No More, No Less

By Eireann

Rating: PG-13

Genres: drama

Keywords: possession

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The sturdy shape of the warning beacon flew from the launch tube without a hitch.  Within moments it had settled into the orbit it would follow from now on.  Its operating lights blinked serenely as it sailed away from the ship.

Malcolm stepped back from the Tactical Station without a word.  He watched the beacon disappear, his face pale and set.

“All circuits functioning normally,” reported T'Pol.  “It is programmed with twenty of the most commonly used languages in the database as well as several dozen mathematical constructs that each point to the outcome of termination.”

“Well, I think we’re about done here.”  Captain Archer sat back in his chair.  “Malcolm, I believe you’re under orders to report back to Sickbay.”

“Yeah.  And I’m here to make sure he does.”  Trip had been standing beside the doorway to the Ready Room; his arms were crossed, his blue eyes watchful.

Across the Bridge, Hoshi’s face was almost as pale as Malcolm’s, but she said nothing.

“Reporting to Sickbay as ordered, Captain.”  The English voice held no expression, only an intense weariness.  With Trip in close attendance, he walked towards the turbo-lift.  Only the fact that the physical act of launching the beacon might be a small step towards restoring him mentally had reconciled Phlox to his being allowed out of Sickbay at all, and he still moved slowly and stiffly, hunched over his bandaged chest.

The captain caught Hoshi’s eye and gave a rapid jerk of his head.

She rose quickly from the comm station and was just in time to reach her lover as the lift door hissed open.

Archer saw him step inside, Trip close behind like a protective shadow.  Hoshi stood in front of him, her lovely face as tender as a Madonna’s; her hands touched him gently.

Malcolm’s head drooped slowly, and came to rest on her shoulder.

And the lift door closed behind them.






Just got caught up on the last few chapters - great way to end it! I love the moral/ethical quandaries this story forced out, from start to epic finish. While I'm not sure I'd agree with Archer's decision, I can't say it's not in keeping with his character! Poor Malcolm - I don't imagine his road to recovery will be a short one, nor a smooth one...glad he has Hoshi to help him through. And, of course, I was very happy to see that T'Pol also got her own nursemaid as well ;-)  Excellent story!


Extremely well written SciFi Eireann. It is one of the things most enjoyable about all your tales. Never quite sure whats going to happen, lots of twists and turns and most importantly, imagination. Real imagination.


Congrats again!


I'm really surprised there aren't more comments here.  Good creative SF story, Eireann.  Get it up on for your M/H fans!



Ah, that's sweet.

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