Missing Missing Scenes: Absence

By Cogito

Rating: PG-13

Genres: missing scene romance

Keywords: bond Columbia

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Summary: Distance hasn’t solved the problem.

Disclaimer: Star Trek: Enterprise and its characters are copyright CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement is intended by the author of this story, which is solely for the purpose of entertainment and is not for profit.

A/N: Loosely set after "Affliction," Trip has transferred to Columbia but his heart is still bound to Enterprise. Best read in conjunction with Alelou’s missing scenes. :p


She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt this warm and comfortable. She pushed back even further into his embrace and focussed on the slow double-thump of his heart against her back.

“So, how are my people taking to their new boss?” he murmured into her ear.

“Some people are having difficulty with the adjustment,” she replied softly. She knew he would understand what was left unsaid. “How is their boss taking to his new team?”

He sighed against the back of her neck. “Some people are having difficulty there, too,” he admitted. “They’re good guys, but ...” He seemed lost in thought for a moment. “It’s not the same,” he finished sadly.

“No,” she agreed. It wasn’t.

The comfortable silence was broken by the familiar double-chirp of an incoming comm signal.

“Don’t you think you should answer that?” she asked, when he showed no signs of stirring.

“Hmmm, it’ll keep,” he said.

The comm sounded again, more insistently this time.

“No, not yet,” he grumbled. “It’s too soon.”

And then abruptly the whiteness disappeared and she was alone in her quarters, with her back pressed firmly against the bulkhead and the comm signal ringing in her ears.

The sudden transition was disconcerting, and she held onto the memory of that peculiar dream for a moment longer before she climbed out of bed and stepped over to the comm. “T’Pol here,” she said briskly.

Hoshi’s voice was immediately recognisable. “The captain needs to talk to you about a problem in engineering. It’s urgent. Can you talk to him now?”

“Very well,” she said, glancing wistfully back at her warm bunk.

“OK, thanks,” said Hoshi. “Here he is now.”

Suddenly Captain Archer’s face filled the screen. Her eyes widened in surprise. Hoshi hadn’t mentioned anything about it being a video call. She made a mental note to review appropriate communication protocols with Hoshi at the next convenient opportunity, and tried to ignore the fact that she was most decidedly under-dressed for the occasion.

He smirked when he saw her, but at least Archer had the good grace not to comment on the oversize UWF T-shirt that swamped her tiny figure.

“Sorry to disturb you again. I know your shift doesn’t start for a couple of hours, but Kelby is still having trouble getting those new magnetic restrictors booted up. You and Trip worked on the latest upgrades together so I want you two to figure out how to get them back online. Hernandez is just getting Trip, so you might want to get . . . ah, here they are now.”

Without any further warning Archer’s face shrank into one side of the screen and Trip’s face appeared alongside him. He was in his quarters with his hair in disarray and wearing, she realised with distant horror, an identical T-shirt. At least he was wearing some shorts under it. After a moment the pictures shifted again and Hernandez appeared on the screen beside them.

From their amused expressions it seemed that both captains were enjoying her discomfort.

What was it with these people? As if it wasn’t enough to wake her in the middle of the night, it was clear that Tucker had also been woken for the call. And from the dark rings under his eyes, it was sleep that he badly needed.

She recognised the silken sheen of the pillow behind him, still showing the imprint from his head.

Her eyes darted instinctively to the plain cotton pillow at the head of her own bed.

Of course he had known who was responsible for the petty theft, but he hadn’t mentioned it. He had obviously found the pillow she’d left in its place and decided to take it with him though. That was acceptance of a sort, wasn’t it?

But why hadn’t he responded? Why hadn’t he at least mentioned it?

Could she have said “I want you in my bed” any more blatantly?

Why didn’t he answer?




LOVE the matching T-shirts!

Now we just need someone to write some missing missing missing scenes!


Well done cogito,

I of course like the "at least he was wearing shorts.."





These missing missing scenes ... I think you've definitely started a new literary genre, which - judging by the results - you absolutely worth pursuing.


Thank you for your kind comments.

WarpGirl, I don't think T'Pol realizes she is bonded to Trip - she still thinks these are just peculiarly vivid dreams. Trip, of course, hasn't got the slightest idea and is going to vehemently deny that he has been dreaming of cuddling up to T'Pol every night while he was away.

Alelou, I assumed that UWF stood for University of Western Florida, but you'd have to ask Trip if you want to know for sure. Glad you managed to defeat the captcha in the end. :)



Absolutely lovely. It seems there is still some love left between our favorite couple. And T'Pol wearing Trips t-shirt: great idea. (I hope this works now). 


Awwwww. Okay I admit to being confused as to why he's on Columbia if things are so copasaic with TnT in what appears to be a romantic relationship. And it seems like they know they're bonded. BUT I repeat my first statement Awwwwwwww! I like the t-shirts and the swapped pillows. That's what I'd do. I'd very much like to know what UWF stands for. Great job!:D


And AT&T wondered why the videophone didn't catch on.  I liked it!


Ummm... University of Western Florida maybe? Nicely done.


Hey, it's canon-friendly.  Very cute.  But what is UWF?

And can this captch please please please work the first time...


Cogito, I'm sorry.  I was having so much trouble posting the comment above on MY story, that on my third try I accidentally (FINALLY) posted it on yours, which must have appeared at the top in between one of my attempts to get past the *(*%$(*%^#(*)% captcha code.  Real review to come!!!!    IF I CAN EVER GET THIS ONE TO POST, WHICH OF COURSE IT ISN'T DOING.  GOD I HATE THIS COMMENTS SYSTEM. FIFTH FREAKING TRY WITH THIS ONE NOW...and a new browser ... crossing my fingers...


Hurt people are often jerks.  Damn it, this means you're going to write a real missing missing scene and not Commander Tucker's Rules, doesn't it? lol.  But you do realize he HAS to be a jerk for this particular series to stay in canon? 

Random announcement: I made my very first pie crust from scratch today, and my very first pumpkin pie with it.  Sincerely hope it will taste all right tomorrow.  It LOOKS good.  I don't actually like pumpkin pie, but it's my granddaughter's favorite, and this might be the only way she gets any vegetables at all...

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