White Christmas

By ginamr

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Part III: To Ice Skate Or Not to Ice Skate

Genres: AU (Alternate Universe), Humor, Romance

Summary: The entertaining tale of how Trip and T’Pol spent their first Christmas together.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Trip and T’Pol. I only like playing with them.


 New York City, New York—Evening

December 13th, 2155


The two walked from the shuttle port and arrived at the entrance to the rink. T’Pol noted the aesthetically pleasing view of the winter landscape just beyond the rink and her gaze slid to a sign that read ‘Central Park’.


Snow lay like soft blankets on the bare, frozen branches of the trees usually so green. Park benches were coated with thick sheets of snow and the sidewalks glistened like diamond rock from the ice that covered them.


She watched several tourists attempt to navigate the slick walkways and arched an eyebrow as a couple of them nearly lost their balance. However, the two managed to cling to one another and to stay on their feet. It was then that she became aware of Trip gripping her shoulder. She started slightly before turning to him.


“You rent skates over this way I guess,” Trip said, tugging her gently toward the counter at the other end of the rink.


She nodded, allowing him to do so. She slid her hand into his, gripping it tightly so that she wouldn’t lose him in the throng of people leaving the rink.


Once the portly gentleman at the counter had measured and fitted the two with their skates, Trip demonstrated the proper lacing of the skates. However, the task remained difficult for T’Pol, as she hadn’t seen this style of lacing before.


Trip chuckled softly and laced her skates for her, sliding a hand up to her calf to position her leg so that she wouldn’t hurt her ankle while he laced them—at least that’s what he told her. He repeated the action on her other leg and their gazes locked. T’Pol sucked in a quiet breath as Trip caressed her calf. There was no mistaking what he truly meant by the gesture. It was sensual and warm and it reeked of Human sexuality—an attempt to draw her into the fire with him.


A child nearby screamed in outrage and shattered the moment. Trip cleared his throat awkwardly and returned to the complicated task of lacing her skates. Once he was sure they were tight enough that she wouldn’t trip, he slowly led her around to the ice floor entrance.


“This is most uncomfortable,” she said as she struggled to walk on the thin metal blade.


Trip caught her as she stumbled yet again, then slipping an arm around her waist for support. “Yeah, it’s tough to get used to. It takes lots of practice,” he replied.


T’Pol’s brow furrowed. “You don’t appear to be having any difficulties,” she countered.


A flush colored his cheeks. “I played ice hockey when I was a kid. They made us skate lord-knows-how-many laps everyday. I picked it up quick, but my brother, Albert, quit after three weeks. He said he was worried he’d hurt himself and wouldn’t be able to run when track season came ‘round.” Trip chuckled. “Weak excuse if you ask me. I think he was mad that I was better than him at something. He always was a faster runner than me. He took first in all of the hurdle and sprint events. He even took first in the long jump a couple of times.”


He turned toward her and halted at the curious expression on her face. He frowned. “What?”


“I simply did not envision you as someone to participate in athletic competitions on such levels,” she replied.


He shrugged. “I had to get rid of all that restless energy somehow.” An innocent smile curved his lips. T’Pol repressed the urge to return it.


At last, they were at the ice floor entrance. T’Pol glanced at the ice-covered ground warily before taking her first step onto it. She hadn’t fallen as she’d thought she would. She arched an eyebrow before gripping the sidewall and stepping onto the ice with her other foot.


Trip couldn’t help but laugh at the picture before him. The ever-composed T’Pol struggled to remain upright and clung to the sides like a child clinging to her mother on her first day of kindergarten. Her brow was furrowed in concentration and her gaze remained trained on the ice beneath her feet. She took one slow, cautious step forward and then another and then another.


Trip stepped onto the ice after her and glided across the iced surface with ease, completing a whole lap before T’Pol was an eighth of the way around the oval of the rink. He then moved past her for a second lap.


T’Pol gave up her struggle for a moment to watch him. She found herself unable to turn away. He moved one foot forward and then the other, again and again. He moved with such ease that she couldn’t help but admire his natural ability.


She shook her head. Admiration was a Human emotion. She merely found his display of talent aesthetically pleasing. Her gaze shifted to his facial features. His eyes twinkled and a small smile danced across his lips as he completed a series of turns that T’Pol was certain had taken several years to master. Human or not, admiration was the only word that accurately described what bubbled inside of her at seeing this new side of Trip.


He completed another lap and this time came to a stop beside her.


“Do you need some help there?” he asked. She nodded and he grinned, turning to skate backwards and grasped her hands in his. “Just do what you were doing before.” She glanced at the ice beneath her feet warily. “You won’t fall,” he whispered. “I’ll catch you. I promise.”


Her gaze locked with his and she nodded. She glanced back down at the ice and took a cautious step forward. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise when she began to fall forward. Trip steadied her and she took another step forward. And another. And another.


Soon, she was gliding slowly over the ice. She glanced up at Trip. The toe of her skate caught on the ice and she yelped in surprise as she began to fall forward.


Trip stopped and she fell into his arms. He hugged her to his chest protectively.


“Are you all right?” he asked.


She nodded. “This activity is most unpleasant.”


Trip nodded. “It’s okay. We can do something else if this is too much for you.”


“Perhaps a cup of hot chocolate?” she suggested.


Trip grinned. “Sounds good. And I know just the place.”


The two then left the rink.


Cap'n Frances

Somehow I missed this lovely story when it was posted. I hope there will be more.


This is literally perfection!

It captivates you at countless levels, in countless ways.

It is simply beautiful.

I will keep it on my bedside table.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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