A Sandwich

By Starwatcher

Rating: PG-13

Genres: episode rewrites general humour


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Summary: Speculation as to just what Malcolm was thinking about during the decon cycle with Hoshi and T'Pol after the Season 1 Episode 'Sleeping Dogs'. He's a flesh and blood man - of course he's going to look!

Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato/T'Pol.

Disclaimer - I do not own any of these characters, they all belong to Paramount. I wrote this for fun with no copyright infringement intended or with and commercial gain in mind.

Author's note: As well as being a massive TnTer I am also a shameless Hoshi/Malcolm shipper and I love playing around with their dynamic and scenes, and this fic sort of grew out of that. I wrote this ficlet years ago and decided to take it down, edit it a little and then repost it. A big thank you to my Beta, Lys, who read this back in the day and offered many helpful suggestions!





Bliss. That was the only way to describe it: pure, unadulterated bliss. After the sweaty, smelly, claustrophobic hell of the Klingon ship, the warm, clean atmosphere of Enterprise's decon chamber was absolute heaven to Malcolm Reed, Enterprise's Tactical Officer. Of course, a large part of the attraction was who he was sharing the decon cycle with. Ensign Hoshi Sato and Sub-Commander T'Pol, the two female members of the bridge crew, and the two women with whom Malcolm had the most daily contact, were also in there with him.  


The three crewmembers had been dispatched to a Klingon ship which had become trapped in a gas giant, its crew rendered unconscious by a toxin found in ale seized during a raid. They had been forced to remain on the Klingon vessel when a conscious Klingon crewmember used their shuttle pod to escape, leaving them trapped on the Klingon ship. Their lives had only been saved when Captain Archer and the Klingon crewmember had reappeared and reactivated the engines, enabling them to escape. As soon as they were safely back aboard the Enterprise, Doctor Phlox had ushered them into the decon chamber, where they were to remain for the next hour.


Not that Malcolm was complaining. Not only was it a pleasure to be off that awful ship, but he was sat with two extremely attractive women in their underwear. Oh no, Malcolm thought as he exhaled a long, relaxed sigh and felt the smells and memories of the Klingon ship leech out of his pores, wasn't complaining at all.


He stole a sly glance at Sub-Commander T'Pol. Dressed in a pale grey tank top and a pair of what were possibly the shortest shorts that Malcolm had ever seen, she had her eyes closed and looked the picture of serenity. She also happened to have the most beautiful body that Malcolm had ever seen, that awfully nice bum and that beautiful, olive, green-tinged skin and brown eyes that he could get lost in, before he even got started on her ears . . . Oh yes, Malcolm didn't think that being stuck in decon with the Sub-Commander was too bad at all.


It was a pity that he hadn't been exposed to the same microbes that Trip and T'Pol were during Enterprise's first mission. Not only had Trip spent hours locked in decon with T'Pol, but the lucky bastard got to spend his time administering decon gel onto T'Pol's body.


Malcolm suppressed a smirk as he thought back to their first mission. Liz Cutler had been about to run a diagnostic of the decon cycle when she saw Trip stalk out of the Decon Chamber into the changing area, with a face like thunder. A few seconds later T'Pol had followed suit. Both were covered in decon gel. Of course, Cutler had told Hoshi, and this had sparked a highly entertaining gossip session surrounding the exact nature of their time in decon, a gossip session that Malcolm happened to be privy to, inadvertently, of course.


A slight shift in movement, and the feeling of another warm body brushing against his arm dragged his thoughts away from T'Pol. Beside him, Hoshi shifted slightly in an attempt to get comfortable, brushing up against him as she did so. Again, as with T'Pol, Malcolm stole a sly glance at the young Communications Officer. Like T'Pol, she had her eyes closed, clearly enjoying the sensation of being away from the Klingon ship. Like T'Pol, she was also stripped down to her underwear, but hers left slightly more to the imagination than T'Pol's. Hoshi was a beautiful, attractive woman, with a stunning figure and long, shiny black hair which swayed like silk when she walked. Malcolm had always noticed Hoshi and despite T'Pol's cool, cerebral beauty, there was something infinitely more endearing and attractive about the communications officer. She always had a ready laugh and smile and would tease him just enough to make him laugh at himself without making him look or feel ridiculous. Yet as she had proved today, she too could be cool under fire, quite literally. Her look of dogged determination when she suggested firing all of the remaining Klingon torpedoes, in the hope that the enormous explosion might propel them out of the gas giant, had made Malcolm blush a little when he looked at her. If only Phlox had given them some of that gel that Trip and T'Pol had used . . .


Malcolm let his mind wander for a few minutes at the possibilities . . . he would stand in the middle, of course, while T'Pol massaged gel into his back, while Hoshi massaged the gel into his torso with her long, elegant fingers. It would be a Malcolm sandwich, he mused to himself, laughing inwardly at the image of him being slathered in gel by the two attractive bridge officers.


Hoshi's hand on his arm woke him from his daydream. "Lieutenant? Doctor Phlox says that we're ready to leave decon now." Malcolm blinked once or twice before realizing that he wasn't daydreaming anymore. He rose awkwardly, following Hoshi and T'Pol out of the decon chamber. Inside of a few minutes, they were dressed and able to leave the decontamination area.


"Anyone hungry? I'm starving?" Malcolm said. T'Pol merely raised an eyebrow. Malcolm interpreted that to mean no.


Hoshi, however, nodded. She had seen a different side to him while they had been on the Klingon vessel. He had been bold, decisive, and, oddly sexy. She had also been observing him while they had been in the decon chamber. He had a really nice physique, taut muscles, and a broad chest, dotted with dark hair . . .


"I'm quite hungry, Lieutenant - do you want to get something to eat?" She asked.


Malcolm nodded. The three walked towards the Mess Hall, T'Pol breaking off towards the turbo lift with a polite "Good evening," leaving Hoshi and Malcolm alone. They continued the walk to the Mess Hall, eying the other a little nervously.  


"So, what's on the menu?" Hoshi said as she cast a dispirited glance at the remaining food selection. It was mediocre to say the least, but it was nearly 2200 hours. She wondered if Chef would mind her venturing into the galley and making herself something to eat. When she suggested this to Malcolm, he acquiesced and the galley countertops were soon cluttered with food as the two officers discussed just what they should eat.


"Well," Malcolm said, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth, as though remembering a joke he wasn't able to share, "I was thinking of . . . a sandwich."   


Hoshi smiled at his suggestion, her eyes twinkling when they met his. "Sounds great." She said.





I am glad you put a short synopsis of the episode at the beginning of your story.  It helped.  I found Malcolm's thoughts delightful, evocative.  Now you have to write Hoshi's thoughts aboult Malcolm in decon! 


Thinking things like that, I'm amazed he was ABLE to stand up and walk out of Decon!

I really like this story.  It's entirely plausible, and yes, I'm sure he would have loved a TRS sandwich!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG that was funny. I always thought it was criminal that T'Pol's skivvies left just about nothing to the imagination, while Hoshi got reasonable coverage. Now, I frankly think they both deserved the same respect modesty wise, but this is TV. So here's my issue, why cover up Hoshi?! She is just as beautiful as T'Pol, she deserves to be a sex symbol too! It was blatantly unfair to both women!


Oh, what a naughty Malcolm. I like him.  : D


Thanks Cognito! I'm glad that you like it! It was fun to write, I love Malcolm! I always wished that they had cast him as a Sean Pertwee circa Event Horizon or Dog Soldiers, but Dominic Keating did an admirable job!


When Hoshi works out that sandwich reference, he's going to get a black eye! :D


It's a cute image. I must admit that DK played that scene a lot cooler than I'd expected to find from the shy and painfully reserved brit.

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