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Chapter 1

Summary: So the Xindi have attacked Earth and Enterprise is prepared to hunt them down. But something is very different in this universe, because here T’Pol has agreed to marry Koss, in “Breaking the Ice.”

Genre: AU/Romance/Action.

Rating: R.

Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Star Trek or Enterprise or its characters. In fact, there is a piece of the dialogue that is part of the chapter “The Expanse” and belongs to its authors. No, I’m not making money with this. Yes, it’s just for fun. Isn’t this the definition of “fanfiction”? Yes, it is.

Author’s note: This is an alternative third season (or that’s the intention, I’m just in the first chapter). The story begins with a rewritten “The Expanse.” And the spark for all this is a “what if?”: “What if T’Pol had agreed to marry Koss in “Breaking the Ice” and left Enterprise?” Feedback is welcome.

Thanks: to JustTrip, Correcteur exceptionnel.

Archer was anxiously waiting outside Forrest’s office. This wasn’t saying a lot, as Jonathan Archer was restless by nature and had an inquisitive demeanour.

But with the tension, there was something more: anger. A silent fury under his skin. He knew Vulcans would find a final argument against their plans to chase the Xindi through the Expanse. He knew they would be all about “no interference” and “human recklessness” and all that “Vulcan logic” bullshit. And he knew that one of the strongest supporters against Enterprise’s mission would be his own First Officer. Archer was sure he kept a record with all Humans’ mistakes and he would recite them, just to make his point. It was in moments like those when Archer missed T’Pol. It was ironic. Yes, she was a super-critical, super-logical ice queen and a pain in the ass, but she could be persuaded and even convinced sometimes. Her replacement, instead, was . . . Well, how to describe Muroc in one word? Ah, yes . . .

A jerk.

He made T’Pol look soft, nice and understanding. Muroc turned Enterprise’s troublesome voyages even more problematic. Their rescue by Shran in Coridan? The Andorian almost left them there, just because Muroc couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Poor Trip, who was the one who went with the Vulcan, was still sore because of that mission. He hated Muroc before, but after that day he couldn’t stand him. Oh, and not to mention that incident with V’Lar. They were this close to leaving the Ambassador in Mazarites’ hands. It took V’Lar’s curiosity about Hoshi’s fear of the Vulcans to make her confess her real mission. Muroc wasn’t any help at all. OK, OK, that was a little unfair. If it weren’t for his distrust of the Vahklas’ crew, those V’tosh ka’tur, things would have been a little harder. At least, he rescued Hoshi from Tolaris before he could do something worse. But Muroc didn’t save Travis…

Oh, how it hurt. Above all, knowing that Muroc wasn’t really responsible for that one. All of them were affected by the trinary system’s radiation and none of them moved a finger to rescue Travis, to stop Phlox before he performed a lobotomy on him. But even then . . . Even then . . . Archer had the feeling that with anybody else other than Muroc the tragedy would have been prevented. With T’Pol, for example. But T’Pol was gone, married to some stud on Vulcan. And Muroc was his First Officer, in spite of everything.

At least, he was for the time being. After this meeting, who knew?

Archer had made his point clear. He was going into the Expanse. But Soval wanted to show some “data” to him. What could it be? A map with the sign “Here be Dragons”? Before meeting with Archer, Soval had called Muroc, and the two of them along with Forrest were inside his office. Archer had been waiting for twenty-five minutes. Muroc's record of human errors must be long.

A crack from the door interrupted his thoughts. Admiral Forrest came into view. His face was somber.

“Captain, you can enter.”

Archer furrowed his brow, but said nothing. The office was dark and a TV screen was on. Archer sensed more people behind his back, near the exit, but he didn’t turn around. Probably they were just some of Soval’s aides.

“You wanted to see me.” Archer talked before being addressed. He saw Soval stiffening and suppressed a satisfied smile.

“Yes, Captain.” Forrest answered. He didn’t look very happy with his attitude. “Ambassador Soval wanted to show us a… graphical archive.”

“It is a record of the whereabouts of the Vaankara’s crew.” Soval explained.

“The Vaankara?” Archer asked.

“It was a Vulcan ship.” Soval said. He looked at Muroc for one second, then his attention returned to Archer. “It was sent in a mission into the Delphic Expanse.” Soval made a pause. “It was destroyed.”

Archer couldn’t believe this. Were the Vulcans trying to do their own “urban legend” attempt?

“With all due respects Admiral, what is the point of me watching this?” Archer asked, a little smug. “Is it supposed to frighten me, make me change my mind about commanding this mission?”

Soval stood in front of him.

“It’s important for you to see what you’ll be facing.” The Ambassador explained. “The Vaankara was in the Delphic Expanse for less than two days when we received a distress call. This transmission arrived six hours later.”

The Ambassador turned the video on. Images of Vulcans screaming, fighting, killing. Archer was surprised to see Vulcans act so violently against each others. Then he felt uneasy. And at last he felt sick.

“Less than an hour later the Vaankara was destroyed. There was no indication of a malfunction or an attack.” Soval said emotionlessly.

“Are you suggesting the crew was responsible?” Archer asked and felt a little stupid, because it was obvious those were Vulcans killing other Vulcans.

“I'm suggesting you reconsider this mission.” Soval said.

Archer wanted to scream. Had Soval learnt nothing? Had he really expected that Humans would sit up there and do nothing after being attacked? Was he so dense?

“You should listen to the Ambassador’s advice.” Muroc said.

Archer looked at him, venom in his gaze. The Vulcan Sub-Commander stood in a faultless poise as tall as he was. His face was a mask of perfect stoicism.

“You agree, of course.” Archer said. It wasn’t a question. After Muroc’s lack of support in the Paraagan incident, the Captain knew where Muroc’s loyalties stood.

“It is the logical conclusion.”

“And you’ll come in this mission, although your opinion differs from mine?”

Muroc actually swivelled, just a millimetre.

“I’ve been ordered to stay on Earth and I don’t see any logical reason to do otherwise.”

“No, I suppose you don’t.” Archer murmured ironically. He stared at Muroc hoping to get a look of shame. Or any emotional look for that matter. It didn’t work, of course. “So this is all the help we can expect from our allies.” He asked, this time to Soval. “We have made our position clear and we have been disregarded.” The Ambassador said.

“Earth needs all the help you can give us.”

“I fail to see how we can be of any help.”

Archer wanted to shout “advanced Warp technology could be a beginning” but instead he answered:

“You Vulcans have more knowledge of the Expanse than we do!”

“Nobody has much knowledge about the Expanse, Captain.”

Archer didn’t have any other option. He hated it, but it was necessary. For Earth.

“I don’t have time to search for another Science Officer. And besides…” Archer swallowed hard. “Muroc is the best in all Starfleet.”

“But he isn’t part of Starfleet.” Soval reminded.

Archer suppressed a homicidal flash.

“He is just a Vulcan. I’m sure you can spare just one Vulcan.”

Soval’s demeanour changed. He looked a little sad and even … frustrated.

“These are the High Command’s orders.” He said, his voice tense. “No Vulcan member of the High Command can disobey its instructions.”

“And some other Vulcan? One who isn’t a member…”

“I’m sorry Captain, but no Vulcan will defy the High Command. No Vulcan will go with you.”

“I will.” A soft voice said.

All the men looked at the back of the room from which the voice had emerged. Archer was flabbergasted to meet T’Pol’s calm features and her resolute gaze.

“I will go with you.” She repeated.


I'm so glad we can still count on T'Pol to give the High Command the finger! :p I wish I'd started reading this sooner--so far, so good.
Poor Travis. He never seems to get a break. I'm glad T'Pol's back as is, I'm sure, everyone on Enterprise. Muroc sounds like a real loser. I like the fact that you didn't make Soval evil or uncaring. The Vulcans have already lost one ship. It's understandable that they wouldn't want to risk sending anyone else into the Expanse. Soval's actions were completely logical. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. Great job!
I really liked this idea and I looking forward for the rest of the story.
Good beginning! This is drawing me in. A great AU idea, the possibilities...
You already know I just love this story and now it's even better because there's not a single English language error to be found. It's a very creative idea and wonderfully executed.
Yes! A very interesting start. Where will you want to go?
I am really going to be interested in where you go with this.
Nice. I can live with Travis' fate - he's my least favourite character ;). But, you'd better be nice to Trip!
A VERY interesting start :)

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