Ode on a Warp Core

By Elessar

Rating: G

Genres: humour


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Disclaimer: Paramount studios own Star Trek characters and plots, if I did, we’d
all be happier.
AN: Just a fun piece I wrote awhile back at HoT.

Ode on a Warp Core

Subspace matrix behind a curtain yellow
Wrapped in your plasma furnace, burning certain
Bright enough to blind Sir Newton, the poor old fellow
Cannot hear the FTL tune you relate
Borne on winds that make photons late.
Each even as the chronometer sets
I eat, retire, and get as close to her as the Vulcan lets
Me, while never doubting I will rise to hear
Your soft thrumming reach my ear
As my feet find Engineering ever near.

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:D Amazing! English class, if only we could read stuff like this!

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