Wedding Cake

By JadziaKathryn

Rating: G

Genres: fluff romance

Keywords: marriage

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Summary: Trip and T’Pol eat cake. Written for the poetry challenge to choose a topic and write from Trip’s POV and T’Pol’s POV. I cheated a little and mixed them.

Sittin’ here cuttin’ our cake
I’m glad Mom made us save it

The top layer of wedding cake
We kept in stasis for a year

It’s a good old tradition
To mark our first year married

It seemed most illogical then
A foolish waste of resources

My happiest year ever
With many more to follow

And yet it reminds me today
That I am extremely content

I’m crazy in love with her
I don’t care what others think

Though we are an unlikely pair
There is no other man I want

So we eat our cake today
Our first anniversary

We reflect on our first year wed
Anticipating many more


Just reread this story for the third time. It gets better every time I read it. Your Soval is very...satisfying. I think this is my favorite bit:The young man nodded in resignation and returned to his seat. After some silence, he said shyly, "Sa-mekh?" Soval nearly smiled at the clumsy, yet sincere pronunciation of their new relationship. "Yes, sa-fu?" "You never told me what my name meant." The Vulcan looked at his son's eager, earnest face, somewhat distracted by the nose, which was peeling from sunburn. "'Shihvek' is a wedge," he said absently. The young man's face fell. "A what? A wedge?" Soval nodded calmly. Noting his son's baffled look, he continued. "It is a small device, shaped like a triangle." An ominous scowl replaced the confused look. "I know what is is!" Soval raised an eyebrow at the angry tone, and the young man quieted, although his feathers were obviously still ruffled. "Though a simple tool, it is invaluable." The scowl faded back to confusion. Soval leaned back against the wall and said softly, "It prevents the door from closing." "Oh!" The young man looked enlightened, then delighted, then down at his feet in embarrassment, then back up at his father. He cleared his throat. "It''s a good name. I like it."
For a fic with very little Trip and T'Pol interaction this is so incredibly romantic and touching. The extent that Trip is willing to go for her, discomfort, pain and danger are irrelevant. Add to this the interaction with Soval which is so endearing, emotional even on a Vulcan level. Each one helping the other without reservation aand each one gaining so much from the other. I loved it!!! How about more?????
I love this story. I really like the interaction between Soval and Trip. I'd love to see a follow-up to this story with further interaction as Trip learns more of being Vulcan, the reaction of other Enterprise crew, etc.
Just noticed no one left comments. I loved the interaction between Trip and Soval. Awesome story and the mental pics.

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