By Enerdhil

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VULCAN (22 January 2168)

As any newborn, T'Liz enjoyed the warm water of the bath, as her mother gently rubbed her skin with a light scented soft soap. To T'Pol's mind came the memory of how Trip enjoyed being underwater - had their daughter also inherited that characteristic from her father? "Time will show it" - she thought. She sensed how the baby enjoyed the water flow and the contact of her hands. She postponed the end of the bath for a while, dried and dressed her daughter.  
T'Pol took T'Liz on the arms and chanted a soft lullaby in Vulcan. The child was happy with it. The corner of her lips turned lightly up, as the smile or her father. T'Pol approached the head of the baby and whispered in Vulcan:

"I am glad you appreciate it, daughter.

This day, thirteen years ago, I and your father named your sister Elizabeth. Your father loved her so much, and I loved her too. I am sorry she is not here to meet you.

When you grow old, I will share my memories of her with you. I will also share my memories of your father, so you'll understand what kind of man he was, and how he was important to your mother."

She gently laid down T'Liz on the cradle, covered her and bent himself to be very close. She gave a soft kiss to the almost sleeping daughter and added, with tenderness on her voice:

"How his love is important to me."



Very sweet vignette.


How his love is important to me.
T'Pol doesn't say: How his love was important to me. She says: How his love is important to me.
Consequently, it is perfectly clear that in this delicious story, Trip is well alive.
It's enough to wait. Isn't it, Enerdhil?;)


I like the tenderness of this piece. What happened to Trip is a mystery - it looks like he is gone, but maybe you had a different senario in mind. Sequel?


Nice story, well written,

But I don't care for stories where Trip is dead especially in Fanfic. There he can be alive and well with his family.

No need for angst or anything like that in such a nice little story.




So Trip is dead in this story,  but this is his daugher, 13 years after the death of their daughter Elizabeth? So how was this one concieved? Frozen sperm?




Short but sweet.  Nice to see T'Pol has something to hold onto.  Hated that TPTB left her alone in the abomination.


OOOh rotten cliff-hanger that's cold! Trip is going to be very angry.

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