How I Miss Thee

By Elessar

Rating: G

Genres: drama romance


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Rating: G
Disclaimer: Paramount studios own Star Trek characters and plots, if I did, we’d
all be happier.
AN: Just a fun piece I wrote awhile back at HoT.
How I Miss Thee

How do I miss thee? Let me count the days
Since we heaved upon my floor breathless
My logic combatting the urge to touch
Your face, to learn your eyes, and know your heart.
Me and my own do not feel as you do
Yet to thine I find my allegiance growing.
I miss thee truly, as my emotions assert themselves;
I miss thee desperately, as we seek those who hurt you.
I miss thee with more ardor than I knew in youth
In my old beliefs, and with a Vulcan's resolve.
I miss thee each morning at the table
Hoping that the Captain will be late and
I may purchase a moment in thine eyes
So illogical -- yet I miss thee.



The poem was written by T'Pol, not Trip.

Thanks. :) I haven't read the book, but this is meant to fit into it since from what I've heard the book just barely mentioned this stuff and didn't actually go over it.
This was touching and truly sad. I could see Trip writing every word of that letter. HOw heartbreaking for her to read. Have you read the Enterprise relaunch book "The Good that Men Do"? It would fit in with the idea that T'pol wouldn't get to see a dead body. It's an excellent finale fix for Trip fans.

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