The Return

By Mctrip

Rating: PG-13

Genres: angst au drama romance


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Chapter 5


Trip was instantly alert. "Wait a minute!  Stop the car!  What did that man say?"

Admiral Gardner, sitting next to him, said "Who, What man?"

The convertible had stopped and Trip was leaning over the back of the car.

"That man in the blue shirt.  Have him come over here."

By this time a policeman had hold of Bert and was shoving him back in the crowd, threatening to haul him off to jail.

Trip was out of the car calling to the Officer to stop.  Suddenly the street was flooded with Military Security as well as Secret Service Agents.

"Bring that man in the blue shirt here now," Trip was demanding.  The Admiral, the Mayor and several other Dignitaries had joined the Commander.

"What's the problem, Trip?

 The Police Officer said "Sorry for the commotion, Sir.  We'll take care of the troublemaker".

"What name did you just call out to me?" Trip asked of the Officer's prisoner.

"Dr. Stevan Brecker,  Commander of Space Central on Eridani 4", Bert answered.

"How would you know that?"

"That's where I come from.  I crashed on your planet two years ago"

"Admiral Gardner, he needs to come back to Headquarters with us.  I know someone who can verify this.  If what he says is true, it will solve a very big mystery," Trip continued.

Reluctantly, the Officer surrendered his prisioner.

Trip helped Bert into the limo and the parade continued.  Bert occasionally imitated Trip and waved to those along the route.

When they arrived at Starfleet Headquarters, Mal was waiting for them with Isis in tow.  Bert took one look and said "Isis, what are you doing here?"

"That's enough for me." Trip added.  "I'll explain everything when we get to my apartment here"

"I hope you'll bring me up to date at our meeting tomorrow", Admiral Gardner stated.
"You seem to feel that there is no apparent danger, so I will see you then."

Trip turned to Bert as he said "You can bunk with me tonight.  We need some time to talk before the meeting."

Bert nodded.

Jon was hurriedly approaching as they entered the building.

"What's all this about some man stopping the parade?.  We were up ahead; so I didn't know anything about it until Gardner told me just now."

"Captain, this is Bert.  It was his ship I evidently intercepted and caused me to end up on Eridani 4."

To Bert, he said "Did you end up on Romulus?"

"No, I landed here on your planet.  I crashed in Mexico, two years ago."

The three of them sat up all night talking.  Bert was not surprised at the welcome Trip had received when his friends learned he was a fellow explorer.  Trip was reluctant
to tell Bert of his encounter with his brother; however, he realized Bert would learn about it and wonder why he hadn't mentioned it.

So, as dawn approached, Trip said "Bert, is your brother quick to jump to conclusions?"
"Yeah, he can be a real hot-head at times.  Did you meet him?"

"Yes.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news; but he is in prison now.  He tried to have me killed; but fortunately for me, he didn't succeed.  He had two of his friends sabotage my
EVA suit and beat the pulp out of me when I managed to return to normal space.  The Tollmen were building my ship in sub-space.  I think your brother felt that what happened to you was my fault."

Bert was stunned.  He wanted to know all about it.

Trip, again, relayed all the details, including his illness and Isis' help.  Bert was devastated and truly saddened by the events.

"I need to return to Eridani as soon as possible." Bert said.  "I'm sorry for your injury and for the damage he caused Isis to endure.  I wish there was something I could do to make amends; but I don't know of anything."

"It wasn't your fault any more than it was mine intercepting your mission.  I believe things happen for a reason.  Maybe our discovering each others' existence was suppose to happen.  Let's hope it holds a bright future for both our worlds."

Trip took Bert to his meeting with Admiral Gardner.  The Admiral was astounded at the amazing capabilities of the Eridanian people.  Their knowledge was years beyond that of Earth; yet they graciously shared it all.

"You provided us with some startling revelations yourself," insisted Bert  "Cloaking is extremely important."

"Perhaps Commander Tucker can help you ready his little ship for a return voyage." Admiral Gardner suggested.

"Is that possible from here?"

"Thanks to what we've learned from your Engineers, I'm sure we can do it," Trip smiled.

Earlier. Trip had told Mal that he had an announcement to make before the weekly Movie started.

When Mal asked him "What about?", he had only said "You'll be surprised!"

Now the room was filling and the lights were starting to dim.

"Wait a minute!" Trip said as he hurried to the front of the room.  "I have a very important announcement to make."

Everyone stopped talking and looked ahead.  He had their complete attention.

"I just wanted you to know T'Pol and I are getting married next Friday and everyone is invited.  Captain Archer is going to perform the Ceremony at 11:00a.m. here in this room."

The silence was shocking.

T'Pol was studying the floor around her chair when Hoshi, who was sitting next to her, took her arm and helped her to stand. 

"You need to be by his side", she whispered .as she guided her toward Trip.

Trip reached out and took her hand.  He realized she was trembling.  He put his arm around her as he said aloud "This is the way we begin the celebration."

Everyone began clapping.  Some made a few cat-calls.  They all stood and some came to shake their hands, even T'Pol's.  She relaxed and accepted their well-wishes with a hint of a smile.  Trip beamed.

The next morning Trip marked off another day on the big calendar he had hanging in his quarters.  This was the fifth one.  Two more days to go!

Hoshi and Lt. Hess were already deep in plans for a wedding reception.  They had asked T'Pol if she would like to join them; but she declined, saying that whatever they had in mind would be acceptable.  She had told them that she did not feel that all this attention was necessary, but it did seem to be important to Trip.

Friday finally arrived.  Trip was up early.  Isis sat on the bed and watched him shave, as usual.

"This is the day!" Trip practically sang as he turned to Isis.  "It would never have happened if it hadn't been for you.  I wish I could do something special for you, like make you appear as you really are."

She came toward him as he sat on the edge of the bed.  She took her paw and touched his cheek.  He reached to grasp it, but suddenly pulled back.  He touched his cheek. 

"That hurt.  You scratched me. . . . but you can't"

She extended her paw to him. He turned it over.  There were tiny little nodules forming near the pads.

"When did this happen?  Does it mean . . .?"

The regal little black furry head with the expressive amber eyes was moving up and down.

"Isis, does this mean that little venom sacs are growing again - that one day your will again be able to become a person?"

He picked her up and sat her on his lap and held her close.  "I could not be happier for you.  It makes this day complete."

She meowed softly as he hugged her.  When she looked up at him, she saw the tears in his eyes.  She knew he really was happy for her.

The comm. button beeped, snatching away the special moment.

"Tucker here."

"Trip are you up?  Got time for coffee?


"Meet you in my Mess in five minutes."

"OK" he said as he turned to Isis.

"Got to run, Isis.  When the Cap'n  calls, I have to answer.  I want to hear all about this 'miracle' 'cause that's what it is; so I'll be back as soon as I can.

She followed him to the door.  Trip gave her one more hug before he left.

Archer was waiting for him when he arrived.  "Captain, you won't believe the news I have for you.!  Isis is growing venom sacs again."

"Isis is doing what?", a confused captain managed to say as he frowned at his Engineer.

"Captain, there are tiny little nodules under her paws.  It means she may someday be able to become a person again. She's not only beautiful, she's brilliant as well.  Dr. Brecker would be so happy for her, as I certainly would.

"Well, I would be happy for her , too," agreed Archer.

"Trip, the reason I called you was to tell you we could drop you and T'Pol off at Moon Base III and pick you up on our way back.  You could have had a few days to yourselves; however, I just got a call from Gardner and we have another mission that I would like to have you two on board for.  I'm sorry you'll have to postpone the honeymoon."

"That's okay Captain, just getting married will be enough for me.  I wasn't sure it would ever happen.  You know, Loren said something about a tropical isle in Cargo Bay Two.!  I'll think of something."

"I'm sorry, Trip.  Whatever you want to do, you have my okay."

"Thanks, Jon.  I'll see you at Eleven Hundred Hours

Trip's mind was racing.  He hardly had time to do anything spectacular.  He was so excited that T'Pol had said yes that he didn't think beyond today.  If they weren't transporting any important guests, maybe he could ask for the VIP quarters. The Captain had said 'anything'.  He'd ask Hoshi what he could do to make it look good.  That's it!

Trip buzzed Hoshi.  He told her the situation and asked if she could come up with something to fix up the room.

"Sure, I'll think of something special," she informed him. "You sound a little nervous"

"I'm OK." Trip answered as he double-timed it back to his quarters.

Isis was waiting for him.  As he entered the room, the air began to shimmer.  Though he could barely distinguish the form, it definitely was Isis.  Then the image faded away.

"Isis, it's beginning to happen.  When did you first realize that it was possible?"

She rubbed her paw on the bedspread and it caught on a thread.

"Bert is making plans to take our little ship back to Eridani.  I think you should consider returning with him.  Your sisters and especially Dr. Brecker, would be so happy to see you as you should be.  I would love for you to stay, but I'm not sure we could remain on Enterprise.  Its your decision.

"Right now I have to get dressed for a wedding.

The Conference Room was packed.  Soft music began to play. A hush came over the group as the Bridal March began..  Trip and Malcolm came to stand in front of the makeshift altar.  As the music progressed, T'Pol appeared on the arm of Dr. Phlox.  She was wearing the beautiful dress Trip had first seen her in on Vulcan.  She looked radiant, almost like there was a smile around her eyes.

Trip was beaming as he waited for her to stand beside him.  They turned to face Jonathan, who looked sharp in his dress uniform.  Trip and Malcolm also wore their dress uniforms,

Trip and T'Pol repeated their vows as though there was no one else in the room.  When Jon pronounced them man and wife, Trip took her in his arms and kissed her so long that the guests began to cheer.

Hoshi and her crew began pulling the chairs aside and tables were brought in.  Chef had outdone himself with a beautiful three tiered cake with white roses all around.  Rostov produced the champagne and everyone toasted the couple.  Jon was the first.

"To two of my very best friends, I wish all the happiness the future can hold."

"Here, here!" the guests responded, and the party was in full swing.  It carried on until late afternoon, to include those at shift change.

Finally, Trip and T'Pol begged off saying they were exhausted.  Their friends wished them well and sent them on their way.

When they arrived at the VIP door,  Trip surprised T'Pol by reaching down and picking her up as he said "It's tradition," and he carried her over the threshold..

"Will there be more surprises?", she asked him as she looked around the room.  The lights were low and their robes were laying across the turned down bed.  There was a tray of fruit and cheese on the coffee table, along with a pitcher of something cold.

"I really don't know.  Hoshi took care of everything."

He gently lowered her till her feet touched the floor. She turned to him and he was waiting.  He kissed her softly. " I'm so happy, T'Pol.   I love you with all my heart."

"As I, you, Trip

"The material in this dress is very warm" confided T'Pol.  "Would you mind unhooking it in the back?  Why don't you put something more comfortable on, too?"

"I think you're stealing all my lines.  I'm suppose to make all those suggestions."

"I apologize.  We've never been formal with each other.  I would like to have something cold to drink, would you?"

"You're right.  Lets get comfortable and enjoy a glass of whatever  is in the pitcher."

So blue jammies and sweat pants took over as they shared their memories of the afternoon.  They talked for several hours as the contents of the pitcher disappeared along with Trip's shyness.

"I'm ready to turn in.  How about you?" he whispered in her ear.

"I think I am, too.  This has been a busy day.  The Captain said we could have a holiday tomorrow; so we can sleep in.  Do you need to get up early?'

"No," he said as he sat on the side of the bed.  He let the sweats slip to the floor as he crawled under the covers.

T'Pol finished brushing her teeth turned the light out and came to bed.  She eased off her shoes as she pulled the covers back and slipped between the sheets.

Trip turned toward her and began unbuttoning her top. She pulled back, a little surprised.

Trip decided he was hurrying her too much.  "That stuff in the pitcher was sure potent.".   "Got to go slow.  No hurry,"  he mumbled to himself.

"Trip, are you alright?"

"Oh, yes."  'Very slowly, very  s l o w , , ,'

She looked down at her peacefully sleeping mate.  His expressive blue eyes were closed, revealing his long dark lashes.

 "My love," she said as she pulled the cover over his shoulders.  "Sleep well.  We have a lifetime ahead of us."





Thank you for your comments and encouragement.  I think the story deserved another paragraph; so if you would insert the following after

"Right now I have to get dressed for a wedding."

Hoshi and Mal were busy transforming the VIP quarters into something cozier.  They outlined the windows with some sheer curtains and replaced the tailored bedspread with a patterned one.  Mal located a low table and some cushions.  Hoshi left to get some flowers for the table while Malcolm was to check the replicator and fix something to drink.

Malcolm couldn't resist a little mischief.  "An extra bit of spirits in the punch couldn't hurt.  The Commander has had a very stressful week."

"The Conference Room was packed. . ."

I hope this will ease your feelings about Trip.  He realized, too late, that he was 'losing it' and tried to make things right.




I'm glad to see Trip and T'Pol finding happiness together, but I must admit I've been worrying about Isis sitting alone in Trip's cabin waiting for him to come 'home' with nowhere to go, nothing to do and no friends for company. This seems like a very lonely time for her and, since she is so intelligent, I wonder whether she has been showing her typical feline independence and exploring the ship on her own. Who knows what adventures she's got up to while Trip was distracted? You've suggested that Isis and Bert may be able to go home one day, but since we saw Isis on TOS (set quite a long time later) I think perhaps she decided to stay with her new friends. I would really like to know what she got up to while she was waiting on Enterprise during this story, and afterwards. Especially after she regains her shape-shifting abilities!


I'm afraid that I have to agree with Silverbullet, T'Pol would accept the sexual advances after marriage and Trip would not get drunk in an instant. It almost seemed that you were in a hurry to finish so rushed  all the subplots, even restoring Isis. The initial parts were very detailed , involved,  weaving together. Thia last chapters went warp speed, leaving explanations and interactions in the dust. It was great up to this point.


Good ending but I cannot see T'Pol pulling back from Trip on thier wedding night or he getting so sotted he passes out.  Sorry



Do you prefer I limit myself to be silent and simply to sigh by contentment  or do you prefer I do what I feel I must do, namely jumping by joy?

And this line:

She looked radiant, almost like there was a smile around her eyes.

You will give us the privilege to read more from you, will you not?

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