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Disclaimer: I don’t own Enterprise or any book or movie references mentioned herein.
Summary: A little, little vignette about a post-movie night conversation. All of this Harry Potter mania leading up to book 7 and movie 5 just made this convo pop into my head.
Rating: G
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Note: There are no major Potter spoilers, but if you live in a cave and don’t know anything that’s happened in the Potterverse and don’t want anything minor spoiled, don’t read this. And this is cheese, thrown together cheese at that. End Public service announcement.


T’Pol followed Trip out of the mess hall, weaving around the crowd of crewmen and women, some carrying books, others bags of a multi-colored bean shaped confectionary, and many carrying wooden sticks. She raised one eyebrow at the sight and then hurried to catch up with him. “This ‘Harry Potter’ has inspired quite an… interesting reaction amongst the crew. I have never seen such an interactive viewing during movie night.”

Trip grinned. “You didn’t come for ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. Now that was interactive.” At her blank look, he just shook his head. “Forget it. ’Harry Potter’ is a classic, like ‘Peter Pan’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Max of the Luna Colony’. Most of us grew up reading the books and watching the movies. It’s more than just a movie to us.” He held out a bright red bag. “Bertie Botts bean?”

She shook her head with an undisguised look of disgust. “Not only are those pure sugar, but I will never understand why you would subject yourself to the possibility of eating something flavored like vomit or earwax.”

“It’s a part of the thrill.” He popped a bean into his mouth and made a face. “Ugh, dirt.” After a forced swallow, he continued. “Lizzie and I used to dare each other to eat the wierder flavors. She was always better at guessing which were the worst ones and always pawned those off onto me. I couldn’t touch these things for the longest time after she got me to eat the sardine flavored bean.”

T’Pol shook her head as a crewmember brushed by her, the woman’s head adorned with a head covering that looked very much like a large version of an Earth feline. “Nostalgia still does not explain the exuberant dress and fervent imitation by the crew.”

He struggled to find a way to explain the world of fandom to her. “It’s hard to explain. We humans identify with others who have common interests. And some of us like to show our adherence to those interests by… well, dressing up, or doing things that only other ‘fans’ would understand. I know it sounds a little bit strange to you…”


“But, like I said, we grew up with this. I’ve read all of the books, watched all three interpretations of the series, and my family used to go to the theme park every few years.” He shrugged. “What makes these stories so attractive is that kids… and adults… can identify with them. Like…” Trip searched in the air for an example, “See, you ‘n me, we’re like Ron and Hermione.”

She narrowed her eyes. “I don’t see the comparison.”

“There is definitely a comparison. We argue all of the time, you’re not human but you’re serving on a human vessel and one of us—kinda like how she’s muggle-born, but now a part of the wizarding universe. You’re incredibly smart and an overachiever and a little bit bossy, while I’m really easy going with a laid-back family.”

“And prone to injury.”

He leaned against the hallway’s bulkhead and regarded her. “No-o… but I’m tryin’ to get you to loosen up a bit. Plus, we’re a great team. Although,” he added, leaning close as if he were going to share a secret, “I would have asked you to the Yule Ball before some Durmstrang guy snatched you up.”

T’Pol’s face betrayed only slight amusement as she pulled away and began walking again. “This is the most illogical conversation that you have ever initiated.”

Trip snorted. “See, there ya go, being all Hermione-like.”

She looked at him with mild amusement. “So, if your… theory is correct, that would make Captain Archer Harry Potter?”

Trip scratched his head. “Well, maybe that’s a stretch, but I guess that would work, yeah.”

“So, then, who would be Voldemort?”

“Uhm,” He bit his lip in amusement, “Soval?” Trip spat out before chuckling and rushing out of her reach.


Just writing to say that I loved this little story. :) The comparisons were fun, but the dialogue is what sold it for me. Very in character and amusing. :) I wonder if T/T could initiate a Harry Potter book club of some sort. Hee. :)
how about Future-guy as He-who-must-not-be named?
oops... the below comment was me/
I have to warn you, I'm feeling punny today: How about Phlox? I can see him teaching a class on "Care of Medical Creatures".;) You had me thinking today... and I realized how Book 5- on and the Xindi arc meshed so well together for Archer/Harry. Scary...
Scar Trek is a cute phrase. I am picturing some Klingon as Hagrid, but other than Worf, which would not be a good fit, I can't think of any canon Klingon which would work. Maybe Data as Hagrid? He was kind to his pet cat.
A sweet and fun combination for lovers of both series, [b]Emberchyld[/b], bravo! ;) All the Potterverse post-Deathly Hallows fics are making me cry, so it's nice to find one that just makes me chuckle :) Love how Trip compared himself with Ron--there are indeed some similarities, and both have such amazing hearts. (Love them both dearly, no surprise there!) "watched all three interpretations of the series" Three? Huzzah! We can only hope, right? Oh, and "Scar Trek"? ...love it!:D Thanks, [s]Hermione[/s] Viatrix
Thanks, everyone! Linda, now you've got me thinking... :D"Scar Trek: Enterprise" Who gets to be Hagrid?
Soval? V'Las, surely.
Scratches head. Guess I'm the only one who hasn't read the books. I got the general gist from one of the movies, though. A well-wrtten little story.
That Soval i totally didn't expect it's a fun story thanks Emberchyld
Fun story Comparing Trip & T'Pol to Ron & Hermine from Harry Potter. I didn't see Soval being compared coming either.:p
Great idea, and good personality matching! I think this theme could be developed further. The Enterprise as Potter's firebolt broom? An action or mystry in the story? I see Soval more as Snape, considering the surprise of where his loyalties were finally revealed to be.
I didn't see that coming! SOVAL! HAH! I thought he'd say The Romulans. Hehehehe. great story!
very amusing! nice job.
Oh, what delightful lightness!
Very cute! I enjoyed it.
Ah my two favorite things..... Potter and Trek. Nice job hon!

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