The Vulcan

By Elessar

Rating: PG-13



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Author: Elessar
Rating: PG-13 (one sexual reference)
Disclaimer: Paramount studios own Star Trek characters and plots, if I did, we’d
all be happier.
AN: Just a fun piece I wrote awhile back at HoT, a sincerest form of flatter challenge poem based on "The Raven".

The Vulcan

Once upon a starry afternoon, I dozed with alcoholic swoon
After many a Bourbon-boon with the Captain the night before,
While I snored, gently sleeping, suddenly there came a beeping
As if someone stood there keeping, keeping at my bedroom door.
"It's just Malcolm," I muttered, beeping at the comm upon my door -
"Only he, and nothing more."

Ah, distinctly I remember, my dreams recalled touches tender,
Wrought upon me and upon my member, as we made love upon the floor
Eagerly, I wished to borrow the memory of that night and not the morrow,
Whereupon my lover's stamina I did borrow - borrow, from T'Pol
The rare and radiant Vulcan whom her pointy eared parents named T'Pol -
Present against a white backdrop, for evermore.

The incessantly screeching panel finally irked my hungover form in flannel
Drew me - threw me from pleasant dreams of white in anger for the door
So that as I approached with fists turned white and aching eyes
Clinched teeth within me rattled, "It's just Malcolm askin' for a sore!
It's just Malcolm beating at the comm, being a nuisance nothing more!
Apparently not dissuaded by so sonorous a snore!"

But then my disposition lightened, and I drew back nearly frightened
As I reach'd to key the door. I stood aback, stricken with an image I adore
Placed upon my consciousness too vivid to ignore -
Upon the pad my finger etched my heart's implore
Quickly it opened, rushing, T'Pol revealed, slightly blushing,
Blushing a tinge of green, outside my bedroom door.

Deep into her eyes peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing
Doubting, dreaming of intentions that might bring her to my door,
That she might wish to say the things I wished she'd said before.
The silence lay unbroken, but without words she gave me token
And with request that went unspoken, she entered as I said, "T'Pol."
This I whispered only barely, but her ears miss very rarely, "T'Pol."

Back into my room turning, my hopes within me dearly burning,
I turned and spoke slightly louder than before,
“So,” said I. “What can I do for you tonight?
Or is it that you’re just here again to ‘explore’?”
Blinked did she, and through the cloudy euphemism tore,
“I should not have used that word before,” came a whisper from her core.
This she said and nothing more.

Roused within me came a shudder, as I drowsily began to stutter,
“Well, I’m glad to hear you say you meant not only to explore,
But what intention made you, or what temptation could have bade you
Relieve the robe that lightly weighed you, and push me down upon the floor?”
“I admit,” uttered she, “I had considered that action more than once before.”
Speechless stood I, the silence as oppressive as a roar.
I could not help from smiling, nor keep my fingers still from styling
Through my hair, while my cheeks went rosier than before.
“I can say the same, and though your logic’s far from tame
Do ya' think we have some future to explore?”
“Indeed,” said she. “Though your patience I implore,
For such indulgences require meditation to restore.”

Thus I marveled so insanely at the words she spoke so plainly,
Through composure quite ungainly, that our rocky friendship become more.
Though we’re rarely found agreeing, and no other human being
Could imagine even seeing a Vulcan dressed in bridal décor –
It is a dream I’ve had before,
Marked by her beauty crowned in violet that she wore to marry Koss, but nevermore.

I was pulled immediately from dreaming, by the touch of softly steaming
Eyes of sober soulful gleaming, renewing our sensual rapport.
“I--,” said I, but nothing further could I utter, with her lips against my stutter,
Till I scarcely stopped to mutter, “When we kiss there's so much more,
It's like we've shared all of the memories you store.”
To this she gave only a nod and replied, “Yes, there is more.”

And with that half-truth aptly spoken, T’Pol produced a golden token:
A circlet with triangular mate, and asked I, “What is this for?”
“I received it from my mother, and one day so will I gift it to another;
It is the symbol of one and other, diversity as taught in Surakian lore.
It is a symbol for the pain we bore, and for a mate I search no more,
Since Elizabeth, our providential child, lost the strength to hold the moor.”

And with this I cried, and found her reeling to my side
“You need not continue to grieve behind your private door,”
Casting her arm about my chest, and her head upon my shoulder to rest
“We possess a bond, as I did previously attest, that when we mate as once before
Grows stronger still, and stronger for
Vulcans are touch telepaths… unless this idea you abhor?”
Aback I was taken, for all others but this Vulcan beauty I had long forsaken.
“T’Pol,” said I. “Surely you must know that for any other I have nothing more
Save a curious peer, and even those disappear as soon as you are near!”

As quick as strong nepenthe of lore,
She drank of my lips and I of her, finding long lost amor,
Draught of life, poison of soul's dolor, we cast one shadow on the floor
Moments later my uniform and hers, hindered exploration nevermore.

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