOT enough to explain my authentic enjoyment. There's such a soothing serenity, with a hint of sweet melancholy; such a superb ability to paint the scenes and the feelings, with few words and few strokes.... Not to mention the images! [b]I want more.[/b]:@ Well! Do you think, KRN, we can merge your "vacation" with my "honeymoon"?:p:D;)

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