Language Barrier

By JadziaKathryn

Rating: G

Genres: general


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Genre: Poetry, challenge
Summary: My response to Distracted’s 5 word challenge: Death, War, Flash, Pain, Flower
The next five words: Ideal, Lipstick, Beat, Shine, Paper

She approaches me with pain in her eyes.
“Why do you refer to Trip as a ‘mate’?”
Her tone promises me a speedy death
If I do not a good reason relate.

The Trojan War was fought over Helen,
And now I see that it is possible
For even a Vulcan to love that much.
But what she suggests is quite laughable.

“It’s another word for friend, Commander.”
I flash a smile and pull out a flower.
“But Americans don’t use it that way.
My date with Hoshi is in half an hour.”



I'm so close to having a stroke, how many more terrible things are going to happen? Is Shran going to be boiled alive and eaten next? You know what the worst part is? You're so dang good at what you're doing! Really it's irritating in a good way. But with all of this tragedy I almost want to stop reading BUT I CAN'T! Dang you got me hooked.

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