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Genre: Angst, MU ficlet
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Summary: Mirror T’Pol has her own issues.

Dear Readers: This is a companion piece to ‘Disease’. It was written to, well… mirror Trip’s POV and should be read as such.

My gratitude again goes to Bether for her beta services.


I have an addiction.

Like a drug, it fills me, leaving me wanting.

Like a deluge, it infuses every pore, saturating me.

Like a gale, it tears at me, ripping at my control.

No one knows of my obsession. I cannot tell them. Because then they would know. Knowledge is power. They cannot know my weakness.

I should fight it.

I should resist it.

I should cast him out.

I left him behind. I had little choice when I made my escape. Why did I bond with him? What prosaic sentiment conspired against my logic? It is of little matter now. Now, we are bound. Now, I will seek no other. His image is forever imprinted within my mind.

He enthralls me. He arouses me. I want him.

My eyes close and he is there. Magnificent. Beautiful. Perfect.

His hands feel decadent upon my skin. Rough. Gentle. I press my body against him; pulling at his neck, indulging my need for him by running my fingers through his hair. He sucks on my lips; my resolve weakens. I tip my head back and allow his tormenting mouth to discover the heated flesh of my neck. Keening tremors well up in my throat. His tongue glides along my skin and up to the tip of my ear. I surrender. He holds me upright as I shutter.

I run my nails over his chest, and he groans. His body is flush with heat, his flesh slick with sweat. Nothing is as magnificent. I moan as his mouth continues to plunder my body. He is insatiable. My back arches into him, demanding.


His scent intoxicates me. My control is shredding. His hands ravage me. My passion is overwhelming. His mouth destroys me.

I scream his name. My breath is gone. My heart has ceased. I shatter.


I am lost. Pieces of me lay scattered.

I open my eyes.

He enthralls me. He arouses me. I want him.

At last I have my freedom. So why have I chosen these binds? He devastates my control. He fills my katra. He is my ecstasy.

I should cast him out. But I can’t.

I should resist it. But I won’t.

I should fight it. But I don’t want to.

I can’t live without him.

I have an addiction.


Krn Great sequeal I like Mu T'Pol admitting she's addicted to Trip and wants no one else!Yes I too would like to see Trip arrive on Vulcan somehow.:D
Wow! Even better than the first. Reads like a poem.
You managed to say a great deal with very few words. You sure have T'Pol's character nailed. Well done!
thanks everyone - glad ya'll like it! T'Pol does seem to have an addiction issue - but this time Trip is the substance she's abusing.;) I do actually have a mechanism to get Trip to Vulcan - I just don't have a story to go along with it.
Rigil Kent
Way cool. Particularly ironic given the RU T'Pol's descent into substance addiction because of Tucker as well...
Once again...mighty hot stuff. One teeny nit-pick, though. "Binds" is a verb. You "bind" things together, but "a bind" is a quandary or problem and is singular. The noun you were looking for is "bonds". (I liked it anyway. I just have OCD. ;))
Wow! Very good! Two halves of a whole. This reminds me very much of Aquila's Seek First to Understand on HoT's site. The method and style of writing is quite unique in of itself.
Yes! Thank you for writing this one as well. MU T'Pol rocks... Now we really need to get Trip to Vulcan....

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