The Night Before Christmas - Enterprise style

By T'Poptarts

Rating: G

Genres: missing scene humour

Keywords: terra prime

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Summary: just as the title says, a Star Trek Enterprise take on the classic poem.

A/N: I came up with this little thingy like forever ago... was planning to do a comics at first, but never got around to it, then my laptop crashed and I was too lazy to peruse my backup disk for this (still unfinished at the time) poem thing... but it just popped back into my head today (Christmas eve 2015) and begged me to finish it, so here we go..


'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the ship

The alpha shift crew was all sound asleep

The officers rested all snug in their beds

And left the command in less competent hands.

When up on the sensors appeared, to our shock

A vessel approaching, preparing to dock.

Bypassing the locks, into docking bay went

Alarms started blaring, "intruder alert".

Wake Archer! Wake Hoshi! Wake Trip and T'Pol!

Wake Reed and Mayweather! Wake them up! Wake them all!

So over we dashed to see what's with the clatter

And there was... the Blob? No, he was even fatter!

Climbed out of his vessel amidst all the noise

He carried no luggage, no sack and no toys.

So with phase pistols drawn, we opened pursuit

Of the odd bearded man in the hat and red suit.

Down through the Jeffries tube, up to the bridge

Finally cornered him right by the fridge.

He ate all the cookies and drank all the milk

And wiped with a piece of Triaxian silk.

The brig was awaiting, he would be detained

We prodded for answers with phase pistols trained

But other than chewing, he uttered no sound

For he wasn't planning on sticking around

And his only response was a cold, vacant stare

And then he just vanished, right into thin air.

But we heard him exclaim as he poofed from existence:


"Computer, end program."


And to him, a good riddance!


(And for those who didn't realize that wasn't Santa...

Muahahaha :p )


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