Exponential Growth

By HopefulNebula

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Since their bonding, T'Pol has slept best with her bondmate nearby. In the two months since her most recent stay in Jupiter Station's medical bay, she has only been able to sleep with him nearby, which is just fine with them both. They have taken to maximizing their contact with one another as they sleep, her back to his chest and his hands on her stomach as if he could already feel changes within her.

She doesn't point out that they won't be able to feel anything for at least another month; instead, she clasps her hands over his, and they close their eyes and sleep.

In their unconsciousness, Trip's imagination and T'Pol's decades of logical training combine into something uniquely their own. Together, as one, they dream.

They are not the dreams Trip remembers from his life before joining with his wife, not half-remembered snippets or nightmares. They are not like the dreams T'Pol remembers from times of great stress or illness, not as extreme or emotionally laden. Their dreams are kind of like visiting a different world every night, each one vividly detailed and easy to remember, the product of their shared unconscious. Though they rarely do anything to change their dreamscape, they are always aware that they are dreaming.

Their dream tonight begins in darkness, warmth, and a not-quite-silence that they could not describe if they tried. They cannot see, hear or touch each other, but they do not need to in order to know the other is there. It has never been like this before, but they both feel an overwhelming sense of rightness here, so they make no effort to change anything.


The noise reverberates through them, loud as an explosion, and their minds and souls vibrate.


It happens again; a tidal wave as much pressure as sound.

Whump. Whump. Whump. Whump.

It is getting stronger, and in an instant they both know what they are listening to, though not how it is possible. Perhaps they are simply imagining it; perhaps their link to the child they have spent the last year working to create is enabling it.

Whump whump whump whump whump whump whump.

They don't think too much about it, lest the moment lose its strength. Instead, they sink into each other and let the universe's newest heartbeat become their universe for the night.




I really loved this. It's such a short snippet and rather simple in concept, and yet it conveys such powerful feelings and notions - in this particular case, less is definitely more!!! ...of course, I still wouldn't be opposed to "more" ;-)

Excellent job!


How nice that they have dreams they can remember and that they are nice dreams!  I really like the phrase "the universe's newest heartbeat".


This was so beautiful.

Just my personal cup of tea! I love to think that Trip and T'Pol will be this content with each other.

Very well done.


A BABY!!! Oh that was good, makes me long for my own and I'm not telepathic. As good as the baby part was, I find myself utterly facinating by the way the bond has influenced their REM patterns. Vulcans don't dream unless they're emotionally compromised or sick, humans get sick if they don't dream... So the bond has created a way to keep them both healthy. It's beautiful. So boy or girl?;)


This is a beautiful end: "Instead, they sink into each other and let the universe's newest heartbeat become their universe for the night."


I love the description of two very different minds complementing each other and making each night an exhilarating shared experience, and especially that they have shared this magical moment of 'first contact' with their child. It's a warm fuzzy feeling distilled into a few hundred words. This story stands in its own right but I'm particularly glad that it is part of a series because it gives me hope that we'll see how this relationship grows. Thanks for sharing.


Your writing is like the most expensive chocolate disolving on your tongue, releasing feel good endorphins. This  snippet was tender and sensitive and heart warming. That they can now feel their baby's heart beating, that this miracle took a year to achieve makes everything just that much more special. You will of course continue this arc, after all the romantics in all of us needs feeding.


Beautifully written. It made me think of the first time I heard the sound of my daughters heartbeat. I really enjoy your poetic style.


And again: sigh.
Another time: sigh.
Once again: sigh.
And so on...

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