Untitled 5 word challenge poem

By Kathy

Rating: G



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Disclaimer: Paramount owns everything Star Trek. This is just for fun.

I don’t know if this is any good. I felt the need to try Distracted’s challenge. I know these words were meant for the men but…


A delicate flower hovers near death
Her life but a flash of light in the dark of time
The pain of her parents is a tangible thing
As though she was meant to unite their people
Not start a war




Wonderful just when things started to get a little better BOOM! T'Pol isn't acting very Vulcan like. You've got something else going on with her, that's why Solkar reminded Trip of his promise to protect her. Shran's dead too. Did you kill off everyone accept Trip, T'Pol, Archer, and Phlox? Hoshi might as well be dead. Jeeze did T'Pol have to be so witchy? Trip is being a Jackass as well, but it's understandable.

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