Shore Leave

By Evcake

Rating: G



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Shore Leave

Little girl and little beagle -
So much fun it’s barely legal
Camping with Mommy and Daddy and Cap’n
How could anything bad possibly happen?
Out of the tents and through the trees
Mommy says: “Now don’t go far, please”
Laughing and barking down the trail
A black and white critter lifts its tail.
Child and puppy stagger back
Stunned by the force of the stink attack
Daddy says: “Jon, what do we do?’
Time for a tomato juice shampoo
Scrubbing Lizzie, scrubbing pup
A red and tangy lengthy clean-up
Mommy says as down she leans
“I think you have Daddy’s away mission genes”

Does this mean I get to pick the next five words?
If so: native, saga, have, blue, teach

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You\'ve given both sides of the situation, placed Trip in imminent jeopardy and ????????? captured their personalities quite well, we\'re intrigued now finish the story....... please

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