By JadziaKathryn

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Genres: angst

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Rating: G

Summary: She had known from the moment she recognized the bond that it would come to this. My ‘whisper’ fic.

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She knew from the moment she recognized the bond that it would come to this: Trip, standing in her doorway, eyes down. “This isn’t gonna work, is it?” His tone was soft, regretful, and so very human.

She would miss him.

“I have contacted the priestesses of Mount Seleya. It will be a simple procedure to sever the bond.”

“Nothin’s ever simple with us,” he countered. It was a valid point, but she could come up with no reply. “You know what gets me? It’s not because I’m human an’ you’re Vulcan.”

His theory came as a surprise. “To what do you attribute our incompatibility, then?”

Trip, as emotional as humans came, spoke in such a sad voice that T’Pol herself was moved, though she would never admit it. “You always have to be in control.”

It was to be expected that he blamed her. It was her biology which created the bond, her seduction of him which was the catalyst. His interpretation, however, showed how little he knew her. “To be Vulcan is to be in control.”

“Of yourself, yeah. But of us? Relationships don’t work like that. One person can’t be in control.” He looked up at last, and the sorrow in his eyes nearly undid her. “Or is that how you do it on Vulcan?”

“No,” she said after a moment, the single whispered word conveying more of T’Pol’s distaste for herself than she meant for Trip to realize.

“I’ll see you on duty.” That was it, then. They would perform their duties, they would have the bond severed in a week once they reached Vulcan, and their relationship would be strictly professional thereafter.

She nodded, and the door closed behind him as Trip Tucker walked away.


Well, if TATV was the real deal, yes, this is a good lead in. But who is buying TATV? I\'m not. I\'m one of the Not.dead. folks: \"been there, done that, got the T-shirt\". Yup, LOL, still have the T-shirt! Yet, this is a nice sad little fic.
Sad, but I like my ice-creams with different flavors, so I don't mind so much. I agree, however, that T'Pol [i]has[/i] issues with control, and she likes to feel miserable too. About letting Trip go, yes, it's noble of her, but I see her trying to rebuild their relationship later, just for the shake of it. Because the guilt trip (non pun intended) is a way of living to her.
Sorry guys... Sorry guys... Sorry guys:@ DAMN!;)
> Sorry guys, > this is it. > No happy ending > this round. OK but think on this, they don\'t really understand the bond as it acts between Trip & T\'Pol. I don\'t think they will be able to break it.
I still think this is the logical 'prequel' to the dross that is TATV. Which [i]is[/i] a tragedy because Trip ends up dead and T'Pol ends utterly alone.
Sorry guys, this is it. No happy ending this round. [b]Alelou[/b], interesting question about T'Pol letting go too easily. What I envisioned here is that T'Pol truly does care for Trip and is letting him go because she knows that she isn't good for him and can't be what he needs. This story is a tragedy.
No, no, no, NO! Control? Trip is more in control then T'pol. Common, this can not be the end!
Control? Uh! I hate control!;)
"....and then T'Pol realised what a fool she was being. Keying open the door, she all but launched herself at Trip" There you go jadziakathryn, a pretty good start for your next chapter. I expect to see it posted by the end of next week. You can have an extra week if you double the length.
This tracks with the ridiculous direction both TATV & the Relaunch series has taken.:(
:( I think you are definitely on to something about T'Pol here. Is she letting him go a little easy, though? Control freaks usually keep trying, don't they? Or maybe she's already had enough rounds...

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